The SUNFLEX sliding patio door review.

There are many sliding patio doors on the market from many good brands. The SUNFLEX sliding patio door is one of these. SUNFLEX already has a sought-after range of bifolding doors, and their sliding door is no exception. We review their aluminium sliding door offered in SVG30 and SVG83 models.

Our review focuses on the design, size capability and technical aspects of the products as well as where to use them. Several compelling reasons make this door worthy of consideration with systems such as Reynaers, Schuco and even the very latest ultra-slim sliding patio doors.

A full review of the SUNFLEX sliding patio door.

sunflex sliding patio door
A contemporary sliding door with a choice of mullion sight lines.

Made in the UK, the SUNFLEX sliding door is a tried-and-tested door offering large sliding panels with bigger glass and better views compared to a folding sliding door. Patio doors today provide a strong visual appearance to the back of a house and especially with slim profiles and bold colours.

First of all, the SUNFLEX sliding patio door comes in two versions, namely the SVG30 and the SVG83. The product codes relate to the overall thickness of the door mullion, also known as the interlock.

This well-designed and quality-made sliding door comes in a choice of one or two panels for smaller apertures as well as three or more panels for bigger sized doors. For those thinking bigger, the product also creates the ultimate sliding glass walls with up to 8 panels on multiple tracks.  The SUNFLEX sliding patio door even allows open corner sliding doors and panels disappearing into a wall pocket.

Importantly, the SUNFLEX door is not just for new contemporary extensions.  It is entirely suitable as a replacement to old metal or plastic doors as well as patio doors in hardwood subframes.

As standard come thermally insulated frames, quality glass units as well as a big choice of colours.

Finally, there is a choice between a conventional inline sliding design or the latest lift and slide operation. 

Choosing between SUNFLEX SVG30 and SVG83

The two models are mostly the same on the outer frame, track and door leaves. You also get the same hardware, locking systems and patio door handles. The operating method of inline or lift and slide is also available.  Where the SVG 30 and SVG83 differ is the sight line of the door mullion.

The SVG 30 gives you a 30mm sight line and the SGV83 an 83mm sight line.  The choice of the product mainly comes down to the sizes of the doors and the technical capability. If sight lines are important in choosing a sliding door or a bifolding door, both the SVG30 and SVG83 provide thinner aluminium sight lines than even the 115mm sight line SUNFLEX bifolding doors lead the market with.

If your door is under 2800mm high or less than 6.25 square metres or less than 250kg per sliding panel, then you benefit from the 30mm sight line.  For those embarking on a Grand Designs type extension with bigger sliding door panels, then the SVG83 goes up to 3.2m high – again subject to technical considerations. However, with most standard size extensions needing patio doors, the SVG30 is suitable.  And this is where this slimline product stands out.

sunflex sliding doors svg30
SUNFLEX level threshold achieves the desired look with excellent weather protection.

A often cheaper solution to the bonded sliding door

Ultra-slim sliding patio doors are the newest type of product on the market offering sightlines from 17mm up to 35mm or more.  These super thin, structurally bonded doors cost more and come with other manufacturing and installation considerations.  Conventional sliding doors like the SVG30 or 83 are dry glazed meaning unlike the ultra-slim doors, glazing is done on site, not in the factory.

With a 30mm interlock, the SVG30 offers a far simpler-made yet premium sliding door.  Structurally-bonded products such as the Infiniglide 6 Sliding Door, Alumen Cor-Vision Plus, Schuco ASS70 PD Panorama all offer interlocks between 24mm and 30mm.  Even the Metra NC-S 120 STH Slim Sliding Door Express bifolds sells as the XP Slide Panoramic costs far more and has the same 30mm sight line.

The other visual consideration with structurally bonded patio doors, as good as they are, is the very deep interlock. One the one hand it is thin to look at face on. On the other hand, it is much more prominent than a conventional slider often projecting back 150mm or more. This is for structural reasons as well as acting as a door handle with many systems.

Therefore, a product like the SVG30 offers similar thin sight lines of the much more expensive structurally bonded products at far less cost and in our view, looks aesthetically similar without the deep projecting mullion. See both types of doors and we think you’ll agree, there is not much difference.

open corner sliding doors
SUNFLEX sliding patio doors designed as a frameless open corner and with a flush triple track threshold.

Design features of a SUNFLEX sliding patio door.

There are some design features worth highlighting with either the SVG30 or SVG83 patio door.

Bifolding doors are excellent for achieving a low, flush threshold. Some sliding door systems are challenging to set lower, compromising weather performance. SUNFLEX has engineered the door so that your internal flooring finishes flush with the low track of the door. As a result, you get the desirable flush floor with weather performance too. The product also offers its exclusive finishing trim, again rarely available with other sliding doors. This trim provides a neat detail between the flooring and the track as well as ensuring a proper clearance.

Further enhancements to the product include design details giving a bigger clear opening on three panel doors than other systems. Another useful feature on three panel doors is SUNFLEX making each panel a slightly different size. Where no external handle is fitted, the doors fully open and stack flush. Again, something not always available with other systems.

For doors sliding into a wall pocket and disappearing from view, there is another neat touch. A purpose-made profile closes off the gap between the door and the structure. Consequently, the doors look entirely flush with the wall. Again another neat touch.

And if you’re considering a cornerless bifolding door, the same frameless open corner is possible with these sliding doors too.

Patio door security, weather performance and hardware options.

The locking system on these doors has a five-point lock with mushroom headed cams, ensuring a tight seal and optimum locking point. Other security enhancements include internal glazing preventing removal of the glass from outside. The sliding panels also have an anti-lift feature. This prevents anyone forcing the panels up off the track.

Toughened glass usually comes as standard with any door. Upgrade the glass to laminated to meet Secured by Design standards as well as the latest Document Q of the Building Regulations for new homes. 

Four different handle options provide choice available in matching or , contrasting colours and satin stainless steel. Door colour options include grey or black colours as well as the full range of RAL colours or different colours inside and out.

sunflex svg30 sliding patio door
SVG 30 patio doors sliding into a wall pocket and stacking open completely flush.

Reasons to buy a SUNFLEX sliding patio door.

Our website reviews many different brands and systems, and this is certainly one door to consider with other quality brands. However, there are some standout reasons to consider either the SUNFLEX SVG30 or SVG83 seriously.

First of all, it’s by SUNFLEX, one of the premier brands in the UK with award-winning and very slim bifolding doors.  These doors offer the same benefits of one manufacturer with the associated consistent quality.

Another reason is the enhancements. The product is engineered to cover the fine detail other systems may miss. For instance, the flush stacking panels or the low threshold with weather resistance. Designed to disappear into a wall pocket or as an open corner door, there is excellent attention to detail.

The price of these doors compared to the structurally glazed products on the market is another compelling reason. Many ultra-slim doors use the Cortizo or other European systems. However, these do come with a more complicated installation and a higher price.  The SVG30 especially offers similar thin lines giving you an alternative to the highly desirable slimline doors very much on-trend.

Considering a Schuco ASS70, a Reynears CP30, CP155, an Edgeglide or similar quality product?  We suggest you also get a price on the SUNFLEX sliding patio door and compare the features and specifications.

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