Origin OW-80 Windows

Origin OW-80 Windows are a thermally broken casement window system designed to create fixed windows, opening casement windows and large picture windows.

Origin aluminium windows feature polyamide thermal breaks to create a window with excellent thermal performance, exceeding the requirements of the current building regulations.

Origin OW-80 windows. Quality aluminium windows with a unique appearance.

origin ow-80 windows
Origin aluminium windows are a luxurious aluminium window with advanced security, thermal performance and unique design.

Origin aluminium windows feature a design not found on any other aluminium window. The opening casement of an Origin window sits flush within the frame, with the flush casement detail visible from the inside and outside.

This unique aesthetic not only creates a highly contemporary window, but also one that lends itself perfectly to more traditional properties with original timber flush casements.

Origin aluminium windows. Expertly fabricated and supplied.

Origin aluminium windows are manufactured exclusively by Origin in their Buckinghamshire factory. Just like their bifolding and residential doors, windows are available on fast lead times, feature a superb quality of construction and provide several key features over and above other aluminium windows on the market.

Origin aluminium windows provide a premium quality solution for the replacement of existing windows or for windows in new openings. They also enable attractive designs such as large gable windows above bifolding doors, all within one brand, consistent colour and quality. You can find out more information about Origin window costs and how to get a quotation.

Some of the key features rarely found on other aluminium windows include:

  • Windows expertly made only by one company.
  • 20 year guarantee, not available with any other window.
  • Designed to create opening windows up to 1800mm tall and 1500mm wide.
  • Colour matched handles.
  • Bi-directional Yale Locking System for enhanced security.

Origin OW-80 with industry-leading thermal performance.

Aside from great design, Origin windows feature superior thermal performance. Subject to the glazing used, Origin aluminium window provide ground-breaking U-Values of 0.9 and A++ Energy Ratings achievable for hugely reduced energy bills.

The thermal performance can be upgraded to Aerogel, a unique insulation material that is injected into the cavity of the aluminium window. The use of Aerogel boosts the thermal performance to advanced levels, creating a window up to 67% more energy efficient.

Origin Windows, part of the Origin Home range of products.

picture of house with origin windows and doors.
Origin now offer a suite of windows, bifolds, front doors and garage doors. The Complete Origin Home.

Origin OW-80 Windows complement any renovation or construction project and has even been used commercially. Origin aluminium windows are part of the overall range of Origin bifolding doors, residential front doors and entrance doors.  Read answers to some of the common questions about Origin aluminium windows. 

There is a choice of two aluminium windows, the OW-70 and the OW-80 that you can read about in our in-depth review. 

All these quality aluminium systems provide one aluminium system designed for the home. Few aluminium systems on the market offer a range of products all sharing the same quality, unique fabrication and trusted manufacturer warranty.

If you would like to find out where to buy the Origin aluminium window in your local area, please contact us.  You can view the Origin Windows brochure by clicking the image below:

origin windows

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