Alumina. A new relationship between aluminium and PVCu

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Nick Dardalis

Alumina is a new generation of bifolding door introduced by one of the best known PVCu systems companies in the UK, Liniar. Liniar has created a full aluminium bifolding door from the ground up that is elegant in appearance, technically strong and with great security and U Values. Alumina is very much a credible quality aluminium bifolding door with an individual presentation.


Alumina. An exceptional new breed of aluminium bifolding door.

The Alumina bifolding door addresses a frequent need for both homeowners and installers. That is, an aluminium bifold that also respects and works with the general popularity of PVCu.   It is accepted that any latest generation bifold, whether made from aluminium or PVCu today will meet or exceed industry requirements relating to security, quality, weather and thermal performance.

The Alumina bifolding door meets these requirements and in many areas exceeds them.  At the same time,  Alumina brings features that benefit both the PVCu and aluminium sectors.

Alumina represents a new relationship between aluminium and PVCu.

alumina bifolds in modern home.
Despite the popularity of aluminium, PVCu remains a dominant material. Alumina brings PVCu and aluminium together.

It is the close relationship with the PVCu window that needs to be stressed with Alumina. Our very website is set up to promote all the advantages that aluminium windows provide such as slim profiles, massive colour availability, superior strength and flexibility in design.

All the features of aluminium windows aside, we must consider that customers and the window industry all love PVCu windows! The price point, the aesthetics, the foiled finishes, the energy efficiency and the fast availability all make PVCu windows desirable. They are easy to sell, easy to buy and today are far superior to the uPVC windows of old.

For particular types of windows, we say PVCu windows are better than aluminium. One example is the replacement of old sliding sash windows. Aluminium sliding sash windows cannot compete with PVCu. The design, aesthetics, period hardware and finishes found in PVCu sash windows make them far better than any present offering in aluminium such as the Alumatherm window.

PVCu is also better than aluminium for ‘timber look’ windows. Customers who are looking for new windows with an authentic wood window appearance but without the cost of new timber windows get a better window in PVCu. While aluminium windows are available in beautiful sublimated wood effects, visually and in their design, PVCu windows are better.

What Alumina has brought to the table is an aluminium folding door with the widely accepted advantages of aluminium. However, it is a bifolding door with aesthetics to appeal to those customers that have already invested in replacement PVCu windows, or are about to.

Alumina matches sculptured PVCu windows.

close up of alumina bifold door stile
Alumina provides the sculptured detailing that PVCu windows are known for and that homeowners want.

The Alumina bifolding door offers the appearance of the desirable PVCu windows of today in a quality aluminium folding door.

The sculptured profile is the first great feature to be found in an Alumina bifolding door. Having seen this door close up, it does replicate the finest quality PVCu windows beautifully.

There will always be a market for the contemporary folding door. It is common to see traditional houses featuring bay and bow windows throughout with a modern extension to the rear. Alumina by Liniar will be suitable for these new extensions, but it will widely appeal to those consumers that want a more traditional looking bifold. It will also appeal to those that prefer the sculptured appearance but have struggled to find it with other folding doors.

We think Alumina identifies a need many homeowners will have. They have invested in quality PVCu windows, often with a foiled finish. They are still delighted with their new windows. In choosing a new bifolding door, Alumina will provide them with a product that can match the appearance and finish of their PVCu windows, whether existing or new.

It is logical to assume that Liniar created Alumina to benefit their suite of PVCu windows. Their range includes Casement Windows, Flush Sash Windows, Tilt and Turn, French Casement and even bifolding windows. Alumina can help to match any new or existing windows in the home.

Alumina by Liniar makes home improvements more affordable.

One thing to consider with Alumina is that it suddenly makes window and door replacements more affordable.  The reality of aluminium windows and doors is that they are more expensive than PVCu.  Alumina enables customers to replace all the windows in their home with a more affordable PVCu Liniar window, while still benefitting from a matching door in aluminium.  Where previously they may have been deferring from having aluminium windows due to cost, now a complete house full of windows with a new bifolding door is more affordable and from one system. Liniar provides this with their new bifolding door and their suite of windows.

Alumina is good news for the aluminium market as well.

What Alumina will also provide is a superbly well engineered, expertly assembled and a credible standalone bifold as well. Alumina appeals to those homeowners that desire an aluminium bifold but prefer the sculptured profile to a flat contemporary folding door.

We like what Liniar has achieved with this new aluminium bifolding door. It is a high strength, premium security bifolding door that brings a new level of design and aesthetics to the market. This also positions Liniar as a systems company offers a full integrated suite of windows and doors for the residential and commercial markets.

If you would like to find out more about Alumina by Liniar bifolding doors, please contact us.