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For new build and property renovation projects, Reynaers aluminium windows are highly-engineered windows, comprising excellent design and styling, first-class security, weather resistance and energy efficiency. The current Reynaers range of windows provides contemporary and classically styled aluminium window options for both residential and commercial projects. Reynaers aluminium windows stand among the best in the industry. and this guide to the current Reyaners range explains all the current versions available, their key features and where you can use them in your property renovation or new build project.

Reynaers Aluminium Windows – Introduction

Should you choose Reynaers windows for any property project you are benefitting from windows designed to last, with impressive overall design and the all-important attractive styling. The entire range is designed for all types of new-build or replacement window projects. And unlike other aluminium systems, Reynaers try to ensure all their window versions, integrate well with other products in their range.

You can expect high-quality aluminium profiles and the latest insulation and thermal enhancements as standard. The coatings available with all Reynaers windows and doors are of excellent quality available in a substantial choice of colours, and applied to established coating standards and specifications.

In our view, the range of handles you get with Reyaners aluminium windows are some of the best designed and most attractive of any window system. Beautiful to look at, many branded with the Reynaers name or logo, functional, tactile and above all, reliable. All locks, seals, gaskets, handles, corner assembly components, and more, are crafted with the utmost quality, some specifically designed for the products.

Understanding the security and energy-efficiency credential of these windows can be a little difficult because the performance you get, depends on the overall window specification. That said, every window in the Reynaers range meets established industry standards for security, energy efficiency, weather sealing and even acoustics. Hence, your choice depends largely on your desired style and any specific needs your project may dictate.

Overall when choosing Reyaners for your windows, you are promised upper-tier aluminium windows that will meet most property, design and functional requirements.

Reynaers CS77

For new build projects, Reynaers ConceptSystem77 cover virtually every design requirement and has matching doors from the same CS range. CS77 windows are not the slimmest and they are bold in styling. However, you are rewarded with high-specification windows available in all manner of styles and designs and opening options.

Reynaers CS77 is the go-to window for new-build projects and offers numerous opening options, including inward or outward opening, reversible pivot, and tilt and turn and three different frame styling options with Softline, Functional and Hidden Vent. There’s even a fire-rated version. Superb.

Best for: High-specification windows for architect-design projects.

reynaers cs77 in a modern white house in brugge
Architect: Johan Louagie
Photo: Debbie De Brauwer

Reynaers SlimLine 38

Designed for replacing existing metal windows or for projects requiring the steel look, Reynaers SlimLine 38 is very well designed, and the various frame and sash combinations create impressive-looking heritage, Art-Deco, and industrial-styled windows.

An outward opening SlimLind3 38 starts at 60mm face dimensions, so it is certainly slim You can use it in new build and replacement window projects. Find out more about this SlimLine 38 in the Reynaers aluminium windows range.

Best For: Slimline window replacements with or without the steel-look bars and when you want thin tilt and turn or opening inwards windows.

reynaers aluminium windows in a modern new build single storey house

Reynaers MasterLine 8

Reynaers MasterLine 8 is another recent system introduced by Reyaners and as well as aluminium windows provide pivot doors and large minimalist glazing. It is superb in every way, for high-end contemporary homes and for architects seeking to specify the ultimate glazing system with the performance to match.

MasterLine 8 is innovative, luxurious and delivers class-leading design and overall performance. It is also very expensive, but worth the investment. This system is designed to meet individual specifications and requirements, with four design options including minimal frame, Art-Deco, Hidden Vent and Renaissance variants.

Best for: Homes wanting high specification and high insulation designer windows, with minimalist, hidden frame, heritage and contemporary options.

reynaers aluminium windows and doors in a brick gable fronted house

Reynaers MasterLine 10

An advanced and Passivhaus system, MasterLine 10 delivers on thermal performance, weather ratings, acoustics and security. The system is also capable of achieving larger opening windows with opening elements up to 2800mm high.

MasterLine 10 is by no means a slimline window with a typical opening design having sightlines starting at 113mm. However, when the best aluminium window performance is required, this system delivers.

Best for: Passivhaus Reynaers aluminium windows with a choice of frame styles and capable of impressive designs with large glass panels.

contemporary glazing house

Reynaers Heritage Collection

More recently, Reynaers has introduced the Heritage Collection. However, it lacks anything new in steel-inspired windows and doors. It simply comprises Slimline 38, Slimline 68 and MasterLine 8. All of these are available with a range of profiles giving a modern, classic or Deco style frame design.

If you are in the market for steel-look windows, Reynaers will serve you very well and arguably come with more design options than the popular Aluco system and Smart Systems Heritage range. But it is significantly more expensive, and their steel-look residential doors don’t offer the authentic styling of other brands, not even featuring the lock backplate typical of Crittall® doors.

Best for: Steel look windows in the Reynaers brand and if the design features of original metal windows aren’t essential.

loft apartment with steel-look windows by unmade bed

Reynaers Aluminium Windows – how to choose and where to buy

For most residential installations, Reynaers SlimLine 68 will meet your needs as slim, high-quality opening outwards casement windows. There is not need to look at the other models on offer.

For new-build homes needing the lowest possible U-Values MasterLine 10 provides the obvious solution. That said, such is the flexibility of Reynaers aluminium windows, you can get to very low U-Values with their other products, apart from the CS77, depending on the glass specification used.

CS77 is the go-to performance window when you want total integration with your doors, aren’t bothered about the slimmest windows, but want the reassurance of a tried and tested window. CS77 is designed and made to perform.

MasterLine 8 is designed in such as way as to meet all manner of requirements, whether it is styling, frame options, large or small windows, and integration with a great range of doors, including designer entrance doors. Where you are not constrained by budget, Masterline 8 windows are very impressive.

As good as Reynaers aluminium windows are, you won’t find every Reynaers installer or manufacturer making or offering every model. MasterLine 8 is outstanding in its appearance, functionality and specifications, but very hard to get to see in person. Viewing Reynaers windows is therefore not easy, and a trip to the Reynaers Showroom in Birmingham is a good starting point. Express Bifolds in Leeds, Scotland, Surrey and Essex provide Reynaers aluminium windows under their own brand name, although again they do not make every model.

Buying a Reynaers window is recommended because the reputation, quality and specifications or this brand go much further than anything by Smart Systems, Origin, Aluk, Sheerline and others. Only Schüco windows come close. Your windows will perform, last for years and look great with minimal maintenance.

The entire Reynaers aluminium windows range is very advanced, offers standard or very high window specifications and is accompanied by bifolding and sliding doors. It can be difficult finding good Reynaers installers, but you can get in touch and we can help with details of those near your area.

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