Introducing the Origin Aluminium Twin Flush Window

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Nick Dardalis

Origin Frames Ltd, manufacturers of the ultra successful Origin bifolding door have today launched their new Origin Aluminium Twin Flush Window.

the first generation origin window offered impressive aesthetics and fine specifications. the new window goes even further.
The first generation Origin window offered impressive aesthetics and fine specifications. The new twin flush window goes even further.

The first generation Origin aluminium casement window already achieved a window industry first in being the very first all aluminium flush sash casement window available. The flush sash arrangement is not new as it has already been made possible in timber look PVCu and with some hybrid window systems. However Origin were the very first systems company in the UK to produce a flush sash all aluminium window.

The new Origin Aluminium Twin Flush Window achieves one industry first in design.

Origin have taken their original idea of a flush sash casement window and now offer this atheistically pleasing feature to the inside as well.

The new Origin Twin Flush window offers a flush casement to the inside face of the window and we must remember this is the part of the window that customers will see most close up.

The result is a clean flush sash, with no overlapping frame or rebate as found on virtually every other window.

We see opportunities for this window to be used in traditional properties, cottages, for the replacement of old timber windows and of course for new openings. There is also a market for this window to be actively promoted to local councils looking after Conservation Areas. Residence 9, Whiteline and other products have already made inroads with areas having planning restriction on window replacements. There is no reason why this new aluminium window could not be aesthetically suitable.

Origin Aluminium windows with U Values of 1.0Wm2K and a Window Energy Rating of A+21

Origin offer as an optional upgrade a new material applied within the existing polyamide thermal break called Aerogel.

Aerogel is used by NASA. This material since it was invented has traditionally been made of silica. Today it is combined with a solvent creating a gel. Aerogel is created by removing the moisture from the gel whilst still maintaining its structure. As a result the material is not only ultra strong but provides highly effective insulation.

Origin have take the same product and offer it as an enhancement to the polyamide thermal break found in the window. The result here is an already thermally insulated window that is made even more energy efficient, makes heat loss and transfer difficult and ultimately creates a very thermally efficient window indeed.

Origin twin flush overcomes the aesthetics versus U Values barrier.

all windows have to appeal aesthetically to consumers first and foremost.
All Windows have to appeal aesthetically to consumers first and foremost.

Traditionally, aluminium windows had resin thermal breaks and the design of the window came first before energy efficiency. Then Building Regulations came into force meaning companies had to meet specific U Values and Energy Ratings instead of simply offering a thermally broken window.

Today’s modern aluminium windows have to strike a balance between design and aesthetics that will appeal to a homeowner and impressive U Values for those interested in saving money. It is all well and good creating a thermally efficient window but ultimately a window has to be attractive in the eyes of the consumer. There is little point in having the most energy efficient window if a customer doesn’t like how it looks.

With the new twin flush window, Origin have achieved this with a sleek, slim and highly attractive product that can do away with ovolo, chamfered, ogee and other profile options found in other casement windows.

Why has the first Origin Window been such a success already?

Since it’s launch, the Origin window has been an excellent seller for many different reasons.

the origin window is of course intended to complement origin doors as well.
The Origin Window is of course intended to complement Origin Doors as well.

Our view is that if any Company is to produce an new window system what can they do to make it pioneering?  One advantage of being “late the party” when it comes to new window systems is that you can see what your competition has been offering for years and improve on it radically.

In bringing out a new window you have the opportunity to research your market and identify new opportunities. Importantly, you can also work on creating a window that is dramatically different from any other and not one that is just a new suite of windows with a bigger thermal break, an improved U Value or improved hardware, as  aluminium systems have introduced of late.  Origin have produced an aesthetically excellent new aluminium window like no other.

Taking their bifolding doors as an example, Origin examined the supply chain which traditionally in aluminium has been slow.  Aluminium suppliers have for decades citied colour as being the reason why lead times were 4 to 8 weeks simply to receive a manufactured product.

Origin can be credited with revolutionising the supply chain in aluminium bifolding doors.  They slashed lead times, made coloured aluminium widely and quickly available and the wider fenestration industry had to follow suit.  However they still have not caught up as Origin remain unique in being able to give you bifolding doors when we wanted them and not when our systems companies, powered coaters and manufacturers said we could have them. Even a full order book does not slow lead times down as it does with every other manufacturer of windows or doors.  This same ethos has been applied to their windows which by nature are slower than doors to make as and arguably more complex. These too are available in a one week turnaround time.

In bringing out a their new window, Origin have given us a window with exceptional lead times, impressive product specifications, industry leading guarantees, upgrades and options.  We have created an in-depth review of the features and specifications of the new Origin Twin Flush Aluminium Window and also compare it’s design and aesthetics to its PVCu flush sash counterparts.