A fresh look at Kawneer windows and doors for the home

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Nick Dardalis

Kawneer is not a systems company commonly associated with windows for dwellings. Known more for their advanced commercial windows and doors the perception by many is that Kawneer products are only suitable for schools, hospitals, retail parks and other commercial buildings.

It is true that architects widely specify Kawneer products in the choice sector because of solutions they can provide to the most complex of buildings. However, but what the trade may not know is that Kawneer windows and doors are also widely used to provide excellent window and door solutions in dwellings as well.

Advanced aluminium windows and doors for the home.

picture of aluminium windows in new build home.
Kawneer windows, sliding doors and folding doors have enhanced these high quality homes in London.

Taylor Wimpey has recently completed the construction of new build homes in an exclusive part of North Kensington, London. These new build homes feature Kawneer powder coated aluminium windows and doors

Argyll Place is located on Pangbourne Avenue and features new five bedroom homes providing versatile and premium quality accommodation. The houses comprise luxurious interiors, quality fixtures and fittings including full multimedia capability, CCTV, Siemens kitchen appliances and are highly contemporary in appearance.

The modern interiors were designed by award winning designers Honky and feature the high use of glass, metal and great colour schemes throughout. Within these modern dwellings, a contemporary and high specification range of windows and doors were an obvious requirement.

Kawneer Bifolding Doors.

The AA®3720 bifolding door from Kawneer is a latest generation bifolding door in thermally efficient aluminium. It provides a contemporary bifolding door to any dwelling and offers exceptional weather performance, security and flexibility.

For any customer seeing a premium bifolding door from one of the most trusted names, the Kawneer AA®3720 provides a solution.

The Kawneer bifolding doors offered some solutions to this particular development. In keeping with the overall contemporary design, Kawneer bifolding doors provided:

  • A modern flatline appearance
  • Premium gearing for effortless operation
  • Modern door furniture.
  • Very slim sight lines
  • Low U Values down to 1.8Wm2K
  • Large door sizes
  • A choice of threshold options

The AA®3720 Folding/Sliding Door from Kawneer also provides the required security, being independently tested to PAS 24:2012.

Kawneer Contemporary Sliding Doors

Also installed are the premium Kawneer AA®3572 Lift/Slide Door System.

Kawneer AA®3572 Lift and Slide doors offer high levels of weather and thermal performance. Panel sizes of up to 9m2 are possible with Kawneer lift and slide doors.

The lift and slide gearing also allow large span doors of up to 400kg in weight that remains light and smooth to lift and slide open. At the same time, they provide class-leading levels of security.

In these modern homes, enjoying the views of the London skyline was paramount. Kawneer doors feature slim meeting stiles and framing throughout to maximise on the glass panel sizes and provide excellent views.

The high specification glass, advanced sealing and weather performance results in a contemporary sliding door from Kawneer with impressive sound insulation given the city centre location. U-Values as low as 0.8 W/m2K are possible with Kawneer sliding doors subject to glass specification and door design. Profiles are available having 1, 2 or 3 insulation zones, further enhancing the thermal performance of these large span doors.

Kawneer AA®3572 Lift and slide doors were ideal for these new build houses for their aesthetics, performance and quality. They would be equally at home in a new extension as part of a renovation project.

  • Multi-panel arrangement with up to 6 sliding leaves possible.
  • Will accept double or triple/acoustic glazing with 56mm unit thicknesses possible
  • Will not interfere with internal finishes
  • Offers a seamless barrier free door saving space when used to access a terrace.
  • Security Tested to WK2

Kawneer Aluminium Windows.

The windows installed are from the Kawneer AA®720 suite of casement, tilt and turn and fixed windows.

This cutting-edge suite of windows offers total flexibility in design, window sizes and opening options. Kawneer AA®720 windows offer four levels of thermal performance as well as integration if required with doors and windows.

For residential applications, Kawneer windows now offer:

  • A choice of frame options such as the new Softline or Design variants that feature rounded contours if desired.
  • The option for a Renovation “TIP” system ideal for steel replacements
  • A ‘Renovation’ option offering angular contours
  • Concealed Vent option

Just like the lift and slide doors, glass of up to 56mm can be glazed within the window systems for industry-leading thermal and acoustic performance. The windows are finished with a quality powder coated colour and modern locking window handles.

How Kawneer Systems can provide sales opportunities to manufacturers.

kawneer windows and doors in residential properties.
For existing manufacturers, providing the world-leading Kawneer residential products can give them and their trade customers a competitive edge in a crowded market.

The recent appointment of Mark Hanson to Kawneer reinforces the publicised Kawneer growth strategy. This will involve the future development of windows, doors and associated services for the low-rise residential sector.

This particular case study demonstrates the suitability of Kawneer residential systems for dwellings. It further highlights how Kawneer windows and doors are a viable and high-end door and window solution for those homeowners seeking a product that moves away from the popular residential systems.

If you are currently manufacturing windows and doors for the trade, commercial or residential sector, adding Kawneer windows and doors to your product range we believe can offer improved sales opportunities and unique selling propositions. Contact us to find out more.


Images courtesy of TailorWimpeyCentralLondon.com