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Senior Architectural Systems are a highly regarded systems company offering a wide range of window systems, quality curtain walling and door systems and more recently a range of hybrid windows and fibreglass window and door products. First to the UK fenestration market across a number of services and products, Senior Architectural Systems are today a significant brand in the UK market.

About Senior Architectural Systems

Founded in 1991 and with sites in Doncaster, Newport and Scotland, Senior Architectural Systems serve the UK fenestration sector with a complete aluminium windows and doors range. Still in private ownership Senior is amongst the top aluminium systems companies by turnover. A significant player in the UK Fenestration market, the company is also a member of leading aluminium, technical and quality associations, such as Alfed, Council for Aluminium in Building, and the renowned trainer in facade glazing and building envelopes.

One of the best things about Senior Senior Architectural Systems products is their excellent design, whilst at the same time providing simple fabrication, reduced stockholding and easy site installation. As well as this, the technical aspects of their products by design or specifications are excellent with several innovations in material, insulation and design.

The company was first aluminium systems company to powder coat their profiles, introduce a new thermal system to polyamide as well as a composite range of products, also known as hybrid.

Markets served by Senior Architectural Systems

Senior is well known in the commercial market for schools, hospitals, retail buildings, industrial and other construction sectors. Their curtain walling, commercial doors and windows are widely specified by Architects.

Whilst Senior systems aren’t often seen in typical retail showrooms, they are actually widely used and specified in multiple developments of dwellings, new homes and conversions of buildings into dwellings.

There are also many manufacturers of domestic systems choosing to offer Senior products as an alternative to popular brands such as Smart Systems or Aluk.

Senior Architectural Systems product range

senior architectural systems glazing in new manchester flats

The ever-evolving Senior range of architectural aluminium and hybrid systems covers most building requirements for glazing, facades and even secondary glazing.

Aluminium Windows by Senior

Six different aluminium windows products create slimline, commercial and innovative opening solutions in a choice of frame styles and performance requirements.

Ali Vu Windows

The Ali VU Casement window offers a slimline product within the overall range of aluminium windows. It’s key feature is reduced sightlines below 40mm as a fixed light and under 70mm where the window has an opening element. It’s ideal for any new build or renovation project and has complementary hinged and folding door products, providing a complete solution within one series of products. It also has a steel look version when using the stepped-vent profile.

PURe aluminium windows

PURe is an innovative windows product using polyurethane as the insulator instead of the polyamide thermal break used by most aluminium windows. The result is lower U-Values, Passivhaus credentials where required, better acoustics and pleasing aesthetics.

SFF Framless Windows

SFF frameless windows is a newer product providing glass-fronted opening elements within curtain walling. The advantage is thinner lines within facade glazing where opening casement windows are required. The SFFP model has a similar design but uses the parallel opening design, ideal for high-level windows and better open window safety.

SPW300 and SPW600

SPW300 and SPW600 have established aluminium windows products for residential or commercial use. Like all the Senior windows products they come as side or top opening, tilt and turn, pivot, reversible opening inwards and fixed models. The SPW300 has a narrower frame depth of 60mm with the SPW600 using a familiar 75mm frame depth for new windows or general window replacements.

Series 1 Hybrid

The Series 1 Hybrid Windows range provides aluminium outside, wood inside fixed or opening windows. Well-designed, highly insulated and environmentally friendly, these windows provide a more luxurious solution using two excellent window materials. The Series 3 frameless is a hybrid window designed for integration into the hybrid curtain walling products.

Senior Secondary Double Glazing

Secondary double glazing provides better insulation and security to heritage, listed and other buildings where normal window replacement isn’t possible.

An affordable solution to more insulated and quieter rooms, Senior Systems secondary double glazing comes as sliding, fixed, lift out and hinged versions. With most secondary glazing preferred in white, the profiles are pre-finished.

Secondary glazing comes in single glazed designs, easy installation and is available nationwide.

Senior Architectural Systems door products

The range of door systems by Senior covers both commercial, domestic or medium-duty doors including sliding and bifolding door products.


The folding sliding door product using the same innovative polyurethane thermal material provides excellent U-Values and has slim 123mm sightlines at the meeting door mullions. It also goes up to sizes of up to 2.6m wide although only 1m wide.


For sliding patio door requirements, the PURe Slide product comes as a standard or slimline product with a 96.5 and 50mm mullion model. There’s an inline and lift and slide design. They come with outstanding U-Values depending on the glass option chosen as well as sizes up to 3m high.

PURe® Commercial Door

For high-traffic applications such as schools, shops, offices and commercial buildings, the PURe commercial door provides impressive sizes of up to 1400mm wide and 3000mm high, ideal for design-led projects wanting bigger bolder doors with all the performance and reliability commercial doors provide. It also comes with the same variety of locking, entry/exit systems also available with commercial doors.

Ali FOLD Door

AliFOLD is the non-polyurethane version in a folding sliding door and there’s also a heavy-duty version providing larger panel sizes. Suitable for both commercial and residential applications, it comes in multiple configurations, including a traffic door, low threshold and excellent security and weather performance credentials.

Ali SLIDE Door

Also the polyamide version of the PURe sliding door, AliSLIDE by Senior Architectural Systems comes with an inline design, 79mm and 50mm interlock options and high security credentials. With the right glass specification, U-Values go as low as 1.6@=Wm2K. There’s a single, double and triple track design, although no open corner model is available.


Complementing the range of the SPW600 window is a matching aluminium insulated door. Single and double door models provide excellent solutions for domestic or medium duty projects such as small schools or care homes.

SD Commercial Doors

One of the best known and widely used non-thermal commercial door systems on the market. SD Commercial Doors are reliable, tried and tested and heavily specified. Multiple high use buildings around the UK are enhanced by these well-designed, easy to make and install and above all reliable commercial aluminium doors. Entrance doors, fire-exit doors, access control doors, plant-room and louvre doors and many other uses.

SPW 500 and SPW501 Commercial Doors

SPW 500 and 501 doors provide all the benefits of the SD product but with an insulated frame and door product. It comes in rebated, centre hung or anti-finger trap designs as well as all the hardware options commercial doors need for entry, exit, emergency exit or access control.

Series 1 hybrd doors

Complementing the hybrid windows series is a residential door product. Series 1 hybrid doors come as single or double doors, with matching side or top panels and are ideal in the home or medium-duty commercial applications. Quality responsibly sourced woods inside and powder-coated aluminium on the outside.

Curtain Walling and Ground Floor Framing

With a pleasing design, Senior Architectural Systems facade glazing and shopfront products provide homes and commercial buildings with low and medium-rise framing, integrating well with the overall windows and doors range.

The SFG system is flexible and designed for shopfronts and retail property working alongside similar commercial door products.

For Curtain Walling, SF52, SF62, SCW and SCW+ provide slim lines, high-rise or low-rise framing, unitised or stick designs and enhance any property with long-lasting, insulated and high performance glazing.

More information and where to by Senior Architectural Systems products.


Senior Systems provide their profiles and accessories to a nationwide network of quality aluminium manufacturers, providing supply only or supply and installation and trade services. You can get in touch using our contact form for where to buy the Senior aluminium range