Reynaers bifolding doors review

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Reynaers is one of the best-known systems companies in the world with an excellent reputation in premium aluminium windows and doors.  In this Reynaers bifolding doors review, we look at their two popular bifolds – the CF77 and the CF68.  Any of these two doors will transform a home thanks to their contemporary appearance and sound design.

Reynaers bifolding doors
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Choose any Reynaers product and you benefit from a prestigious brand name in bifold doors, with great styling, beautiful handles, overall quality and reliability. The sightlines aren't the slimmest on the market, but the doors are superb.

Editor's Rating:


  • The brand reputation of Reynaers.
  • Several bifold track options meet most needs.
  • Excellent sliding folding action.
  • Tactile and functional bifold handles.


  • Quite an old door model now.
  • Sightlines are not the thinnest.
  • Bifold maximum sizes could be larger.

What are Reynaers bifolding doors?

reynaers bifolding doors

First of all, these come from Reynaers, like Schuco one of the standout-systems companies globally.  With a vast product range, excellent products and a strong brand reputation, Reynaers aluminium is another excellent brand, making some of the best bifolding doors available today.

There are only two systems companies in our view that work engagingly and actively with end-user customers.  Origin is already well known in the retail market, for the way it works proactively with homeowners. Reynaers is another.  The company is transparent about its role as a systems company in the overall supply chain.  Also explained clearly is how they work and how you the homeowner accesses their products.

Therefore, if you are an installer, Reynaers bifolding doors come through a network of nationwide manufacturers, each selected and trained by Reynaers.  If you’re a homeowner, you have a couple of options. You can buy Reynaers doors through many installers nationwide, buying fabricated doors from their chosen manufacturer.  Another option is the Reynaers at Home network of installers.  These are again, carefully approved manufacturers and installers serving the retail market.  The Reynaers at Home Website is also well written with useful information, educating you about buying new windows and doors with an evident focus on their products.

Information about Reynaers CF77 and CF 68 Bifolding Doors.

The Concept Folding (CF) series of folding sliding doors from Reynaers are two different bifolding door products.  However, each of these is different, designed for a variety of applications as well as offering various design features.

When a systems company designs a new bifolding door, they decide on sight lines, maximum sizes and weights.  While most of us invariably have standard size doors in our homes, the size capability of a bifolding door tells you a lot about the engineering behind it. Moreover, as good as brands like Smart Systems, Aluk or SAPA are, their products are designed for the mid-range market.  Companies such as Reynaers design doors with better engineering, design and very good components.  The price often reflects this too.  However, what a good engineered door designed for high performance always has is better quality locks, rollers, guides, hinges and comes made differently also.

Both the CF68 and CF77 bifolding doors, therefore, are high-end bifolding doors although they come with different features.

Comparing Reynaers CF68 and CF77 bifolding doors.

There isn’t a massive difference between the two doors when it comes to functionality and configurations.  However where they differ is in maximum door sizes, U-Values and frame depth.  They also differ in the heavily-marketed door mullion sight lines.

Reynaers CF77 vs CF68
Feature CF77 CF68
Approximate 3-panel Price £3900 £3800
Approximate 4-panel Price £4800 £4900
Door mullion sight line 144mm or 122mm 131mm
Maximum door sizes 1200x3000mm 1000x2500mm
Threshold Options Four Four
Frame Depth 77mm 68mm
Frame Width 60mm 100mm
Typical U-Value 1.6Wm2K 1.3Wm2K
Weathered Low threshold Yes Yes
Open corner option Yes Yes
Glass thickness up to 63mm units up to 55mm units
Door panels 2 to 8 2 to 7

Buying a Reynaers bifolding door comes down to sight lines, sizes and performance. The CF68 is entirely fit-for-purpose as a bifolding door in most houses.  You get slimmer frames, slightly bigger glass sizes and a thinner overall aluminium profile. The CF77 is also great in the home, but also ideal in commercial installations with thicker profiles and larger door sizes.  And if you’re wondering why the thinner CF68 bifolding door has the lower U-Values, it comes down to having more glass area.

The Reynears CF77 offers a reducing door mullion option.  That is a 144mm sight line on the outside, reducing to 122mm on the inside.  Both options come in various configurations, sliding to the left or the right, with a traffic door option as well as matching single or double door sets.

Therefore, choose the CF77 for larger door openings or the CF68 for standard size doors.

Features of Reynaers bifolding doors.

As a well-engineered bifolding door suite, both Reynaers bifolding doors models come with high specification good features.

