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Technal UK as part of the Hydro Group of companies has been established for over 50 years and supplies a very well respected and specified range of architectural aluminium curtain walling, door and window systems through its network of approved fabricators and installers. 

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About Technal UK

The Technal brand is part of the substantial Hydro Group, and also includes the Wicona German brand of aluminium systems as well as SAPA. SAPA in the UK was a long-established name and now this entire brand and its products is integrated into the Technal brand. In other words, SAPA is now Technal. Despite this, many of the popular and well known SAPA products are retained within the Technal brand.

The Technal name generally has a long-established reputation for innovative doors, windows and curtain walling. Technal UK products are found in numerous developments of housing, retail, commercial, transport, education and other sectors.

Moreover, Technal UK is heavily involved in the specification of glazing, working with construction firms, architects and specifiers.

Technal UK aluminium systems and products

The Technal UK range comprises residential and commercial systems of curtain walling, aluminium windows, sliding and bifolding doors and commercial doors, shopfronts and screens.

Aluminium Windows by Technal UK

Twelve aluminium window systems comprising both established SAPA and Technal brands now form the aluminium windows collection by Technal UK.

Crown Residential Windows

Originally part of the SAPA range of windows, Crown Residential windows comprise fixed, side hung, top hung and steel-look windows. The Crown name also replaced the popular Monarch Aluminium Windows system from the 1990s used extensively in the UK under the previous Monarch Aluminium name. Crown also takes many of the original styling cues from Monaframe such as the softline outer frame detail.

Soleil FY65

A Technal brand, Soleil FY65 is a very advanced aluminium window product offering both minimal-framed or near-hidden opening sashes as well as significant opening window sizes up to 1.4m wide and 2.5m high. Soleil FY65 is predominantly a commercial system with a 65mm frame depth.

A more standard version of the product has a larger visible opening sash design, but with the same features of large sizes, hidden drainage and contemporary styling.

Dualframe 75

Another well-known SAPA name, Dualframe 75 comprises the standard and SI variants. This system has casement, fixed, tilt and turn and reversible aluminium windows. Where enhanced thermal performance is required, Dualframe 75 SI provides an excellent aluminium windows solution. It’s also an externally beaded system meeting current security credentials.

Also available within the Dualframe 75 collection is the Aluminium Balcony Window. A version of the existing tilt and turn window product, this provides inward opening windows, single or double doors. It’s ideal for balcony applications, Juliet balconies and particularly good where window rebates need combining but without the conventional coupling or dummy sash method of other systems.

Dualslide Sliding Windows

Also part of the SAPA collection before integration into the Technal brand, Dualslide are high performance sliding windows available in both horizontal and vertical opening designs. Horizontal sliding windows go up to 1.5m high and vertical sliding up to 2.7m high providing exellent large window solutions in a modern sliding sash product.

Technal UK Aluminium Door products

The commercial and residential door products available comprise both Technal and SAPA products of heavy duty, medium duty and domestic hinged doors.

Stormframe II Commercial Doors

The established SAPA Stormframe name of thermally broken rebated and centre hung commercial door products is established in the market for many years, widely used and tried and tested. Within the range are doors suitable for entrances, fire-exit doors and access control requirements.

Soleal PY55 Commercial Door

A Technal product, Soleal PY55 Commercial Doors are insulated heavy-duty doors available as single action hinged doors, double action hinged doors and commercial doors with an anti-finger trap design. For even higher performance such as busy airports, public buildings and with extra security and anti-vandal properties is a robust CD Commercial door product.

202 Commercial Doors

Originally part of the Glostal name, 202 commercial doors remain in the market as a veteran of the commercial door market, yet still one of the best solutions for non-thermal shop doors and shopfronts. There’s a centre pivot, anti-finger trap and rebated model. 202 remains a great product solution for doors, fire-exit doors, plant room doors and general high traffic pedestrian doors.

Crown Residential doors

A matching door to the Crown windows suite, these doors are designed for their domestic appeal as well as their excellent design. They come as single or double doors, with matching side panels and integrate with the window system for opening vents within door screens.

Dualframe Dualsecure 75mm door

Suitable for dwellings and light commercial buildings such as care homes, the Dualframe product previously under the SAPA brand accompanies the window system for a one-brand solution in building projects. It comes as single or double doors, with matching side panels as well as a low threshold option. The weather and security performance of Dualframe Dualsecure are excellent.

Technal UK sliding and bifolding doors

Five folding or sliding systems under the SAPA and Technal names provide domestic and high-traffic sliding doors as well as folding doors.

Technal Ambial Folding Doors

With contemporary styling and distinctive door hardware, Technal Ambial bifolding doors provide large sizes, multiple configurations and standard proportions at the door mullions. The open corner version features a particularly slim corner mullion at under 100mm each side.

Tigal Pull and Slide Doors

Tigal contemporary inline sliding doors provides all-round locking also resulting in excellent door sealing. This door also features a secure ventilation system, smooth operation, low threshold solution as well as panel sizes up to 4m wide and 2700mm high.

Confort Sliding Doors

Confort sliding patio door provide inline and lift and slide options as well as the capablity of large and heavy sliders with a light and smooth slide action. With flatline styline, bold profiles and great design, Confort comes in three different products. The C125 sliding door provides an inline model, up to three tracks and doors at more standard heights.

The Technal UK C160 and C160S come with enhanced thermal insulation, lockable ventilation facility and added security features. These are the lift and slide models with the C160S being slimmer.

Crown Bifolding Doors

Part of the original SAPA range, Crown bifolding doors are distinguished by their one-piece hinge and classic styling. It’s an addition to the overall Crown range providing a great folding door where the Crown brand of windows or residential doors is installed elsewhere.

Crown sliding patio doors

Again part of the SAPA range, Crown sliding doors are classically styled inline patio doors with a choice of mullion sightlines as well as slim, softline and contemporary frame finishes. The Softline feature retains the characteristics of the best-selling Monaframe patio door, now long discontinued.

Technal UK Curtain Walling and Framing

Technal curatin walling comprises many of the tried and tested sucessful curtain walling systems as well as only having the Elegance 52 from the SAPA brand.

Three curtain walling series, and 11 variants provide low, medium and high-rise solutions for commercial buildings and dwellings. All of the curtain walling products integrate with Technal and SAPA windows and doors.

More information and where to buy Technal UK products


Technal products are available through a nationwide network of fabricators, installers and trade suppliers.

You can get in touch for more information and where to buy these products near you .