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Origin Global, one of the UK’s best-known designers and manufacturers of bifolding doors are entering the market with a premium range of aluminium residential entrance doors. Called The Origin Residential Door these are bespoke panelled aluminium front doors for the home.

The introduction of the Origin Residential door will further reinforce the position of Origin as a leading provider of home solutions in aluminium windows, bifolding doors and now, entrance doors.

Under the Origin Home branding, there is now a great collection of the most common products used to improve a home or as part of a new build extension or construction project. Aluminium front doors, contemporary front doors and traditional aluminium doors all available in these new doors by Origin have enhanced the range and provided the trade with another great product to sell under the very strong and reputable Origin brand.

The Origin Home now provides three excellent residential aluminium products designed, made and produced in the UK.

How will the Origin Residential Door hit the market?

inside view of aluminium front door.
The new Origin Residential Door will be offered in 35 panels styles, with over 150 colours as well as dual colour and wood effect options.

The Origin Residential door was officially launched by Origin on 31st August at an invitation-only event on the river Thames, for its nationwide network of Origin Dealers. During the month of September, we understand Origin will be rolling out the product to its Dealers. This will involve training, preparation of Origin Dealer showrooms, marketing materials and samples. This is to prepare Origin Dealers for a consumer launch in October 2016.

The Origin Aluminium Front Entrance Door.

Manufactured from premium quality aluminium with a polyamide thermal break, Origin Residential doors offer traditional and contemporary panelled entrance doors.

The Origin residential aluminium front door provides all the features expected of a latest generation aluminium door. It offers great aesthetics and excellent door security in a complete package. Contemporary front doors and traditional front doors are all included in the range.

In its appearance the door shares similar features in its outer frame and door leaf profiles found on the excellent Origin bifolding door. These are then enhanced with a choice of modern or more traditional aluminium panels to complete the door. The final decisions revolve around colour, glass and accessories.

Features of the new Origin Aluminium Front Door.

wood effect aluminium front door.
Even the wood effect doors come in modern designs with clever detailing to the quality door panels.

The Origin Residential Door comes in three designs. These are a single entrance door, a double entrance door as well as a new arrangement whereby large double doors are possible as large hinged doors for a garage.

With this new range of doors, Origin has provided a product that for many customers will give them flexible doors to be used in front of the home as the main door and a matching garage door.

Thermal insulation, security, longevity and the overall design are all features of this new aluminium door. This is a door that provides an aluminium solution where timber, composite and PVCu doors have previously been on offer. It also provides window installers that previously only offered composite doors but sold Origin bifolding doors and windows an aluminium option for their customers.

The Origin door will also come with three threshold options. These are a weathered, a non-weathered and a mobility threshold. Garage doors will have no threshold for vehicle access.

8 Origin steps to creating an aluminium entrance door.

For Origin to make a bespoke front door, the customer is required to select from 8 steps that configure it. These are:

  • Sizes. The correct manufacturing sizes for making the door.
  • Configuration. Whether a door is a single or double, or has sidelights or toplights.
  • Panel Style. The selection of the desired panel style from the 35 on offer.
  • Colour. The selection of the chosen RAL colour, internal colour or sublimated wood effect finish.
  • Opening Action. Specifying if the door opens inwards or outwards.
  • Handles. The choice of handles that also determines the door lock provided.
  • Accessories. Selection of the accessories ranges such as letter plates or door knockers.
  • Accessory finishes. A selection of the various finishes the accessories come in.

Panel choices with the Origin Residential Door.

traditional door in aluminium.
The inclusion of traditional door styles meets the needs of those with older properties or a liking for period style doors.

Origin is offering 35 aluminium panel designs to suit both traditional and modern tastes and property styles.

Panel construction is the latest generation featuring an insulated core within the two external aluminium skins. Called Thermimax, the core comprises high-density insulation, two plywood sheets within the panel and the core as well as a quality construction.

External and internal skins are polyester powder coated to a range of RAL colours. The current range of excellent wood effect finishes is also available.

Like any other quality made door, thermal efficiency, strength, colour choice and security is part of its many features and specifications.

The aluminium panels come in a choice of solid or partially glazed designs. Glass choices will be extensive with obscure, clear, sandblasted, acid-etched and other options possible. This enables the new Origin door to offer varying levels of privacy and light transmission to suit the customer requirement.

There is even a choice of classic Georgian or Victorian door panels to suit those that are looking to replace their old timber door with a similar style.

The contemporary range replicates what is currently on trend with a modern front door. There are some very distinctive panels available that are guaranteed to be popular with consumers.

Origin has separated the panel options into five definitive descriptions. Each then offers a further five choices to explain the nature of each panel. These are:

  • Contemporary. Five partially glazed panels with either plain glazing or glass surrounded by metal detailing.
  • Traditional. A range of traditional looking door panels to replicate older door styles.
  • Geometric. This range features partially glazed designs having small or large glass shapes logically laid out in a symmetrical style.
  • Statement. This range offers a more dramatic appearance with doors having shaped and offset glass patterns and colours.
  • Seamless. This arrangement provides solid doors with a modern twist and a more ‘designer’ appearance.

Hardware choices with Origin Residential Doors.

origin front door panel.
Distinctive hardware is available to enhance the modern styles of door panels and glass.

Origin is providing their new range of aluminium entrance doors with a range of top quality hardware from one of the leading names in the industry. There are lever/lever, lever/pad or architectural pull handles to choose from as well as broad choices of door accessories to personalise the product.

Origin Residential door security and performance.

Origin has provided an 8 point locking system. This is not the same lock as the bifolding door. On a front door, a split spindle arrangement is often required that differentiates this lock.

Where doors have architectural pull handles, a five point lock automatic lock is provided. Regardless of lock options chosen all doors are independently security tested giving customers peace of mind.

Door configurations and designs.

The Origin door is available in single or double door designs that can be chosen to open in or out. The French door option is what provides the garage door product as well.

Door can be designed with any number of sidelights, toplights or combination frame designs.

The Origin residential door offers far more choices than a conventional composite door. Doors are available as narrow as 400mm wide up to 1130mm per leaf. Heights are equally impressive with doors up to 2700mm high possible.

The Origin door will naturally come with the expected industry leading guarantees and quality of manufacture that Origin has become renowned for.