Frameless Glass Curtains

Frameless Glass Curtains are a Kent based, family-owned company providing slide and fold doors, entrance doors, screens and other glazed products based upon a frameless design principle with a virtually all glass construction.  Their products are installed nationwide in residential property, commercial buildings and well-known public venues.

In December 2019, Frameless Glass Curtains Limited launched their new website focusing on the frameless proposition.  Their range of aluminium products are now sold under the trading style FGC Bespoke Aluminium.  This change allows the core business to continue focusing and innovating their unique Frameless range. At the same time it also means that customers wanting to benefit from the experience and excellent customer service standards can use FGC Bespoke Aluminium for more traditional projects.

Frameless Glass Curtains

frameless glass curtains feature no aluminium or framing between any of the doors
Frameless glass curtains feature no aluminium or framing between any of the doors

Since 2008, Frameless Glass Curtains Ltd manufacture and install frameless doors and associated products boasting British design, components and manufacturing.

The uniqueness of FGC frameless products has resulted in the company expanding substantially over ten years, winning awards for product innovation, obtaining European Patents, international export licenses and being nominated for landmark buildings by architects.  Their products are also extensively featured in the media as well as being featured on well-known property renovation television programmes.

FGC’s frameless glass doors have been specified for high profile corporations and venues including:

  • Manchester United
  • Aston Martin
  • Audi
  • The World Residences at Sea
  • McDonalds
  • Patrimonio Mundial World Heritage

For bifolding doors in particular, the frameless slide and fold product provides features, benefits and advantages not possible on conventional full-framed aluminium folding doors.

Frameless slide and fold doors.

The frameless slide and fold door from FGC offers a double glazed bifolding door as well as a single glazed version.  The doors are tried and tested in external and internal applications as well as heavy duty commercial environments. Only the bare minimum of framing is used on the frameless slide and fold door, with the product using patented double glazed units with no vertical aluminium or visible mullions.

As well as frameless bifolding doors, the product range from FGC includes:

  • Single or double glazed frameless bifolding doors.
  • Minimalist Sliding doors.
  • Frameless internal glass doors.
  • Frameless porches.
  • Frameless Glazing and Glass Enclosures.
  • Frameless glass balustrades.
  • Roof glazing, lanterns, skylights and rooflights.

All products available from FGC, meet the modern requirements for highly contemporary doors and windows that maximise the view, provide a minimalist appearance and meet or exceed industry requirements for security, weather performance and energy efficiency.

Any bifolding or sliding door will benefit a home with increased light and connecting the inside and outside spaces. FGC products take this popular design concept to an entirely different level.

If you are currently considering bifolding or sliding doors in aluminium, pvcu or timber, contact us for further information.

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