aïr doors and windows

aïr doors and windows are a top-of-the-line, expertly crafted collection of aluminium patio doors and aluminium windows for the residential and commercial markets. aïr doors and windows sit within the premium brands of aluminium systems in the UK.

Air bifolding and sliding doors come via a network of reputable and professional window companies, for the discerning and quality-conscious user. The new MOD series of aluminium windows offer one of the best-integrated systems on the market. MOD aluminium windows offer casement, flush casement, heritage and contemporary steel look and tilt and turn designs.

All MOD aluminium windows come as a simplified design making them easy to understand, install and with substantial homeowner design and performance benefits.

aïr windows and doors

Information about aïr doors and windows

Aïr windows and doors come with precision craftsmanship and manufacturing know-how by Everglade Windows. Bifolding and sliding doors, and windows all, come with high specifications and performance.

High quality insulated aluminium, very durable powder coated colours and special finishes, sophisticated seals and premium components. Combined with the first-class build quality and design result in a luxurious, stylish and contemporary collection of doors and windows.

Patio doors come with advanced door rollers creating a quiet, light and smooth folding/sliding action. This brand of doors meets the needs of those wanting to replace dated patio doors or add a 21st-Century product within a new extension.

Behind every high-end product is a long-established and expert aluminium company. Multi-award winning Everglade Windows made aluminium long before its popularity in dwellings. For years they’ve fabricated leading systems, including one of the earliest manufacturers of Smart Systems, Reynaers, and others. For PVCu products, Deceuninck, and Solidor feature prominently in their range. Fabricating aluminium from the outset, Everglade Windows have refined the art of manufacturing quality aluminium doors and consistently provided class-leading service and customer support.

The construction industry analysts Plimsoll also rates Everglade as one of the UK’s top manufacturers. With substantial investment and one of the most high-tech factories in the UK, aïr doors are part of an elite collection of brands only made by one company.

aïr MOD aluminium windows are new and come in a new design with energy efficiency, security and an innovative way of maintaining the thermal performance post-installation. A new series of windows with functional styles and several design options for the trade and end-user.

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Aïr windows and doors. Benefits to homeowners.

Homeowners looking for bifolding or sliding patio doors benefit from a high-end brand. The product is technically excellent, aesthetically pleasing and with a manufacturing pedigree. When fitted by approved installers, aïr doors also come with a 25-year guarantee – one of the longest of any product on the market.

Bifolding doors come with highly insulated profiles with slim sightlines starting at 108mm. Sliding doors offer inline or lift and slide models, The components of air bifolding and sliding doors are some of the best and enable some of the biggest patio doors to slide effortlessly with just two fingers to move them.

Doors up to 3 metres high, wind loads of 100mph and low U-Values are other benefits of Aïr doors. Locking systems are also high-tech and use Ultion Cylinders, and other protective features.

Aïr Doors, benefits for the trade

For the installer and the trade, becoming an Aïr dealer offers a prestigious and reputable brand, extensive dealer sales and marketing support and other business benefits.

aïr windows and doors
Air Doors enable professional door installers to capitalise from the growing aluminium market.

Air doors offer an opportunity for a professional door installer to provide a premium product designed from the outset as a luxury, ‘high-end’ folding door. Aïr doors meet the needs of the discerning client and the growing premium door market.

Aïr doors provide a real sales opportunity to offer end-user customers an individual suite of doors that are technically superior, desirable and luxurious. Hardware, security, features, guarantees and quality exceed what is on offer with many standard bifolding doors and contemporary sliding doors.

As more and more folding and sliding doors are introduced into the market, becoming an Aïr Dealer provides a growth opportunity with different aluminium doors that move away from the constraints of local competition all offering similar aluminium brands.

Importantly, Aïr installers benefit from partnering with a long-established trade manufacturer, that understands the market, provides a highly reliable service, extensive training and business support, helping them benefit from the aluminium market.

The aïr aluminium range

We’ve collated the many products available under the aïr windows and doors brand, comprising folding sliding doors, different patio doors and the brand new series of MOD windows for the home.

How to buy Aïr premium glazing

The aïr system of windows and doors is available to installers in the South of England looking to add a high-end product to their range, with significant sales, technical and business support from the manufacturers.

Homeowners looking for some of the best in upper-tier aluminium windows and doors can also get further information and view the products.

Contact us for further information on the Aïr premium aluminium doors.

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