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Having the best handles for bifolding doors enhances the user experience and makes the door set an altogether better looking product.

The aïr 800 bifolding door is a premium aluminium bifolding door. It features many impressive features and specifications that position it at the luxury end of the bifolding door market.

handles for bifolding doors
The Luxury Range of door handles available with aïr 800 bifolding doors are exclusive, unique and of exceptional quality and design.

Some of the best handles for bifolding doors

The benefits of air folding doors include an industry leading 25-year guarantee, a premium paint finish, testing to the latest security standards and offering class-leading thermal performance and weather resistance. Aïr folding doors are also only made by one company, Everglade Windows and installed by their network of highly-trained, professional and expert installers.

Aïr 800 bifolding doors also come with Serenity premium quality door handles designed to offer security, long-term reliability and aesthetic appeal.

The Classic range of handles offer the finest quality alloys, components and manufacturing to be desirable and functional. The Luxury Range of handles is even more desirable that can enhance the aïr folding door even more and gives them an individual touch.

Features of Luxury Door handles on aïr doors.

handles for bifolding doors
aïr folding door handles have been designed by a world renowned designer.

The design of the Luxury Range of bifolding door handles was carried out by Leo De Carlo whose design portfolio is world-renowned in the field of furnishing, lighting, interior design and electronics. His design agency, Mist is located in Venice.

Aïr bifolding doors when fitted with the Luxury Range of door handles are enhanced by handles that are Italian inspired and feature advanced methods of construction, attention to detail and a contemporary interpretation of a modernist style.

The Luxury Range of bifolding door handles is in keeping with the modern trend for contemporary doors. They feature either an entirely flat handle or one with a subtly curving end.

Aïr Luxury Range is the next generation of aluminium door handles.

handles for bifolding doors
A choice of flat or subtly curved master door handles is available.

The aïr Luxury Range of door handles is made from the latest generation of alloy material called PURA. PURA alloys are 100% environmentally friendly and contain no toxic elements. The PURA production process is also less polluting than any other.

In coating the Luxury Range of handles available with aïr 800 bifolding doors, a ground-breaking method call BIOV is used. BIOV consists of PVD technology used to provide protection to engine parts. Handles coated with BIOV™ have no limitation on colour tone.

Aïr door handles offer a highly protected handle resistant to any atmospheric and external contaminants and agents. This highly advanced surface treatment makes aïr folding door handles exclusive, individual and desirable. The BIOV surface treatment also results in a handle that is ecologic, biocompatible, recyclable, non-corrosive and anti-allergenic.

The neat features of these exceptional door handles mean only simple cleaning is required. A simple clean with vinegar on a tissue is all that is needed. The handles will retain their original appearance for many years.

Other features of the production and coating process used in aïr bifolding door handles include:

  • 100% ecologic and environmentally friendly with no toxic waste.
  • A high-quality alternative to stainless steel.
  • Up to three times more harness than normal surface treatments on handles.
  • High UV resistance
  • Exceptional durability with stress resistance between steel and brass.

Air systems feature a unique handle mechanism.

bifolding door locking
aïr bifolding doors are available with a unique range of handles in many individual finishes.

Aïr bifolding door handles feature a unique internal mechanism that is also cutting edge. Called Cliq-Claq, the handle mechanism snaps positively into place thanks to the way it slides over the spindle of the handle that is square.

The Cliq-Claq design also helps the handle stay firmly fixed in position. It is beautifully positive to use, and the quality can be seen and felt. Cliq-Claq also enables the handles to snap back into the perfect and desired position.

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Images courtesy of Mist, archiproducts.com, archello.com, architectenweb.nl