aïr bifolding and sliding doors for the trade

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aïr bifolding and sliding doors for the trade are available to installers looking to sell a more exclusive brand with extensive marketing support and reliable supply from the manufacturer.

Air bifolding, inline and lift and slide doors are today one of the most advanced aluminium doors on the market. Installers benefit from expertly made and supplied products with several selling propositions to help you generate more sales.

aïr bifolding and sliding doors for the trade

Why aïr bifolding and sliding doors for the trade generate more sales.

Aside from the impressive technical specifications and exceptional aesthetics of Aïr doors, there are substantial business reasons as well.

How can considering selling Air doors benefit your business and help you make more door sales? We have examined the sales and business opportunities offered by selling Aïr doors and believe they could give home improvement companies a competitive edge.

You may not be aware of the continued growth of Air retailers throughout the UK. Many of these are some of the best-known window companies in the UK, as well as bespoke home improvement companies also selling kitchens, bathrooms, orangeries and home extensions. They select to sell Aïr sliding and folding doors as part of their range. So how can Air doors benefit your business?

Does your business sell to the premium market? Consider Aïr doors.

If your home improvement business focuses on the discerning customer or you simply like to sell the finest doors and windows available, Air bifolding and sliding doors fall into this category or luxury aluminium doors.

End-user customers you will know now research and fact-find extensively online and generally before contacting a Company for quotations. Air doors form part of their research and buying processes.

For installers, considering becoming an Air Accredited Retailer places your business at the quality home improvement end of the market at customers that want more than standard aluminium doors.

The aïr range is a unique system available through a selected network of installer partners that can enforce the quality perception of your business.

Despite the sophistication and engineering behind air doors, they are easy to install and retailers benefit from unrivalled support, technical help and marketing.

aïr mod series aluminium windows

Unique air MOD aluminium windows

The aïr MOD collection of premium aluminium windows is designed to eliminate the most common headaches installers face buying windows from the trade.

Available as flush casement, tilt and turn, steel replacement and even flush heritage steel look, aïr MOD windows provide an integrated window solution for all types of new and replacement windows projects.

Doors from one of the UK’s most experienced suppliers.

Air bifolding and sliding doors come from Everglade Windows, a very well known, award-winning UK manufacturer of aluminium door and window systems. Everglade has over three decades aluminium manufacturing experience. Air doors are unlike the majority of aluminium systems available through a nationwide network of fabricators and with a large number of potential sources.

Everglade Windows designed the aïr suite of doors, and they are the only Company that make them for their dealers.

For installers, this means one supplier, consistent quality, experience and support. It also means you do not need to consider if anyone else is making the same doors you sell.

The growth of aluminium has seen a huge number of companies shift their operations to aluminium manufacturing. Many businesses have set up manufacturing aluminium to capitalise on a healthy market.

With a hugely successful manufacturing operation and a highly reputable operation servicing the commercial sector, Everglade Windows have been in business long before the resurgence of aluminium in the residential market.

Air Doors are a unique selling proposition for installers.

There are a great number of excellent aluminium systems in the marketplace giving consumers and the trade a huge amount of choice. With choice, it can become harder to find a unique selling proposition (USP) for your business. Becoming an Air Accredited Retailer can provide these USP’s.

An industry leading 25-year Guarantee.

Thousands of consumers contact our website every year, whom we help choose the most suitable products. For many of these, their criteria is a long, peace of mind guarantee.

Other customers are not that strict on a lengthy warranty often because they are renovating a home to sell on. They simply need new doors.

Whatever the customer requirement, what an extended warranty does is provide more than just peace of mind to potential buyers of aluminium doors. Even for those that may not require it, the fact that a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty exists is a testament to the engineering, longevity, quality and trust in Aïr doors. It is also an industry leading unique selling proposition.

No shopping around for the best deal on trade supply doors.

If you presently sell a widely available door system, even a premium one, there is a risk that you will see this system available locally by your competition and at many different price points in the trade.

This is an inevitable byproduct of the other systems that are widely available from many manufacturers.

Air doors cannot be ‘shopped around’ by the trade. They are a unique door that you will not find elsewhere.

If you would like further information about aïr bifolding and sliding doors or are interested in finding out about becoming an accredited retailer, please contact us.