Solarlux bifolding doors range

The Solarlux bifolding doors range comprises a comprehensive collection of bifolding doors for exterior and interior use. Every one of the many different bifolding doors products comes with the Solarlux quality, attractive sightlines, high performance and innovation.

solarlux bifolding doors at 3.5m
solarlux bifolding doors at 3.5m

Solarlux bifolding doors product information

Made in Germany, Solarlux bifolding doors provide all the advantages of a bifold. Expansive glass panels effortlessly slide and create a seamless transition to the outside.

Even better with this brand of bifolding doors are several threshold options including a low ramp-type threshold. This minimal-step at the door track also comes with full weather protection.

Furthermore, Solarlux bifolds come with options for creating curved or faceted bifolds as well as fixed or open corner arrangements.

Solarlux Ecoline and Highline

solarlux bifolding doors

Not only are Solarlux Ecoline and Highline some of the slimmest bi folding doors with a 99mm sightline, but they also offer heights up to 3.5m. You can read our full review of the Solarlux bifolding door and some of its unique design features you won’t find on other folding sliding door products.

The Ecoline product is the more standard bifold with Highline offering a deeper frame depth and greater insulation. Highline also provides wider and taller panel sizes.

Combiline Folding Sliding Doors

solarlux hybrid bifolding doors

Buying hybrid doors and windows today offers the best U-Values. Hybrid products come with luxurious wood inside and durable aluminium outside.

With over 40 types of wood and colour options available, Solarlux Combinline provide all the benefits and design features of Ecoline or Highline with an alternative, warm-to-the touch feel on the inside of the property.

Woodline Bifolding Doors

solarlux folding doors in wood

Constructed in wood, Solarlux Woodline bifolding doors offer slimmer sightlines than other doors in timber with the same benefits of aluminium and hybrid versions.

143mm sightlines at the mullions make these thinner than regular aluminium models in other systems, door heights up to 2.8m and a quality similar to that of fine furniture.

All glass Solarlux SL82 bi folding doors

solarlux sl82

The multi-award winning Solarlux SL82 boasts an all-glass look with no visible aluminium to the external surface. Instead, there’s a smooth near-frameless appearance.

In particular, SL82 doors come with edge-to-edge aesthetics using the latest stepped glass technology. They come with high insulation and a discreet 8mm thick glass trim giving a modern, picture frame detail.

Solarlux interior folding sliding doors

garden room doors in grey

Available in full aluminium, or wood is a range of bifolding doors designed for internal use.

These interior doors offer solutions such as partitions, room dividers, or commercial applications. Then there are projects where thermal insulation is not essential. Interior and non-thermal products additionally suit the creation of glass rooms, canopies or patio enclosures.

Buying Solarlux Bifolding Doors

Besides bifolding doors, the Solarlux range includes a range of Wintergardens and glazed extensions. Also available are glazed canopies, slide and turn systems and contemporary roof glazing. Solarlux products come via a nationwide network of expert Solarlux dealers also professional window companies in their own right. Use our contact form to get in touch. We can help with more information about Solarlux folding sliding systems, where to view and where to buy.

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