Schuco Aluminium Windows

Schuco aluminium windows are advanced made to order windows, suitable for types of residential and commercial buildings.

schuco aluminium windows

Information about Schuco Aluminium Windows

Combining premium engineering and design as well as functionality and high performance, Schuco is one of the best brands of windows.   In the UK, the Schuco AWS70 SC specifically designed for the UK market provides slim, secure and energy-efficient windows.  

Aluminium windows by Schuco come in over thirty versions.  Not only are there familiar residential or commercial windows, but also some high-tech versions.  

To illustrate this, the AWS 70 VV.HI with natural ventilation is just one example.  This particular window, with automatic smart hardware, provides both night time cooling or sensor-controlled ventilation.  It works like climate control allowing the exchange of air in a room. 

Not only do Schuco (or Schueco) offer a huge variety of window styles and opening options, they also provide many different ways to customise them.  Schuco works on creating bespoke window solutions.  Therefore these windows frequently feature in special use buildings, for Governments, secure units, laboratories or those with particular internal and external requirements.

Every type of Schuco window provides a choice of profile aesthetic, several options for insulation as well as manual or automatic opening.

Moden houses suit these windows particularly well. The slim yet strong profiles allow the creation of contemporary glazing, floor to ceiling windows, glazed screens and panoramic windows.

This wide range of Schuco aluminium window products enables all types of properties to benefit from all the advantages of aluminium windows without compromising on aesthetics, security or weather performance.

dutemann schuco aluminium windows in a house

Features of Schuco contemporary windows.

Windows come in a range of formats such as:

  • Casement Windows opening in or out
  • Tilt and Turn Windows
  • Pivot or Reversible Windows
  • Slimline or steel-look window replacement systems.

As well as this, an extensive range of profiles creates bespoke window styles and designs.

The Schuco range features in the finest homes as buildings as well as for anyone looking for a premium product. The window range includes.

  • The AWS 120 CC.Si featuring multiple panes of glass including an integral blind housed within the profiles.
  • AWS 112 IC for Passivhaus performance.
  • AWS 90.SI+Green for low energy, Green buildings.
  • AWS 75.SI a popular window for residential buildings, thanks to its 75mm frame depth.
  • AWS 70 suite widely used in residential buildings and widely customisable.
  • AWS ST.HI, is Schuco’s offering for steel look windows.

Additionally, Schuco aluminium windows come in a large range of powder-coated, metallic, textured and dual colour finishes. Another feature of Schuco aluminium windows is the latest anodised aluminium finishes, more durable than powder coating too.

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