Specifications of the Alumina bifolding door.

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The new Alumina bifolding door specifications reinforce Liniar’s aluminium bifold as an innovative and feature-rich door.  In this article, we look at the technical features of the Alumina bifold, French doors and single doors.

alumina bifolding door specifications

Understanding Alumina bifolding door specifications.

In line with other quality aluminium systems, Alumina bifolding door specifications are broad ranging. The Alumina bifold is fabricated either by Liniar or their approved fabricators.  Liniar is an ISO 9001 (FM524961) accredited company.

Alumina Material Specifications
Feature Relevant Industry Standard
Quality of aluminium profiles and extrusions  Aluminium Alloy 6063.T6 to BS EN 755 Part 9: 2008 or BS EN 12020
Quality of polyester powder coated finish BS EN 12206-1:2004.
Quality of glass BS 6262 and Approved Document N
Quality of glass BS 6262 and Approved Document N
Security PAS 24, Document Q, Secured by Design, BS7950, BS EN 12209
Weather resistance BS 6375: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3:2009
Water resistance BS 6375: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3:2009
Air permeability BS 6375: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3:2009
Quality of rubber gaskets PVCp, Flexible PVC
Quality of woolpile seals BS 7386:1997
Polyamide Thermal Break PA66 GF25
Anodised colours (thresholds only) Silver or gold anodised BS3987 (AA25).

Alumina is the only aluminium door with a fully sculptured aesthetic. Therefore, Alumina matches Liniar PVCu windows or to retain the sculptured appearance throughout a project.

It also makes it ideal as a highly individual aluminium bifolding door with an entirely different appearance to other systems.

Alumina glass and thermal performance.

Important to Alumina bifolding door specifications is thermal performance. The Alumina bifolding door is available in a choice of 28mm and 36mm double glazed units or 40mm triple glazed units. As a result, there is excellent thermal performance with U-Values as low as 1.2Wm2K.

Additionally, the broad glazing range also means choice in glass. Aside from the standard safety glass, there are options for laminated glass, acoustic glass and units fitted with integral blinds as well.

Bifolding Door Security.

alumina we think will be a huge hit with consumers looking for a distinctive bifolding door.
Alumina features the innovative Modlok with premium security and better insulation.

Important to Alumina bifolding door specifications is security.  Doors meet tested to the very latest PAS 24 test, standards and By Design. The locking arrangement on Alumina bifolding doors takes the highly successful Liniar Modlok concept to create a highly secure door with other advantages.

Some heat loss occurs in the door profile where the lock is situated. The machining of conventional bifolding door locks means that the thermal break is machined out to accommodate the lock body.

Alumina bifolding doors feature the Modlok – a combined lock with its own thermal insert to help prevent heat loss.  As a result, this superior strength polymer lock body not only provides exceptional security but also takes on the role of a thermal break in the lock stile.

Finally, Alumina security with the Modlok provides multiple bi-directional locking points. Slave leaves feature deep throw shoot bolts with anti-lift features. A highly secure anti-bump cylinder and durable lever handle give even more security to this advanced folding door product.

PAS:24 & Part Q

Part Q Regulations introduced in 2015 require enhanced security specifications to all ground floor dwellings, as well as new extensions. This means door design and security meets the security requirements of British Standards PAS:24:2012. As a result of the Alumina door having PAS24, it is Part Q compliant as well.

Alumina size limitations.

For commercial installations or where a wide and tall bifolding door is required, Alumina provides a solution.

  • Door leaf minimum width 600mm, minimum height 1850mm high.
  • Door maximum width 1200mm, maximum height 2500mm.

Doors from two to seven panels are possible. There are options for doors opening in or out, sliding to the left or right as well as both directions depending on the configuration. Access leaves are also available. Alumina accommodates bifold door apertures up to 6.5 metres wide.

A warm to the touch aluminium bifolding door.

Due to the option of a foiled aluminium bifold, Alumina provides an entirely different appearance to an aluminium bifolding door. Above all Alumina creates a warmer to the touch aluminium product.

Despite the effective insulation of the best bifolding door systems, some consumers still perceive aluminium as a cold material. Alumina provides all the benefits of a full aluminium folding door, with one that has a unique foiled finish that looks impressive and offers a warmer more tactile bifolding door. Alumina comes in a choice of plain and woodgrain foils. 

Five bifolding door threshold options.

the part m threshold addresses the requirement for easy access in commercial environments.Alumina bifolding door specifications extend to the choice of thresholds.  Five threshold options provide solutions in both commercial and residential installations.

  • Frame only threshold at 62mm high.
  • Frame and 150mm subcill at 92mm high.
  • Low threshold without ramp meets Document M for accessibility at 26.5mm high.
  • Low threshold with single or double ramp meets Document M for accessibility at 26.5mm high.

The rebated threshold is the standard product offering that has the same profile as the head and jambs of the outer frame. The low threshold option is fitter friendly, requiring no trench excavation. It is also one of the lowest amongst bifolding doors with only a 23.5mm dimension at its highest point. The Part M threshold addresses specifications calling for easy access bifolding doors in commercial environments.

Weather performance.

Weather performance falls under different classes. For example, coastal locations,l  doors at high level or installations where the doors have no buildings or other elements to shelter them.

Therefore, for any bifolding doors in severe locations, good industry practice recommends open out doors with a standard rebated threshold.

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