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Look closely at most of the established aluminium manufacturers in the UK and they will usually provide more than one aluminium system.

bifold 13 contemporary windows.
As an aluminium manufacturer, what influences your choice of aluminium system to make?

Popular aluminium systems such as Smart Systems, AluK System or SAPA Building Systems provide door and window solutions for most of the residential market with products such as bifolding doors, sliding doors, casement windows and French doors.

Other manufacturers also look to offer a more premium system such as Reynaers and Schuco to service the demand for doors that the trade and the consumer perceive as better through design, engineering, performance or simple brand name.

Whatever your systems company, most provide a range of windows, doors and glazing solutions to meet most residential contracts. There are also products within these ranges to service-specific customer requirements and commercial work. Examples include roofing products, sliding or tilt and turn windows and slimline aluminium windows for Crittall Replacements. There are commercial systems such as entrance doors, curtain walling, brise soleil, tilt and turn or pivot windows and low-rise curtain walling solutions.

How do aluminium systems companies service their fabricators?

there are many systems companies in the uk and most offer a bifolding door.
There are many Systems companies in the UK servicing the residential and commercial sector.

No aluminium systems company is in the business of causing difficulties to their manufacturers. They have invested substantially in producing quality aluminium door and window systems. They have worked to create detailed fabrication and installation manuals. They have sophisticated operations, warehousing and transport.

In the provision of aluminium extrusions and accessories, systems companies seek to provide a reliable service, have plenty of mill finish or powder-coated extrusions in stock and carry sufficient stocks of accessories and hardware. Material orders are expected to be processed correctly, and deliveries should be consistent and very importantly, complete.

How do you choose your aluminium systems company?

Often an aluminium manufacturer when selecting what new systems to fabricate will be influenced by several factors. These include a complete product range, reliable service, products that are easy to manufacture and, for their trade installers, simple to install.

Another factor in choosing a systems company will be the range provided in residential and commercial windows and doors.

Study the trade media around aluminium manufacturers and it is easy for many to presume that the aluminium market centres largely around bifolding and sliding doors. Such is the intense focus on these two products and the shift by aluminium manufacturers regularly to promote their prices and lead times on bifolding and sliding doors.

Are aluminium commercial and residential systems the same?

kawneer made windows and doors.
Do you manufacture residential or commercial doors and windows? There are many ways working with Kawneer could help your business.

The more experienced trade manufacturer will be aware that many of their installer customers also operate in the commercial sector such as education, housing, transport, retail and healthcare. These areas demand good aluminium systems. Some contracts are very basic in their new door and window requirement, others are more complex.

The main difference between a residential project and a commercial one is that a commercial product will frequently move away from a ‘standard’ door or window. How a window can work in the building as a whole, how an aluminium manufacturer can provide cost savings and the right product to meet the specification are often essential requirements.

All the major systems companies are active in and provide a solution for the specialist commercial sector. However, Kawneer systems we think go the extra mile.

How Kawneer provides a different approach to Value Engineering.

Value engineering comprises many facets in commercial construction. These can be:

  • The provision of cost savings for the end user/client.
  • The ability to custom-design a product to meet a particular requirement.
  • The expertise to provide solutions such as fabricating in a less costly and more efficient way.
  • To make life easier for both manufacturers and installers without any product compromises.
  • To provide products that provide a solution without the need for more complicated and expensive third party solutions.

Are you looking to add to or change your aluminium system? Take a look at Kawneer.

lift and slide contemporary kawneer doors.
Kawneer offer a sophisticated range of residential aluminium systems such as these premium Lift and Slide contemporary doors ideal for dwellings.

Many in the trade perceive Kawneer Systems differently from other systems companies. Many also have incorrect perceptions of Kawneer, what products they provide and how Kawneer operate as a systems company. Common misconceptions about Kawneer are:

  • Kawneer systems are too expensive.
  • Kawneer systems are too complex for simple door and window requirements.
  • Kawneer systems are only suitable for commercial buildings.
  • Kawneer doesn’t offer a range of genuine residential products.

If you have never considered Kawneer as a credible systems company to service your trade customers as a manufacturer or as a manufacturer/installer, we think it is time to take a fresh look at Kawneer and get in touch.

Presently Kawneer offers a substantial product range that even meets your core product offering such as bifolding and sliding doors, Crittall replacement window solutions and a much more besides.

Kawneer systems are installed in commercial buildings as many manufacturers will already be aware. Kawneer also provides a range of residential products including:

  • Excellent bifolding doors for the home.
  • Advanced sliding or lift and slide doors.
  • Highly thermally efficient casement windows
  • Steel replacement, horizontal and vertical sliding windows.

Do you manufacture and install? You should also look at Kawneer.

Kawneer offers a completely integrated solution in the design and supply of architectural aluminium that other systems companies often cannot provide. Examples include:

  • A flexible approach to serving the needs of aluminium manufacturers. All Kawneer products are extruded and painted at their Runcorn base.
  • An in-house design department and a broad range of aluminium window and door systems.
  • Kawneer can produce unique extrusions at quicker lead times than others.
  • The ability to save manufacturers money by providing custom-length extrusions.

Above all, the Kawneer reputation in aluminium systems is difficult to ignore. Mention Kawneer to any window professional and the perception is a company that has superior knowledge, expertise and capability in the field of architectural aluminium.

Other reasons to consider Kawneer as your aluminium systems provider.

The service Kawneer provides to you as an aluminium manufacturer extends far beyond only providing aluminium extrusions and accessories. There is a relationship ethos where Kawneer can actively get involved with you either in manufacturing aluminium or for a specific project. This relationship other Kawneer manufacturers say benefits them, their customers and strengthens their business.

This is why some of the best aluminium manufacturers have worked in partnership with Kawneer for over 30 years.

A complete architectural aluminium solution.

Kawneer can help in providing the right products for you as a manufacturer. The Company also has the resources through size to make life easier. This includes logistical, operational, manpower and grass roots experience.

If you are presently struggling with late deliveries or supply issues with your existing company, it might be worth talking to Kawneer.

Trained and ongoing care.

Kawneer helps you as a manufacturer by ongoing training and education. Kawneer can hep you manufacture more efficiently or provide training to installers to get the best value out of fitting aluminium.

You get the best out of your aluminium systems as a result and so do your installer customers as well.

Are you frustrated because your systems company is more focused on selling material rather than working closer with you?

As a Kawneer fabricator, you can benefit by saving money and resources through working with Kawneer team of experts. These are specially trained people there to help you as a manufacturer. The Kawneer Team works with you from the initial enquiry and setting up, to design manufacturing and post installation.

Manufacturing Kawneer can enhance your business reputation.

If you consider your business as an experienced manufacturer with an ‘aluminium heart’ through and through, manufacturing Kawneer can improve the reputation of your business. The Kawneer name is synonymous with the finest aluminium systems and your own business can benefit as a result. If you manufacture Kawneer, architects, building contractors, and the wider fenestration sector regards you like an aluminium professional, not just an aluminium manufacturer.

Whether your needs as a fabricator are simple or more complex, we think if you are presently looking at alternative aluminium systems to replace your range or add to it, you should get in touch about Kawneer.

(Images courtesy of Kawneer and TayorWimpeyCentralLondon.com)