How much do Origin Windows Cost?

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Nick Dardalis

Finding out how much Origin windows cost depends on several factors, the most obvious being the number of windows you need.  However, there are other important considerations, all of which also affect your price.  We explain how window prices are calculated and how to buy Origin aluminium windows.

origin windows cost
Origin windows come as fixed, opening, picture and bay window designs, as well as shapes.

Are Origin Windows any good?

They certainly are, with excellent manufacturing quality from Origin’s state-of-the-art factory. When you invest in Origin windows, you’re getting one of the latest product on the market, beautifully built and promising long-term reliability.

One of the best features making Origin windows good is the colour and handle options. It’s one of the few window products on the market giving you woodgrain windows, the trusted Yale locking system and excellent security credentials, on the OW-80 model and a full flush casement design inside and out. Even better, it’s one of the rare brands where you can colour match your window handles, even if they’re a funky colour.

Understanding how much Origin Windows Cost.

In most cases, replacing your windows involves changing more than one.  Some installers charge a minimum price for even the smallest window when sold as one unit. The valid reasons for this are the associated guarantees, FENSA or CERTASS registration and overall administration. As a result, it is not unusual to pay in the region of £500 as a minimum price for one, small window. This, of course, depends on the installer’s own sales policies too.

For the Origin windows cost, there are two types of windows on offer. So pricing depends on which one. The latest is the very slim and most affordable OW 70 window. The OW 80 window is thicker with different features and is also the window to choose for bay windows.

When you receive your quotation, you will either have a price per item or a total cost. We explain how these prices are calculated.

Window colours for Origin aluminium windows.

The window colour is another important factor that may affect the price. Origin comes in a range of standard stock colours. Then there are unique colours and woodgrain aluminium windows.

If you choose a standard colour, you can expect to pay less than one of the special colours.

Origin window sizes and designs.

The bigger the window, the more materials as well as a greater cost. Many homeowners changing their windows take the opportunity to create bigger openings. Some installers are happy to enlarge an existing window opening.  Others will require you to instruct a builder, or they may find one for you.

The design of your new Origin window also affects the cost. Fixed windows are the cheapest. Opening windows also add to the cost as well as the number of mullions and transoms.

Other items affecting how much Origin windows cost are the ancillary items. For instance, trickle vents need fitting in new openings or where the outgoing (old) windows had trickle vents as well. These add to the price. Another item is the size of the window cill, determined by a home survey. Estimates vary, but generally, the bigger your aluminium window cill, the more expensive it is. In other words, a 150mm cill is usually cheaper than a 190mm cill. Additionally, for bay windows the is the added cost of the bay poles, couplers and mitre cutting any window cills to suit the angle of the bay. Again these all affect Origin windows cost prices to you.

Finally, accessorising your windows usually adds to the price. For example, Origin is one of the few companies offering colour matched as well as a general big range of window handle colours. These also affect the price. Your final choice in personalising your windows is whether you have any glazing bars or integral glass blinds.

origin windows cost
Origin windows colours, designs and accessories all affect the price you pay.

Installation costs may vary with Origin windows.

Most windows fit on the ground or first floor, and these are the easiest installations. However, every property is different.  The location of your new windows also affects the price. For instance:

  • Windows above a conservatory or other hard to reach areas
  • Properties in town centre locations without accessible parking or loading restrictions.
  • Windows at high level needing specialist lifting or access equipment.

Removing the old windows is usually carried out by your chosen Origin Accredited Installer but always a good idea to check if this is included in the price.

Tips and Advice for buying Origin Windows.

Remember that all Origin installers operate as independent businesses. Furthermore, there is no Recommended Retail Price for windows.  To get the best price for your windows and understand how Origin installers work, we offer some useful tips and advice.

  1. Because Origin installers are independent companies, profit margins, installation charges and even how keen they are to secure your work affect how much Origin windows cost.
  2. If you also need doors, you may find the price of one houseful of windows and doors more competitively priced than two or three separate installations. Budget permitting of course.
  3. Look and see if any of the standard colours match the special colours closely to save money.
  4. The famous 20-year Origin guarantee applies only when fitted by an Accredited Origin Dealer. You may save money by getting your builder to install the windows. However, you may not get the same peace of mind.

How to get a price for Origin aluminium windows.

We can tell you Origin windows are some of the best you can buy.  British designed and made, with outstanding aesthetics, premium hardware and excellent security and weather performance. The delivery times and customer service by Origin is also hard to find with other brands.