Powder coated windows, doors and panels

Powder coated windows, doors and even panels in aluminium front doors provide protection, colour choice and low maintenance for the home or commercial building.

polyester powder coating has transformed the use of colour in homes for example, such as these red origin bifolding doors
Polyester Powder Coating has transformed the use of colour in homes for example, such as these Red Origin Bifolding Doors

The polyester powder coating process, also known as ‘powder coating’, not only provides an enormous choice of colour.  Polyester powder coating also provides long-term protection for aluminium glazing in the home and any commercial building. For large surface areas, the powder-coated surface is also cost-effective compared to cladding.

Commercially, powder-coated windows doors and panels are prominent in schools, hospitals, retail environments and many other buildings.

This colouring process allows buildings and homes to come to life with colour and aesthetic appeal. Above all, powder coating provides peace of mind.  Subject to the colour and process, long guarantees and service life of up to 30 years is normal.

Suppliers of powder coated services for windows and doors

For the homeowner or the trade installer, there are generally two ways aluminium profiles get painted before manufacture.

The first route is in-house powder coating by the systems company. Some have their own paint plants allowing them to offer a faster lead time on colours. Kawneer, Senior Architectural and Smart Systems are just two of these.

The other route is using independent powder coating businesses. Some of the best known include Barley Chalu, Superior Paint and Powder Coating, Vertik-Al, CMK Treatments and many others. The independent powder coating business is widely used by other well-known businesses in fenestration. Many of the professional paint houses come with extensive accreditation, certification and quality assurance systems. They’re also most likely to be members of ALFED, The Aluminium Federation, Council for Aluminium in Building as well as the most important, Qualicoat.

Finally, while not strictly the best route are other independents offering powder coated services but without the strict pre-treatment and quality assurance procedures of the professional businesses mainly serving construction and fenestration.

For extreme environments, homeowners can work with a professional installer for specific colour solutions and protection. One example is doors and windows in coastal locations, often requiring a different paint warranty.

Understanding polyester powders

While the RAL colour chart is familiar to many in the trade and widely available to homeowners, not every powder is the same. Here are just some of the major powder manufacturers making colour powders for powder coated windows, doors and panels.

Every one of these powder manufacturers offers high quality powders, extensive guarantees and trusted by both system house applicators and independent businesses. The colour range includes satin, matt and gloss finishes. Also available are metallic colours, textured surfaces and special effect coatings.

Interpon D Paints

The Interpon Range is substantial offering a diverse range of standard and special use colours. It’s one of the best known and most widely used in powder coated windows, doors and panels.

interpon d powder coated windows doors and panels

Syntha Pulvin & Syntha Pulvin Premium

Widely used in construction and all manner of powder coated windows and doors profiles. Syntha Pulvin offers RAL, NBS and specific Syntha Pulvin Codes. There’s even a forty year guarantee available with some colours.

synth pulvin logo

Axalta Alesta

Another high quality provider of polyester powder is Axalta. As well as the regular range also comes coatings in the style of industrial wood. Other products include antimicrobial and water-borne coatings.

axalta powder coat manufacturer logo

Tiger Paints

Powder products from Tiger paints include regular colours for fenestration and construction. They also produce anti-graffiti coatings

tiger paints logo

Aluminium powder coated panels

Widely used in aluminium front doors are decorative or flat aluminium panels. These comprise thick aluminium sheet combined with reinforcement and a thermal core.

Aluminium panels feature prominently in doors, commercial glazing and general construction. They provide excellent U- Values, inherent strength and are very cost-effective as a building material.

light grey front door

As well as aluminium panels, other products are fabricated aluminium products. For example, shaped pressings, insulated cladding panels and other building components manufactured from aluminium. Louvres, trims, coverings, fascias and even door and window hardware all benefit from the colour options and protection of a powder coated surface finish. Other uses for panels include within curtain walling and facades, covering intermediate floors.

Furthermore, there’s all manner of fabricated architectural aluminium products needing a durable surface finish and colour. For instance, louvres, pressings and trims consist of shaped aluminium sheets, expertly manufactured to meet specific requirements in construction that require the versatility and long life of aluminium coupled with the advantages of polyester powder coating.

Even in modern new extension, powder coated pressings and insulated cladding pieces cover corners as well as between a large patio door and a window above.

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