Reasons to visit Grand Designs Live 2019

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Nick Dardalis

At Grand Designs Live 2019 held in Excel London from 4th to 12th May, there are many exhibitors for aluminium windows, doors and glazing.  As well as this, you will see timber, PVCu and composite windows in doors. In this article, we explain why upper-tier home improvement companies exhibit at premier exhibitions such as Grand Designs Live. We also explain why, if you are embarking on a home improvement project, it makes sense to visit an exhibition.

grand designs live 2019

Windows and Doors at Grand Designs Live.

Exhibitions focusing on home improvements, building projects and general renovations provide an excellent opportunity for you, the homeowner to see just what technical and design innovations exist with the latest glazing systems.  Not only do get to see just how sophisticated modern windows and doors now are, but there are other great reasons to visit too.

A better experience than a home improvement showroom.

By far, the biggest reason to visit Grand Designs live is the sheer variety of products on display. You will see much more than even the best local showroom, simply because of the bigger exhibition space and a bigger variety of companies to discover.

As well as this, even the best local home improvement company cannot sell every product there is. Therefore if you’re looking for something different this is the place to find it.

One recent trend in home improvements is big glass windows and doors. Bigger floor space and height, let specialist window and door companies exhibit some stand out products. An excellent example is the advanced Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding door you can see in our image above, at an impressive 3.5 metres high.

Unique patio doors.

With patio doors being one of the primary products for any home renovation or new extension, you always get to see a big range of bifolding and sliding doors. What you also get to see is bifolding doors you might not know about.  One of these is the frameless sliding and fold door from FGC. Many other frameless doors come designed for projects such as verandahs or pool enclosures that don’t need a fully weather rated exterior door.

FGC doors come with no visible mullions, glass spacer bars and full security with weather performance. They also come with one of the lowest bifolding door thresholds for that desirable seamless link.

slide and fold frameless
Frameless bifold doors with virtually no aluminium, unlike other bifolding doors on the market.

Expert help with your home improvement project.

You might think that all window and door companies are the same.  They are not. Many of the people exhibiting at Grand Designs Live specialist in home renovations and building projects.  For instance, the national window companies and other local firms prefer to stay away from complicated jobs. They rarely work an architect, preferring simple window replacements.

Therefore, when visiting an exhibition, you get to talk to more specialist glazing companies – people that work with architects, builders, homeowners and their tradespeople.  So you’re more likely to not only find the right product but also one of the best businesses to work with.

For instance, companies like FGC have a huge amount of expertise in working with architects and builders.  Sliding doors from Sunflex via ID Systems come with German-engineering and ultra-slim sight lines you’ll only find in the best showrooms.  Then there are luxury brands like Centor at Grand Designs Live, with Centor bifolds made like no other on the market.  You also get to see composite materials like the wood/aluminium windows and doors from Internorm, one of the best brands of Hybrid Windows.

As well as this you can see the latest in contemporary front doors, steel-look products even the latest timber windows.  Everything you need for your new extension all under one roof.

A better shopping environment.

Many people don’t like the idea of visiting a home improvement showrooms believing there is a pressured sales environment.  In fact, few window companies work in this way these days.  That said, an exhibition provides an opportunity to browse lots of modern or traditional windows and doors. Best of all you see them at your leisure without the more ‘confined’ environment of a window showroom.