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Altec Systems are an independent systems company providing commercial doors, windows and curtain walling. All of the Altec Systems extrusions are produced and made in the UK.

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About Altec Systems

Altec Systems have been providing their aluminium products for over twenty years and are active in the specification market.

As a smaller systems company, their focus is on cost-effective fenestration solutions to architects and the construction sector. At the same time, their products focus on quality aluminium extrusions, good thermal performance, security and weather performance. The company has also developed a patented thermal break system helping their products achieve better insulation.

For fabricators, the products come designed for easy fabrication and site assembly.

Markets served by Altec Systems

Altec products are mainly used in commercial developments of buildings including glazing in new build dwellings. You won’t find their products available in the retail route such as home improvement businesses and showrooms

What Altec Systems is best known for

Altec systems is best known for designing and providing systems for the commercial sector. Curtain walling and commercial doors are their better-known products amongst those installers serving this market sector.

Whilst they also provide windows, these are less well-known although they do form an integral part of their overall product range.

The Altec Systems product range

ACW-55 Curtain Walling

Altec Systems ACW-55 curtain walling provides simplified facade glazing solutions, using just three mullion and transom combinations. Typical of most curtain walling systems it comes with a 55mm face sightline and accepts single glazing up to 44mm triple glazed units. As well as this, it’s possible to slope the curtain walling mullions creating angled screens or roofs. The system is intended for low rise applications such as ground floor or up to first floor screens.

Ultra-Wall Thermally Insulated Framing

Providing an even slimmer 45mm sightline is the shopfront system. Typical of traditional shopfront designs, it comes with a bead glazed solution as well as the familiar shuffle glazed arrangement. Mullions and transom sections, cills and a selection of glazing beads complete the system. Ultra-Wall Thermally Insulated framing features the patented thermal barrier design and suits the Altec Systems commercial doors product.

NTS-100 Ground Floor Treatments

Another shopfront and commercial framing system is the NTS-100 using 50x100mm thermally insulated box mullions. Just like other shopfront systems on the market, it offers full integration with commercial doors therefore making is suitable for shops, schools and offices.

DTS-60 and DTS-60 Plus Window Suite

Casement windows with 60mm frame depth, suitable for commercial buildings as well as dwellings. DTS-60 Plus provides windows with A Window Energy Ratings, whilst also having basic window profiles for window in most styles and designs.

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How to buy Altec Systems Products

Altec products are available via a fabricator network as well as stock locations around the UK. The trade can access Altec products through these dealer networks and the Systems company also works with architects, building owners and construction directly. The homeowner has no access to these via the normal retail route.