Window and door hardware

Window and door hardware comprises not just locks and handles, but other components used in manufacturing, assembly as well as window functionality. Without hardware, aluminium windows or doors don’t function as intended or even come together.

window and door hardware

Some information about window and door hardware

The types of aluminium window and door hardware vary for residential or commercial glazing. Other components provide specific requirements, such as a particular security operation or safety feature.

Generally speaking, aluminium systems companies design their products around standard components available from many different manufacturers of hardware. Alternatively, they may get a component designed specifically for their product. Solarlux bifolding doors are one example where handles, hinges and other significant components are their own design, for their doors only.

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As another illustration, Debar Hardware makes bifolding door components. You’ll find Debar hardware used extensively on Cortizo, Smart Systems and other brands of bifolding doors.

Another reason for using some standardisation for components, locks and handles is easy replacement on older doors and windows.

Security, weather performance and reliability come as standard with most well-designed windows. While it may be true that it’s the window or door that’s tested as a hole product, each individual component also comes with it’s own certification. Locks, gaskets, handles and key cylinders all meet separate quality and conformity standards as a stand-alone product.

Window locks and handles

window and door hardware

Modern aluminium windows come with different locking systems, matched with suitable locking or non-locking handles.

Generally speaking, the must-point locks on a window work with different types of handles. Therefore, they don’t come as one complete unit.

As a result, you’ll find the same locking systems on contemporary windows as heritage or steel-look systems. It’s the handles such as art-deco or monkey tail, setting off the more traditional aluminium window for an authentic look

Door locks and handles

door locking system

Doors naturally come with high expectations for security. Here, designers opt for some of the best brands.

Winkhaus, Union, ASSA, Siegenia, Mila and others are all well-known brands of locks, supplied to many aluminium doors.

Just like windows, locks marry up with different styles, brands and types of door handles. These therefore give the required look and functionality. For instance, some locks work with their door handles, others as standalone units with separate door pull handles.

Trickle Ventilators

door and window hardware showing trickle vent

The trickle ventilator is often required in new doors and windows. Specifically, new build homes or new extensions require these as part of current Building Regulations.

Trickle ventilators come in many colours and types. You’ll find them fitted at the frame head with residential windows and doors.

Commercial buildings also use the glaze-in types, sitting above the double glazed unit. For dwellings, the need for trickle ventilators can confuse. Where outgoing (old) windows have trickle ventilators, the new ones must also have them. Titon, Renson and Greenwood are three of the best known manufacturers of window and door ventilators.

Patio door hardware

bifolding door hardware

For large patio doors especially, the hardware used must be safe.

At the same it, these complex components allow the smooth sliding of patio doors and easy use of bifold doors.

Rollers, guides, tracks and other protection systems all work together for even the biggest patio doors.

Seals and Gaskets

window seals on an aluminium window

Another crucial component in all windows and doors are the seals and gaskets. These come in EPDM rubber, Q-Lon, woodpile and other types and materials.

The seals found in every window is absolutely essential in preventing water ingress and general sealing. Gaskets also play a critical role in keeping glass safe and secure.

Reddiplex and Schlegel are two of the best known brands for window and door seals. These essential window and door hardware components protect, seal and help with the operation of all windows and doors. Frameless doors and windows rely on these especially, given their minimal look and lack of frame.

Window and door hardware in manufacturing

window and door hardware in a factory

The manufacturing of any window or door requires essential hardware, therefore bringing the various frames together.

Some aluminium components such as corner cleats, brackets and ties, come as full aluminium bars. Then these are cut-down to the required size.

Other components include chevrons for windows, cleats for doors, mechanical joining pieces, screws, rivets and sealants. Every one of these products comes specified by the designers of the product. Some of this window and door hardware is designed by the systems company. Others are generic hardware available from multiple suppliers.

Hardware for specialist or specific use.

panic bar on a commercial door

Thousands of different window and door hardware products serve residential and commercial glazing with a specific use.

For domestic properties, some familiar examples include window restrictors or fire-escape hinges.

In commercial, retail and specialist buildings, window and door hardware are again extensive. Card readers and access control. Anti-ligature furniture, panic and crash bars on fire doors, even automatic doors in hotels, shops and offices. Multiple manufacturers, suppliers and providers enable the best safety, security and protection of windows and doors. The variety and type of commercial door and window hardware remains incredibly hard to list in full.