Advantages of the new Origin Twin Flush Window

casements, bay windows, bow windows, large screens and oversized opening sashes are available.
Casements, bay windows, bow windows, large screens and oversized opening sashes are available.

What is behind the new Origin Twin Flush Aluminium Window?  We believe the new Origin product offers many opportunities for both consumers and the trade. Here we examine the features and specifications.

Comparing the Origin Twin Flush Window against PVCu.

Residence 9, Evolution, Liniar and others all offer flush sash casement windows of exceptional quality in PVCu. None of them though offer the flush sash on the inside of the frame.

We recently compared the quality of aluminium window manufacturing against PVCu. It is well accepted that the welded construction of plastic windows, whilst arguably creating a fully welded and weathertight seal, do not aesthetically meet the quality of an aluminium window mitre at times. This is owing to the welded construction of PVCu windows.

This has been vastly improved by the PVCu sector that now offers timber type mechanical mitres and the result is much better from an aesthetic point of view. In comparing the Origin flush sash window against its PVCu counterparts, the quality differences are evident if we compare an aluminium and two quality PVCu systems as demonstrated by our gallery below.

If consumers are comparing aluminium against PVCu windows we would encourage them to look closely at joints and mitres and decide for themselves which they consider to be the better made windows.

Features of the new Origin Twin Flush Window.

until now, most aluminium windows, even this quality sublimated type relied on internal rebates.
Until now, most aluminium windows, even this quality sublimated type relied on internal rebates.

The first obvious feature of the new Origin window is the twin flush arrangement. Where all other systems offering a flush sash still have a rebate on the inside, you can now benefit from a sleek, slim and highly attractive window on the inside.

We know consumers will see far more of the inside of their new windows and doors than the outside. For us, an attractive window on the inside is arguably more important than what it looks like from the outside. The new Origin Window in aluminium, offers a sight line as close as 50mm from the outer frame to the glass line.

Dummy Sash Options

on the left an origin window with a standard fixed light and on the right with a dummy casement.
On the left an Origin Window with a standard fixed light and on the right with a dummy casement.

The Origin Aluminium Window is offered as casement windows, bay windows or gables. There is of course the choice of dummy sashes available, but even without the dummy sash the fixed element of the window still looks slim, attractive and in proportion.  The addition of the dummy sash help keeps the site lines consistent but of course would add to the price of the window as extra material is used and the fabrication process would be longer.


Bay Windows

this origin bay window is featured in the wood effect finish that is far more advanced than any foil found on pvcu windows.
This origin bay window is featured in the wood effect finish that is far more advanced than any foil found on PVCu windows.

The Origin Twin Flush Window can be constructed as bays if required which is an obvious requirement of any window.  It is offered in a choice of flexible angles meaning existing window bays can easily be replaced. For new build projects a bay window gives more choice to a designer as bays can project in any number of ways giving great choice in creating unique looking projecting windows.

Gable options are also available and Origin say that the windows can be made to suit the narrowest of roof pitches.

Colour Co-ordinated handles.

For anyone in the aluminium supply chain, they will know how difficult it is to obtain colour matched handles. Glostal Systems offered this with their commercial systems many years ago but today we are aware that handles are available from established hardware suppliers in a range of standard colours typically black, white, chrome, satin or polished.

The construction and multiple parts of window handles containing plastic and metal components is what makes colour matching them very difficult.

Origin offer metallic or colour co-ordinated handles with the Twin Flush windows which is totally industry unique in the residential window sector.

Origin Windows can be made larger than some other systems.

If your project requires large windows, Origin windows can be manufactured to create large glazed screens at maximum sizes of 3metres wide and 2.1metres high. This exceeds a lot of other aluminium systems. SAPA Crown as one example of a popular residential window is 25% less.

For opening windows again Origin can be made larger. Top hung windows are possible 1.5m wide by 1.8m high. Side hung windows are possible at 1m wide by 1.5m high.

The average home may not call for opening casements at this size and we must also consider window projection, weight of the sashes on the hardware and other factors. However for contemporary extensions that enjoy large windows and glass panels, this twin flush window is ideal.

Advanced safety features and hardware.

The friction hinges used in the windows are manufactured from the highest grade stainless steel.  These are designed to be able to carry exceptional loads surpassing the typical 50000 cycle tests carried out when designing hardware. The friction stays also feature hinge guards designed to prevent the window being forced open at the hinge side.

Windows are of mechanical cleated construction as found in many window systems with ultra strong cleats and chevrons and sealants used at the joints to help with the excellent weather performance.

One week lead time.

Origin offer a one week lead time on their range of windows. This is exceptional compared to the many trade manufacturers of aluminium windows with lead times of 3–4 weeks or longer typically on stock colours.

20 year Guarantee.

The  Origin Twin Flush window is available with a 20 year guarantee in the same way as their bifolding doors. This will be attractive to consumers because many projects requiring windows and doors can often come from more than one system supplier.

Only Origin make their own products.

The supply chain in doors and windows is diverse. Systems companies will typically supply bar length aluminium and accessories to their nationwide network of fabricators.

This is not necessarily a negative, however it is accepted that product quality can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some window manufacturers also choose to out source components such as handles, gaskets or friction stays and buy direct to save money and provide greater margins.

Origin are the only company that make their own products and nobody else. This enables total control of the supply chain from start to finish.

The added advantage of this for the trade is that if you are seeking to sell the Origin window you only have to go to one manufacturer and simplifies the sourcing process significantly.

Other features of the Origin Twin Flush Window

the origin window is of course intended to complement origin doors as well.
The Origin Window is of course intended to complement Origin Doors.

As you would expect of a quality window from an established manufacturer, the Origin window features advanced high security locking systems, testing to established industry standards, excellent thermal performance, high quality aluminium extrusions and much more.  It will of course also perfectly complement the Origin range of door products whether these are bifolding doors, French Doors or single doors.

If you would like further information about the Origin Twin Flush Window, please contact us.

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