aïr doors and windows installers

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aïr doors and windows installers are premier window and door installation businesses with a business model of offering the best brands to their retail customer. Located in the South of England, these installers are renowned for the quality of their work and with some of the most prestigious homeowner contracts under their belt

aïr doors and windows installers

Premier aïr doors and windows installers

Hehku, Thames Valley Window Company, Hazlemere Windows, Open Living, Herts Bifolding Doors, Elwyn’s and many others are just some of the long-established window companies. These businesses have been trading for over 30 to 50 years serving the residential market.

Some of these businesses are also long-established trade manufacturers. Others are very well known for helping architects and building contractors in the commercial sector too.

hehku showroom in surrey
Some of the home improvement industry’s best-known companies choose to sell Air bifolding and sliding doors.

Many successful home improvement firms also exhibit at the nationwide exhibitions such as ExCeL London, The Homebuilding and Renovation Show and Grand Designs.

All of this means that they possess a wealth of aluminium experience and knowledge.

For their retail operations, these companies continue to build their reputation and grow their business. They do this by offering a first class service, a high quality product, a professional installation and caring about after-sales and customer support.

aïr doors and windows installers

The UK’s successful double glazing firms choose to sell Aïr doors.

How do the UK’s longest established and trusted aluminium suppliers choose what doors to sell? Often they will sell more than one door. It is their experience over many years that enables them fine tune their product range so they sell exactly the right doors that their customers will want to buy. In choosing the right door to sell they have several advantages though experience and length of trading:

  • They have made, sold and fitted many aluminium systems over the years.
  • They have seen how basic doors have developed over the years to advanced products.
  • They know what features a good door needs to have.
  • They have a trained and expert eye.
  • They know what doors their customers want to buy.

One of these doors is Aïr doors designed and made by Everglade Windows. Whether they are sold as the only door solution or as part of a wider product range, Aïr bifolding and sliding doors are being chosen by some of the UK’s best home improvement companies.

Advantages of becoming an Accredited Aïr Retailer.

If you are currently selling bifolding and sliding doors and are looking to secure more sales with premium bifolding and sliding doors it is worth taking a lesson from the successful home improvement companies and why we are seeing them adding Air bifolding and sliding doors as an Accredited Aïr Retailer.

Aïr bifolding and sliding doors have been designed and developed by Everglade Windows. Everglade Windows are one of these highly experienced aluminium manufacturers with retail, commercial and manufacturing excellence at the heart of their business. Everglade took this knowledge to design and create Air, a sophisticated, luxurious and technically superior aluminium range of folding and sliding doors.

Aïr doors are designed from the start to be at the forefront of aluminium door design to give the trade a door of superb quality and one that gives end user customers a superior door that can provide a new dimension to their homes.

An exclusive collection of matching aïr aluminium windows

aïr MOD series windows are the latest product offering a fully integrated suite of windows. Available in casement, flush casement, steel look, tilt and turn and heritage flush, the entire system solves the many headaches associated with buying windows from the trade.

Choosing the right premium door to sell is tough.

aïr doors and windows installers
Sliding doors can create focal points and areas of interest in many showrooms.

One of the challenges in selecting the right premium door to sell is unlike previous years, and we are today governed by regulation and specification. There is no substandard door on the market as all are required to meet either Building Regulations or other industry standards.

Therefore as most aluminium systems today are fit for purpose, designed around U-Values, have good security and meet performance requirements, choosing a premium door to sell becomes harder.

In our research, we are seeing that Air doors are finding their way into the showrooms of the UK’s top window companies. Aïr doors are sold either as the sole premium door or as part of a wider premium range. They are even being added to demonstrate the obvious differences between a standard door and a luxury door.

Why we like Aïr bifolding and sliding doors.

aïr aluminium sliding
Air doors can offer a unique selling proposition to installers such as an industry leading 25 year guarantee

This very website has nearly 30 years experience in the commercial and residential sector at many different levels of the supply chain.

If you regularly come to our site, you will see that we report on many different systems, frequently saying that there is no ‘bad’ door on the market. What there is, however, are doors that have superb design and engineering. Often this is hidden, other times it is visible. We have studied Air doors carefully and can see the innovation, excellent aesthetics, beautiful handles and exceptional hardware that goes into these doors. They also have very impressive specifications overall.

More information about aïr doors and windows installers

For any installers looking to capitalise on the growing market for premium and high-end doors to consider looking at the Air bi-folding doors, inline sliding doors as well as the lift and slide doors. We think they are a serious proposition for anyone looking to put a premium door in their showroom and one that customers will want to buy.

(Images Courtesy of Home Hub Group, Benchmark Windows, Hazlemere Windows)