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APS Aluminium & Plastic Systems Ltd has a diverse product range in aluminium and PVCu extrusions to meet various building sectors and professionals.  The product range includes architectural aluminium systems, aluminium signs and miscellaneous extrusions/sections.

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About APS Aluminium and Plastic systems

Based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, APS Aluminium and Plastic Systems serve the construction and fenestration sector with the supply of profiles, components and general stockholding of aluminium building products. As the name suggests, both aluminium and PVCu.

The product categories fall under extruded or rolled products, typical of items such as aluminium sheets, tubes, angles, trims, solid bars and channels. You’ll also find aluminium louvres and insulated panels.

As well as the provision of many stock size and standard rolled and extruded products, APS Aluminium and Plastic Systems also provide the facility to create the die drawings and provide bespoke aluminium profiles.

Markets served by Aluminium & Plastics Systems Ltd

The substantial product range serves the construction industry as well as other sectors relying on rolled and extruded profiles for manufacturing or product. With these widely used extrusions frequently needed on fast lead times, mill finish stock is widely available and on fast lead times.

For profiles related to fenestration, APS provides bar length and accessories to window and door manufacturers predominantly serving the commercial markets.

With close ties to the UK, APS Aluminium and Plastic Systems also stock hold other products they don’t design such as the Stratus Lantern Roof product. For the PVCu rainwater good range, APS provides Swish Building Products and Floplast being a major supplier for the Ireland territory.

The APS Aluminium and Plastic Systems Product Range Explained

For aluminium products specifically, ATS has the following commercial glazing systems available.

Aluminium Window Systems

Six different aluminium window solutions are available by APS. These window products service most commerial requirements and they’re also used in developments of new build homes, schools and offices.

The range includes the AP100 Polyamide Windows available as casement, fixed and tilt and turn models. A standard thermally insulated window providing regular performance in terms of security and weather resistance. For enhanced thermal performance, there’s a AP100 Therm+ model.

Glaze N Guard is a protection system by APS Aluminium and Plastic Systems designed to glaze into the window whilst providing protection against vandalism.

Using the company’s bending facilities there’s a range of curved and porthole windows as well as other shapes meeting more complex shape requirements. Just like all aluminium profiles for windows, profile tolerances dictate the shape sizes and types available.

For windows glazed into cladding panels such as Kingspan, there’s a range of window profiles designed to integrate within this and other exterior wall cladding solutions.

Curtain Walling Product range by APS

Three different curtain walling products provide solutions for both low or medium-rise facade glazing. The systems use a typical 50mm profile dimension available as a stick system for easy site installation.

For more complex applications and higher-level facades, there’s a full structurally glazed product that also integrates with other windows and doors from the system company’s range.

APS Aluminium door products

APS Aluminium and Plastic Systems is particularly well known in their local markets for commercial aluminium doors and shopfronts.

For the light, commercial and residential markets are bifolding doors as well as lift and slide patio sliding doors and residential doors. These use insulated aluminium profiles and come with the option of double or triple glazing.

How and where to buy APS Aluminium and Plastic Systems products

aps systems ireland

We don’t know of UK availability of APS Systems products but the company services a significant part of the Irish market with their systems installed in well-known buildings, retail brands, Schools and office blocks.

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