Alumina Foil and Wood Grain Bifold Doors

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What are your options for wood grain bifold doors? Woodgrain finishes are widely available on PVCu windows and bifold doors. For aluminium, the choices tend to be more limited.  One aluminium product offering wood grain bifold doors is the Alumina Bifolding Door from Liniar.


Alumina Wood Grain Bifold Doors.

As well as the full range of powder-coated colours, the Alumina suite of bifolding doors, entrance doors and French doors comes in woodgrain colours.  Alumina is the only aluminium bifold on the market offering a foiled woodgrain finish.

The woodgrain colours for Alumina aluminium doors give consumers wanting a timber-look bifolding door a quality alternative to real wood. Furthermore, Alumina wood grain bifold doors provide a match for existing woodgrain windows. It is, of course, suitable as a stand-alone bifold for those homeowners wanting aluminium doors with a wood effect appearance.

As well as woodgrain, Alumina also comes with flat plain colour foils.

wood grain bifold doors

The advantages of woodgrain on aluminium doors.

First of all, woodgrain on windows and doors first came about with PVCu windows and doors, providing a lower cost alternative to timber windows. With many properties built with wood windows, these original windows are very much a characteristic of traditional houses.

Woodgrain on PVCu windows provided a cheap alternative with timber windows with the benefit of low maintenance.  While quality PVCu windows remain affordable and desirable, for doors especially, aluminium has advantages.

Wood grain on aluminium doors, like PVCu, is a solution for homeowners wary about installing any window in their home that may not suit the house style. Timber alternative windows and doors and now wood grain bifolding doors provide all the benefits of modern double glazing. They also retain the original appearance of the original windows and doors.

Consequently, wood grain bifold doors provide several advantages.

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • None of the care associated with timber windows.
  • Substantially cheaper than timber windows.
  • Energy efficient, secure and weather resistant.
  • Virtually indistinguishable from real wood windows.
  • Matches existing woodgrain windows and doors in the home.

Aluminium bifolds with a permanently bonded foil.

wood effect profile on bifold
The choice of quality foils brings an authentic wood or plain colour to Alumina bifolding doors

The foiling of aluminium profiles is not new.  Monarch Aluminium with their highly successful Monaframe system also provided a foiled aluminium window in the late 1990’s up to 2007. Foiling brings a textured, smooth or wood effect finish to a door or window frame.F

Foils have been available for over thirty years. The latest generation of quality foils and films vastly improve the appearance of a PVCu profile. Aside from the decorative benefits foils provide functional features as well.

A foiled frame protects the PVCu profile from the elements; it resists all types of weathers and it is easy to maintain. Only mild cleaning is ever required. Foils are permanently bonded to the PVCu profile ensuring the longevity and durability of the whole product.

On woodgrain bifold doors and other products, a foil is a form of laminate finish with benefits over paint finishes.

  • Quality foils replicate the colour of wood.
  • Wood grain foils offer the texture of wood, therefore emulating the ‘grain’ of original wood windows.
  • Due to the texture, foils add a particular look to a bifold door.
  • The bonding process of the foil is incredibly hard to damage.

Furthermore, wood grain bifold doors provide a ‘warm to the touch’ not possible with standard powder coated aluminium doors.

alumina residential doors
The Alumina front door using the bifolding door profiles and a combination of both aluminium and PVCu

Alumina brings a consistent colour to residential properties.

The range of foils available with Alumina bifolding doors is not only designed to offer a unique tone and texture choice but also an integrated one. The one huge advantage these foiled options have over other RAL colours is colour consistency throughout.

It is of course, entirely possible to match RAL colours together across different products from a variety of systems. However, with the diversity of aluminium suppliers in windows, doors, conservatories, roofing products, soffits and cladding, pressings, trims and other building materials this can be complicated and costly.

When colour matching aluminium often the same RAL colour is not all that is needed. Speak to any professional powder coater and they will tell you that to ensure an exact colour match, the powder manufacturer has to be identified as well.

The one advantage of the foils in wood grain bifold doors is colour consistency throughout a complete suite of home improvement and building products. This consistency is achieved with only a simple colour check with foiled products from other suppliers.

Also, the other advantage to a foiled finish is a single source for warranties on the colour of the product.

Foil colours and options with Alumina Bifolding Doors.

The choice of woodgrain and flat foiled finishes from aluminium caters for most residential and commercial requirements.

alumina colours

Why aluminium wood grain bifolding doors are better.

Both powder coated colours and foils have advantages. However, there are also other reasons to consider wood-grain foils.


As durable, as powder coated finishes are, foils are more durable. The bonding process is very precise. Consequently, it creates an exceptionally strong surface to the aluminium. Surface imperfections (often visible on powder-coated doors but within industry tolerances) are practically non-existent.

Quality of finish.

Powder coated colours are ideal for providing a virtually unlimited choice of shades.  However, for appearance, foils offer more. Therefore the texture, grains and warm feel is more intricate and arguably a better overall finish. Foils provide an almost perfect replica of real wood.

Aluminium to match PVCu windows and doors.

Finally, many traditional properties have windows not well-served by current aluminium products. A good example is houses with sliding sash windows.  For homeowners wanting the benefits of aluminium doors, the wood grain and smooth foils on products like Alumina doors offer a solution.  As a result, Alumina wood grain bifold doors match PVCu timber-look sash windows and casement windows.

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