Why the new Origin Residential Door will be a sales success

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The introduction of the Origin aluminium front door is a logical progression for Origin, that is already firmly established as a Company, as one of the biggest and best known bifolding door providers in the UK.

The Origin aluminium window or Twin Flush window did not follow the same principles as other aluminium window systems. Instead, it provided the consumer and the trade with the first all aluminium flush casement window and one with a 20-year manufacturers guarantee. What the Origin window also did was provide solutions where the aluminium industry has historically struggled. One good example being colour matched window handles available with the Origin aluminium window.

Origin as a business knows how to do things differently from other systems which is why we think their new door will be a great seller.

Why the Origin Residential door is good news for the trade.

origin front door panel.
The new Origin front door promises to have all the advantages that have made Origin bifolds and windows a success.

The aluminium front door market, contemporary front doors, aluminium entrance doors or however they may be known is a growth sector in the UK. One needs only to look at the recent product launches by other companies such as Dutemann, Duration, Spitfire Doors and others to demonstrate that the front door market is the next ‘big thing’ in the window and door industry.

While the Origin front door may not offer the broader variety of lock, handle or panel options of other brands, Origin already have a strong reputation thanks to their innovation in bifolding doors. Whether the Origin door offers all or better features of other contemporary front doors is largely irrelevant. The Origin name is now strong enough to help sell these new aluminium front doors.

The Origin residential door will be at a better price point than other aluminium entrance doors.

Another strong reason to consider the Origin Residential Door will be the price.  We know that other aluminium panelled entrance doors from some established names are simply too expensive because they are deliberately priced high. Some of these doors start at north of £1800 plus VAT just for the trade to buy.

The reality is that many of these far more expensive doors are designed around the same principle of a quality aluminium door frame and leaf with a choice of infill panels glazed into it.  Customers are known to seriously want an aluminium door because they have or are having new aluminium windows and doors elsewhere in the home. Or they may not like a composite door as good as these are nowadays.

With other more expensive aluminium front door products, their price alone makes them prohibitive for the typical customer.  The result is a lost sale in favour of a cheaper option such as a composite door.

We think some of the more expensive aluminium entrance doors shown at the FiT show in 2016 and others widely available are not realistic and consist of a luxury door price premium.  There is no doubting that they too are superb quality doors, but implementing a ‘high-end’ price on a great door but one that is not really that different alienates the middle market customer.  Origin we think will succeed in this market with a well-made door and a more realistically priced one at that.

Origin Frames has succeeded where other systems companies have not.

Origin like their competition may all provide windows, bifolding doors, entrance doors and some even sliding doors. This is where the similarity may end. What Origin has established over the years is a premium and reputable brand. Origin has also succeeded in one area where others have not. When it comes to putting your brand in front of the end user directly, Origin has it executed brilliantly.

Origin has innovated in many key areas as an aluminium business. Lead times, guarantees, dealer support and more besides are innovations in the aluminium sector that Origin deserves due credit. Despite the relative maturity of the aluminium folding door, window and composite front door market other systems companies still can’t sell and support a product like Origin can. The others leave it up to their fabricators or installers to do.

Other systems companies such as AluK and Reynaers work in targeting the end user customer though ‘home’ websites. Senior Architectural also tried it but have not given it the push. Origin’s marketing cannot be beaten and they are continuing to build on the already strong relationship they have cultivated with homeowners. Whether it is through registration of the product, great literature, a brand desire, a homeowner focused slant to their website, it works.

The Origin Residential door will sell well.

origin garage doors.
The inclusion of a ‘garage door’ option enables properties to have a uniform appearance at the front.

The introduction of the Origin Residential Door also offers new benefits and sales advantages to their dealers. This new aluminium front door does more than add a product to the range or give their dealers something new to sell.

The Origin Home branding now enables a home improvement company large or small to offer three essential products under one great brand and one supplier. However, the introduction of the Origin front door means a lot more than that.

