Why Liniar Created the Alumina Bifolding Door

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Alumina by Liniar is the aluminium bifolding door by Liniar, the leading brand behind uPVC extrusions since 1974. The new Alumina aluminium brand is the latest to join Liniar’s range of fenestration products. Liniar provides windows, doors and conservatory systems, decking and fencing, and plastic piling products.

Liniar was the first to bring out a PVCu bifolding door in 2011. With early generation PVCu bifolds having a now unfair reputation for unreliability, Liniars’ bifold has proved a best-seller.  The Liniar product range comprises 21 patents and 23 Registered Community Designs in place too. The aluminium Alumina system has all the design and innovation of other Liniar products.


Alumina by Liniar. An altogether different bifolding door.

In creating the new Alumina bifolding door, French Door and entrance door,  Liniar brings to market a new suite of doors with all the advantages of aluminium as a material.  Doors in the Alumina system also come with other features and options.  Underlying Alumina is also a door that remains true to the quality and innovation of Liniar PVCu windows and doors.

The bifolding door range comes in configurations from two to seven panels as well as single doors and French Doors.  Alumina caters for both residential and commercial applications with sizes catering for standard or large span apertures.

The core focus of the Alumina bifolding door is a market appeal to those seeking a more exclusive product. Aesthetically, Alumina achieves this. The discerning customer, researching and examining the many quality bifolding doors on the market should certainly include the Alumina bifolding door in their research.

Hybrid materials were chosen as one option, given the excellent thermal properties of a product with aluminium on the outside and wood internally. As good as hybrid systems are, machinery, tooling, training and price and other factors often exclude these as a viable option with fabricators and installers.

Aluminium. The natural choice of bifolding doors.

It is evident from the general strength of the bifolding door market that aluminium is by far the best material for large span doors and in particular, bifolding doors. PVCu bifolding doors certainly have their target market, but aluminium is the dominant material in bifolding doors.

Therefore, if Liniar were to produce a new aluminium bifolding door, what was to separate it from all the many other systems? After all, there are some excellent bifolding doors on the market already. Liniar set out creating an aluminium bifolding door that would offer some features to set them apart from other folding door products.

The team at Liniar set out creating a bifolding door from scratch. After examining the competition, they set about creating a brand new concept in bifolding doors. The result is Alumina, and it is now available to buy.

wood effect aluminium alumina door 1Standout Features of Alumina bifolding doors.

The bifolding door market already in the UK comprises over forty different brands. Therefore, Alumina offers several features not found in many of these existing systems.

  • An aluminium bifold designed to match the sculptured aesthetics of PVCu and Liniar products.
  • Coloured and woodgrain foils available on aluminium doors for the first time.
  • A weather-rated low threshold rarely found on aluminium bifold doors.
  • An aluminium system using the existing suite of Liniar PVCu glazing beads.
  • Innovative features such as folding keys, chrome hardware and five threshold options.

Aluminium windows offer many advantages but cost more than PVCu.  Alumina allows homeowners to benefit from an aluminium door with matching (and cheaper) PVCu windows in aesthetics, design and colour.

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In the following series of articles about Alumina by Liniar, what becomes evident is that a company with a history and reputation for innovation in PVCu has successfully created a genuine aluminium bifold. Aluminium and PVCu bifolding doors are very different. This new product manages to bring the benefits of aluminium and PVCu together in one great bifolding door.