  • Fitter friendly, with an adjustable frame jamb giving a more precise installation for long-term reliability.
  • Excellent weather performance and security, ensuring you get a built to last, durable bifolding door in your home.
  • An aesthetically pleasing bifolding door, especially in the CF77 version.
  • Top quality components making Reynaers some of the best doors for smoothness and glide action when correctly made and installed.

For us, the best features of these doors are their performance, with excellent U-Values, security and insulation. It is for this reason architectural glazing projects also suit Reynaers doors well.

Threshold Option on Reynaers bifolding doors.

It is with threshold options that Reynaers offers more than many other door systems.  Our different threshold options give not only varying degrees of weather resistance but also different functionality.

Importantly, any Reynaers bifolding door will achieve that sought-after flush threshold with a minimal step between the inside and outside.  These low thresholds not only look great but also work well for families with children or wheelchair users.  A low threshold is also a good option if you have a pushchair or kids bikes.  Our advice is to always talk to a professional installer so you can get both the right weathering at the threshold as well as the lowest possible step-over.

The Flat bottom threshold is for internal use with no weather rating.  It is flat, offers the best in accessibility as well as being an economical solution. This threshold has no weather sealing.

The Low threshold is 18mm high, offers easy access with a slightly higher step. This is a good choice again for an internal application or doors in sheltered locations and accessibility. Yet the weathering on this is minimal, therefore speak to a professional installer or get in touch with us for advice.

The Double Weather Seal threshold is rebated with a double weather seal, better weather performance and suitable for most applications needing an exterior quality bifolding door.  This can be set lower depending on your property requirements and working with your installer and builder.

The High Performance Threshold provides the best weathering with a double weather seal and again suitable for most standard installations, new build and replacement projects. This is the best for weathering and sealing and again worth liaising with your installer and builder to get the best result.

Above all, there is always some compromise on threshold choice. Accessibility versus weather performance.  You may find your Reynaers installer not offering every product, not only to cover themselves, but also to keep the product range simple.

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Reynaers Bifolding Doors Review. Comparable brands.

We list below some suggestions for comparable brands to both the Reynaers CF68 as well as the CF77 bifolding doors. Each of these comes from a good network of installers with similar aesthetics and specifications.  Of course, there are many other brands to choose from.

1. Air 800 bi-fold doors.

The air 800 bifolding door is an excellent quality bifold.  You will find these doors remarkably similar to the Reynaers product in all manner of ways. Largely available in the South of England but elsewhere too, Air doors come only made by Everglade windows through a quality dealer network. Similar sight lines, good design, more durable colours and with a 25-year guarantee.

2.  Origin Bifolding Doors.

With Reynaers, Schuco and Origin doors frequently compared, Origin doors also come with attractive features such as colour matched gaskets, the excellent Hafi handle upgrade as well as a matching range of windows, doors, front doors, sliding doors and garage doors.

3. Sunflex SF55 and SF75.

Made in Germany, with thinner sight lines and outstanding door hardware is the excellent Sunflex bifolding door range.  The SF55e is especially worth considering for its mid-range price and one of the better bifolds on the market, also only made by Sunflex in Germany.  Sunflex doors again come through an outstanding and professional dealer network.  There is also a very smart new Sunflex SF55v Versifold model coming soon – this door slides and folds in both directions. Get in touch for more information.

4. Aluk Luminia F82.

Aluk is rarely compared with the above brands, but we do suggest you check out their latest Lumina F82.  Very modern, with a high specification and substantially better than the Optio BSF70 bi-fold door. You might struggle to find this with many installers, but do get in touch and we can help you see the door.

5.  Schuco ASS70 FD

Last but not least is Schuco, one of the most popular brands with lovely proportions, great sliding action and intelligent engineering.  The Schuco ASS70 bifolding door is a close contender in our view to the Reynaers door as an equally good brand. You may find this more expensive depending on who supplies it.

Reynaers bifolding doors review.  Conclusion.


Both the CF68 and CF77 work well to replace your old patio doors and, of course in a new build home or new extension.  Importantly, if the brand name is important, Reynaers is one of the best in the market.  The Reynaers range of aluminium windows is also excellent, but you might find these harder to source. We have never had negative feedback on any Reynaers bifolding door from the thousands of people contacting the website every year.  Well made and fitted, a Reynaers bifold will serve you well.

Many installers offer Reynaers doors as a premium upgrade to other brands such as the Visofold door too. For installers, Reynaers doors are reliable, come from a good network of fabricators and the adjustable frame jamb, and installation overall is easy.

Finally, you may find some people selling Reynaers bifolding doors under different brand names, however, this is nothing to be concerned about. The aluminium profiles and accessories only come from Reynaers. You are also welcome to check out any Reynaers installer directly with the systems company. Use our contact form on this page to get in touch, ask a question as well as find out where to buy.