Comparing Origin OB-72 and OB-49 bifolding doors

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Origin bifolding doors now come as two models, the OB-72 and OB-49, thoroughly reviewed by us.  Therefore you now have two products to choose, both with the legendary Origin quality, brand name and guarantee.  In this article, we help you understand more about the latest Origin bifolding doors.  We also give some advice on practical considerations to help you choose the most suitable model.

origin ob-72 and ob-49 bifolding doors

First of all, nothing changes in how these two doors come to you. Only Origin makes Origin products in their hi-tech Buckinghamshire factory. The benefits of an exclusive manufacturer are always-consistent quality, reliable lead times and extensive product support to the Origin dealer network. Choosing the best bifolding door comes down to many factors, but for brand reputation, few doors beat Origin.

You get the same insulated aluminium profiles, durable powder-coated finishes and an expertly crafted bifolding door. The paint and manufacturing warranty remains the same too.

Therefore for peace of mind, both the OB-72 and OB-49 products offer you the same. Choosing between these products comes down to configuration, sizes, colours, handle options and aesthetics. Above all, both products remain suitable for replacing old patio doors and especially useful in a new extension.

For clarity, the OB-72 model remains the Origin product with a new name. The OB-49 is new but uses the existing Origin outer frame and hardware.

Bifolding door sightlines.

With bifolding door sightlines being so important it is you’ll want to make a choice. While the OB-72 isn’t the thinnest bifold on the market, it remains one of the best selling doors. The OB-49, amongst similarly-designed and bead-glazed doors is now one of the slimmest bifolds.

The 154mm sightline at the meeting stiles of the OB-72 is drastically reduced to just 110mm on the OB-49. This new slimline bifold beats Schuco, Reynaers, Sunflex, the entire Express Bifolds range and many other brands too. You need to compare the two doors side by side to see the differences in visible aluminium.

Therefore, if the visible face thickness of the closed doors matters to you, the Origin OB-49 is the one to go for. It’s also a worthy contender on sightlines to the other excellent brands we mentioned above.

The Smart Systems Visofold 6000 remains the thinnest bifold door if you want the least visible aluminium. While this is a very good door from a great systems company, the Origin door gives you better components, handles and more customisation options. The lead times are also faster with standard colours on the legendary Origin Your Lead Time Not Ours service.

Classic vs Contemporary looking doors

The next difference between the doors is of overall appearance. The OB-72 gives you a 72mm wide door sash with a chamfered bead. This means the door has a flat aesthetic outside and slightly rounded on the inside.

The OB-49 uses a 49mm sash with the same flat appearance outside and a square flat bead on the inside. For you, this means you’ll get a flatter interior look with the slimmer model, but both doors look great in both traditional and contemporary houses, new extensions and even interiors.

As with any major investment in the home, go see the doors, and compare the aesthetics. In our view, the classic styling of the OB-72 has never affected sales or the product. You may also find the original bifold more suitable if your property has traditional aluminium or even PVCu windows with a chamfered design on the inside.

open corner bifolding doors

Your bifolding door configuration and sizes

Both Origin OB-72 and OB-49 bifolding doors work for all standard sizes and different configurations. The OB-72 model will be your only choice when designing open corner bifolding doors and for doors taller than 2500mm high.

The slimmer OB-49 model comes with the same maximum 1200mm width but won’t go as tall. A while back, Origin increased the height of their larger model up to 3m high. For clarity, fixed corner posts are fine with the slimmer door, moving/open corner posts only with the OB-72.

Customising Origin OB-72 and OB-49 bifolding doors

Personalising an Origin product remains one of the strengths of the product. Both products come with excellent options, but the newer bifold understandably has fewer colour and hardware options. It’s easier to explain what you don’t get with the OB-49 that you do with the OB-72. Not available with this door are:

  • The range of woodgrain finishes
  • The traditionally styled Yale door handles with a one-piece lever/escutcheon plate or key locking slave handles
  • The bigger range of colours on fast lead times
  • The midrail option
  • Gold door furniture
  • 24mm glass thickness, only 28mm as standard

Generally, the OB-72 provides more colour options and more ways to colour match or contrast the bifold door hardware. That said, for most standard colours and designs, the OB-49 meets your needs just as well. Best of all, both models offer the great Origin feature of colour coded seals, something we’ve not yet seen on any other bifold on the market. Seven different gasket colours let you move away from the traditional black gaskets of other doors.

interior white bifold doors

Steel-look bifolding doors

It’s also worth mentioning that several Origin installers customise the OB-49 as a steel-look bifold. The steel look also applies to the single and double hinged door options too.

Adding aluminium glazing bars to the outside and inside faces of the glass, neatly joining the vertical door sashes, creates a steel-styled bifolding door. Get in touch with us for more information about steel-replacement systems.

Choosing between Origin OB-72 and OB-49 bifolding doors

You’ll get an excellent product with either option. The 20-year guarantee, fast lead times and Origin windows, sliding doors and front doors complete your home improvement project.

Existing OB-72 models could even be upgraded to the OB-49. Both doors use the same outer frame and components. Therefore, at additional cost, you could replace your door panels with the new slimmer sashes and new glass too.