SUNFLEX Sliding Doors

Contemporary sliding doors from SUNFLEX are manufactured in Norwich and offer slim sightlines, durability and a tried-and-tested product. SUNFLEX patio doors come in four versions to meet different types of sizes, configurations and uses. The range of sliding doors comes in aluminium, a frameless version as well as a slimline interior sliding doors.

sunflex sliding doors

SUNFLEX sliding doors made in the UK.

Every patio sliding door from SUNFLEX offers slim sight lines, a contemporary appearance and the latest aluminium profiles and design. SUNFLEX sliding doors are suitable to replace existing timber, PVCu or dated metal doors.  The sliding patio door range also enhances a new modern extension.

Options include recessed thresholds with a weather rating and the option for doors to slide completely into a wall. There is also the option to create multiple opening panels and even an open corner sliding door design. The enhancements by SUNFLEX to this product allows multiple configurations such as a single panel sliding up to a sliding wall with multiple panels up to 24 metres wide.  Sliding patio doors form part of the range of patio door solutions from SUNFLEX, which includes Bifolding doors.

SVG20 sliding doors.

sunflex svg20 sliding doors

The thinnest and most contemporary in the SUNFLEX UK range is the SVG20 model. The standout feature of this door is its 20mm sightline without the complexity or projecting mullion of other structurally bonded systems. Even better is the angle of view giving consistent slim looks.

Available in many configurations, including pocket sliding and open corner designs, the sightlines and overall proportions make this product not only attractive but infinitely flexible.

SVG30 sliding doors.

sunflex sliding patio door

Ultra-slim sliding patio doors featuring a mullion sight line of just 30mm.  The stand-out feature of SUNFLEX SVG30 sliding doors is providing the same thin profile sliding door mullion found in high end, structurally glazed doors. Furthermore, this door does not rely on the typical deep mullion feature found in these doors either.

As a result, you get a much cheaper door with all the aesthetics of high-end doors. With the SUNFLEX SVG30 product, there are also none of the associated costs of transportation and installation typical of structurally glazed doors. As well as the benefit of slim sight lines and lower cost, SVG30 sliding doors offer the option of multiple tracks and panels, huge colour choice and high security. There is also the option for a lift and slide method of operation.

SVG83 sliding patio doors.

open corner sliding doors

SUNFLEX SVG83 sliding doors offer all the benefits of the SVG30 with an 83mm mullion. This particular door offers the reliability and strength needed for doors panel over five square metres.  One of the best features is the open corner design with a movable corner post and doors disappearing into a wall.

This larger span door provides heights up to 3.2 metres high and also reduced heights, creating contemporary sliding windows. It also offers the option of a fully recessed door threshold with the sought-after weather protection many other doors cannot provide. Best of all it creates a highly desirable and neat finishing detail where the sliding panel meets the internal floor.

Frameless SF20 sliding doors.

internal bifold door sunflex

A frameless sliding door system offering minimal aluminium and maximum glass.  Ideal for closing off outside spaces.  Popular uses for the SUNFLEX SF20 include internal partitions, balcony enclosures, garden rooms and external glass rooms.  The ideal door system for enjoying being outside with some weather protection.

The benefit of this product for external or internal uses is flexible sliding panels.  One up to twelve panels slide left or right on their individual tracks. These doors are intended for doors where thermal performance and absolute weather performance is not required. Options exist for sealed or open door panels to suit the level of comfort required.

Slimline SF42 non-thermal sliding doors.

sunflex timber aluminium

An aluminium framed sliding system creating internal partitions, enclosures and garden rooms. Ideal where external-grade weather resistance or thermal performance is not required. Popular when separating a dining and living space, creating a dividing glass screen as well as closing off patio areas, terraces or balconies. This door system comes with double or triple tracks allowing two up to six sliding panels.

The SUNFLEX SF42 provides thin aluminium profiles, quality safety glass and a slimline frame for enhanced views.  Door panels up to 1500mm wide and 3000mm high come with the option of single safety glass or 24mm double glazed units. Furthermore, there is a choice of 200 colours as well as options for locking from one or both sides of the door.

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All SUNFLEX sliding doors come with premium manufacturing, excellent specifications and a professional installation through a quality network of installers.  External doors benefit from security certification such as Secured by Design as well as quality assurance and Kitemark where applicable.

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