Frameless Glass Curtains secure European Patent

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Nick Dardalis

Frameless Glass Curtains (FGC) are a privately owned and highly innovative door manufacturing company. FGC specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of unique, high specification frameless glass doors.

The suite of frameless sliding and folding doors by Frameless Glass Curtains is chosen by homeowners looking for a more individual bifolding and sliding door with different aesthetics and features than a conventional bifold.

Doors by FGC feature ultra-slim frames, no visible mullions as well as doors that can be made wider and taller than other aluminium folding doors. At the same time, they offer superior security, weather resistance and reliability.

European Patent Granted to Frameless Glass Curtains

picture of frameless glass doors.
FGC Ltd, provide a totally different bifolding and sliding door product comprising virtually all glass that is well worth considering.

The company has innovated in excellent quality and technically advanced frameless doors for many years. Part of this innovation includes creating doors that are slimmer, more secure and more weather resistant than other perceived frameless doors. Moreover, they have better weathering and a longer guarantee than other frameless glass doors as well.

This innovation has now is extended by securing a European Patent.

The European Patent for frameless glass curtains.

The European Patent for the advanced frameless glass doors by FGC relates to the highly unique spacer bar arrangement used.

Look at any conventional double glazed unit and you will find a metal or plastic ‘spacer’, that is the component that separates the two pieces of glass and runs around the perimeter of the double glazed unit.

FGC doors feature a glass spacer bar. This moves away completely from a ‘standard’ double glazed unit found in all other doors. The design helps make not only a very thermally efficient piece of glass but also one that enhances the real frameless qualities of FGC frameless bifolding doors.

Under certificate European Patent EP 2 456 942 B1, FGC has secured the patent around the spacer bar for a multiple panel glazing unit and method of making a spacer bar and multiple panel glazing unit.

Why FGC frameless doors are superior to other doors.

In a recent review of some of the best known frameless bifolding doors, we found that the frameless bifolding doors from FGC were superior in many areas to other well-known products.

This recent granting of a European patent further improves this highly developed frameless door with a characteristic in how it is glazed that no other door can offer. Another great feature is that where doors meet in the middle, the doors are truly frameless with no plant on aluminium profile or section found in other doors.

If you would like to find out more about frameless glass doors by FGC, please contact us.