AluK Bifolding Doors

AluK bifolding doors are one of the most popular bifolding door products that have already been installed in countless homes and businesses all over the UK. It is a modern, well designed and very attractive bifolding door.

aluk bifolding doors are ideal for the home or commercial premises and couple to windows and screens.
AluK bifolding doors are ideal for the home or commercial premises and couple to windows and screens.

Offered in a wide variety of door styles and configurations, the AluK sliding folding door benefits from slim sight lines and high quality running gear that gives light, smooth and effortless operation of the sliding leaves.

The AluK bifolding door has several great design features.

There are several features on the AluK bifolding door that make it ideal for homes and commercial premises.

For the homeowner the AluK bifolding doors benefit from both a square or soft line profile on the outside meaning it can have either a flat contemporary look or a more traditional rounded appearance.

For commercial premises many sets of bifolding doors can be connected together to create entire glass walls. Whether your property is a traditional or a modern home, our bifolding doors are one of the slimmest bifolds available today.  They are also unique in offering both a square or profiled (soft line) detail externally giving you the choice of the right looking door to match your home.

There is also a choice of either chamfered or square glazing beads to add further choice to the aesthetics of the door.  All doors are available as either open in or open out as well as stacking to the left, the right or split to stack both sides.

What AluK Bifolding Doors can you buy?

AluK presently offers the following bifolding door products and versions.

Optio BSF70 bi-fold door

The AluK BSF70 bifolding door is one of the UK’s best selling bifolding doors. Widely available, loved by the trade, this folding door features a choice of profiles and the instantly recognisable pop-out THandle to the intermediate leaves. There is also a heavy duty version available that is great for commercial applications or where a more robust sliding folding door is needed.

Aluk Luminia F82 Bifolding Door.

Launched at the 2017 FiT Show, this is the latest, premium and slimline bifolding door from AluK with thin sight lines of just 122mm at the bifolding door mullions, ranking it amongst the thinnest bifolds you can buy.  Also available with the AluK Lumina F82 bifolding door is a unique, traffic door, re-designed hardware and a very contemporary appearance.  The Aluk F82 bifolding door forms part of the AluK new premium product offering under the Luminia name.  Luminia is to be available via a select dealer network.  Also from AluK is the high ehigh-endium range of aluminim verandahs, sliding doors and other products via appointed select partners as well. .

There is great design, high quality hardware and excellent security with an AluK Bifolding Door.

the aluk bifolding door features a very flush pop out handle
The AluK bifolding door features a very distinctive flush pop out handle

AluK Doors feature unique pop out handles that unlock the sliding leaves.  The advantage of these handles is that they have less protrusion than many other systems meaning that when the doors are folded back they stack much closer together and in the neatest possible way.  It maximises the overall space offered by the doors and ensures door leaves stack square when fully opened.

The complex nature of bifolding doors means that high quality hardware is essential for smooth operation and long term reliability.  AluK bifolding doors feature very high quality running gear and guide mechanisms at the top of the doors.  The bottom rollers consist of a set of four stainless steel wheels designed to give reliable trouble free operation.

High security comes as standard with multi point locking mechanisms, high quality door handles and certification under the Secured by Design Scheme. The high security glazing beads are internal and offer the glazing option of either 28mm double glazing right up to 44mm units either triple glazed or to accommodate integral blinds within the glass.

Additionally low threshold options are available whether you want an ultra flat threshold or to meet the needs of the Equalities Act 2010 in commercial applications or where the doors are being used as room dividers.

AluK bifolding doors also offer excellent thermal efficiency, severe weather rating and a range of ancillary profiles to create one off designs.

More recently, AluK have introduced a heavy duty version of their excellent aluminium bifolding door that can accommodate larger spans. It’s also ideal for commercial applications.


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