It is worth examining why selling Origin directly works for their dealers. They may sell other bifolding door and window systems as well as composite doors. Origin is aware of this as a business, but it does not matter. Speak to any Origin Dealer and they will all tell you why they love working with Origin as a supplier.

Origin has a strong consumer connection.

Origin has tremendous dealer loyalty because of the customer engagement mentioned.

Read the many online customer forums on other websites such as Money Saving Expert, Mumsnet, Pistonheads and others discussing bifolding doors and you will always see the Origin name mentioned.

Origin invest in their dealers where other systems companies won’t.

We know of no other systems company that supports their dealers in the way Origin does. Whether it is providing products for the showroom, sign writing on vans or for premises, marketing support, free products, special needs, helping build a showroom and more, Origin simply supports its dealers. This is of immense value to installers and cement trust and loyalty.

Where many other systems companies continue to charge or credit back for showroom products or expect a minimum sales volume, Origin helps their dealers better.

Origin knows how to package their brand.

Where many trade suppliers only package their products in a basic way, Origin is all about the brand experience. From an Origin keyring to a maintenance guide or a cleaning cloth, it is these small and neat touches that the end user likes.

The Origin Guarantee

Is the Origin residential door the best front door in the market? It is open to debate what is the ‘best’ of any product. Origin is probably aware of any limitations to their products just like any other business, but they can overcome them by offering something to consumers that others cannot. That is the many strenghts of the product and the company behind it.

One of these is an industry leading lead time, with these great lead times comes a 1st class service as a supplier and a ‘customer experience’ that few can match. This is what enables their dealers to easily sell Origin bifolding doors, blinds and windows. The same will happen with the new Origin Residential door.

The Origin ethos

Origin Frames has grown substantially as a business over the years becoming a major force in bifolding doors. Despite the size of the business, international operations in the USA and the Middle East, their dealers report that dealing with Origin is just like dealing with a family business and a much smaller supplier.

Buying from Origin is easy.

Origin has never made buying their products an involved process. They are easy to price, easy to order and easy to work with. The same ethos will undoubtedly follow to their new front door which will make it easy for their dealers as well.

Quality made products every time.

The Origin dealers we speak to and work with all report what a pleasure it is to deal with Origin on a day to day basis. Few complaints exist about the products or the service.

This comfort in having quality products delivered on time goes a long way to their dealers choosing to sell an Origin door over others in their showroom.

Origin dealers prefer to sell Origin.

traditional door in aluminium.
The inclusion of traditional door styles is a clever touch by Origin in their new door.

We mentioned that many Origin dealers sell more than one system. Does this ultimately bother Origin? After all, which supplier does not want total exclusivity and brand loyalty with their customers?

Whilst many door companies sell Origin and other systems as well, their staff tell us that they love to sell Origin more than the other systems. In many ways, Origin doors sell themselves even if other systems some may perceive as better.

Salespeople love to sell a window or a door quickly. They can do this well with Origin products. Speak to a rep and they will always give the same reasons why they prefer to sell an Origin door.

We think the new Origin residential door will provide real sales opportunities to their dealers. This may now be the right time for others to look at becoming an Origin dealer selling bifolding doors, blinds, windows and front doors.

Our review on the new Origin residential door.

To conclude, on a door like this that utilises panels and hardware it is difficult to provide a solution that meets the requirement of every single customer.  Some companies offer 90 panel designs where Origin only offers 35.  The thing to remember with a door like this is that it can never meet the requirement of every customer.  Windows and glazed doors are somewhat easier because the options are far less.  Therefore we cannot criticise the Origin door on the basis of not having enough panel styles compared to other doors as one example.

This is a new product that will evolve as it matures in response to customer feedback and sales.  Overall it is an excellent product providing a real world solution to those customers that don’t like composite doors.  What it also provides is a solution to the growing number of ‘aluminium specialists’. These are specific window companies in the business of only selling aluminium windows and doors, choosing not to sell PVCu windows or composite entrance doors.  We think for this new breed of home

We think for this new breed of home improvement companies Origin provide a brand and product range that is easy to sell.

Take a look at the new Origin door and tell us what you think.