Comparing Schuco, Origin and Reynaers bifolding doors

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Schuco, Origin and Reynaers bifolding doors are three premium brands for homeowners looking for a better than the average bifolding door.

Origin and Schuco Doors are frequently compared. The Reynaers CF68 and CF77 bifolding doors are two high quality doors from a global brand with an excellent reputation and strong customer perception. So which is best?

schuco, origin and reynaers bifolding doors comparisons

Overview of Origin, Schuco & Reynaers Bifolding Doors

Product Guarantee20 years10 years10 years
Who makes the door.Only OriginMany manufacturersMany manufacturers
Product AvailabilityOrigin DealersWidely AvailableWidely Available
Brand Quality PerceptionExcellentExcellentExcellent
Bifolding door sight line at the door mullions154mm120mm131mm
Overall AestheticChamferedSquarelineSquareline
Slimline door optionNoChoose Schuco
Choose Reynaers CF77
Bifolding door variantsOneSchuco ASS70FD and ASS80FDReynaers CF68 and CF77
Anti-finger trap featureStandardStandardStandard
Traffic Door OptionYesYesYes
Maximum panel size1200×25001200×30001200×3000
High-Performance Threshold UpgradeNoNoYes
Threshold OptionsTwoTwoFour
Glass OptionsDouble or Triple GlazedDouble or Triple
Double or Triple Glazed
Typical Double Glazed U-Value1.6Wm2K1.7Wm2K1.8Wm2K
Matching single or French DoorsYesAlternative Schuco
Alternative Reynaers Door
Woodgrain Aluminium optionYesNoNo
Anodised aluminium optionNoYesYes
Dual colour availabilityBestAvailableAvailable
Handles and Hardware choices.Very GoodGoodExcellent
Colour Matched door hardwareYesNoNo
Colour matched seals and gasketsYesNoNo
Direct contact with consumersYesNoReynaers consumer website
After-care serviceOrigin and DealerInstaller OnlyInstaller Only

Schuco, Origin and Reynaers Bifolding door sight lines.

How a bifolding door looks is important to a buyer. The handles, hardware, overall aesthetic and visible sight lines are the main features to be looked at.

The Schuco door is by far the thinnest. With bifolding doors closed most of the year, multiple door panels can appear bulky with PVCu systems. Aluminium bifolds offer much-improved aesthetics compared to PVCu. The Schuco, Origin and Reynaers bifolding doors are no exception.

Schuco and Reynaers offer the flatline appearance to their doors. Origin goes for a chamfered softer aesthetic. Whether a flatline or profiled door looks better is purely down to personal choice.

Schuco, Origin and Reynaers colour choices.

With all three systems made of thermally insulated aluminium, colour choice is extensive. However, this is where the similarities end.

Origin is relatively unique in the marketplace in making their own doors and offering the biggest range of colours from stock. Including woodgrain and dual colours, Origin gives you a choice of 11 different colours meaning the doors can be fabricated faster from stock coloured aluminium material. From stock means no waiting for material to be painted.

Schuco and Reynaers also provide stock colours. However, their doors are made by many different manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers may choose to offer their own range of colours instead of the standard. Some may even outsource the powder coating of their material. Therefore the choice of standard stock colours may vary from one Schuco or Reynaers supplier to another. If you are comparing prices from several different Schuco or Reynaers suppliers, do not assume you can buy the same colour.

Installers of Schuco and Reynaers doors do not all buy from the same manufacturer. Origin installers do. For stock standard colours on bifolding doors, Origin is the most consistent in the colours available.

Outside of stock colours, Schuco, Origin and Reynaers all offer the entire range of colours for those wanting something outside of what is in stock, but lead times will be longer.

Schuco and Reynaers can provide anodised finishes as well. Origin offers woodgrain colours that the others do not.

Schuco, Origin and Reynaers handle and hardware choices.

A Schuco bifolding door will give you contemporary Schuco hardware available in white, black, silver or satin steel.

Origin doors come in a choice of standard handles in white, black or colour matched. There is also the HAFI handle upgrades that are beautiful high quality handles that we recommend on an Origin door.

Reynaers offer the most luxurious range of door furniture with the exclusive Purity range of handles that are contemporary, visually appealing and come in some outstanding and distinctive colours.

Only Origin doors give you the option of Q-Lon gaskets (the others using the more standardised EPDM black rubber) that can be colour matched to the bifolding doors.

Schuco, Origin and Reynaers frame and door choices.

The Origin door is only available as one variant with no frame or door options. Schuco and Reynaers come in two models offering thinner sight lines and improved thermal insulation for those environments that demand it.

Origin and Schuco give you the least amount of threshold options with a standard or low version. Reynaers provide a standard threshold, a low threshold, a double weather sealed model and a high-performance threshold.

Which is best? Schuco, Origin or Reynaers bifolding doors?

For doors with the transparency of where they are made, extensive colour choice and a peace of mind 20-year warranty, Origin can be considered.  Origin is also the strongest contender where doors are required as quickly as possible and at the best lead times.

Schuco doors are excellent and come with the kudos of a German brand and the associated engineering and design that comes with it. They are the slimmest of the three as well.

Reynaers as a systems company produces fine bifolding doors, designed by one of the worlds best-known aluminium door and window systems companies.  The overall Reynaers product range is extensive and meets pretty much every design and visual requirement in their windows, doors, screens and specialist products.  The choice of door has to depend on the product that aesthetically and technically meets your requirements.  Importantly the provider of all three doors has to be right for you as well.  We hope we have given some scope for thought by providing some information about all three brands together, so you can compare.  If we were to summarise Reynaers windows and doors, they’re very contemporary.

There are, of course, other brands to compare Schuco, Origin and Reynaers doors with. Air bifolding doors can justifiably be compared with Origin for also offering a long, 25-year warranty and the benefit of just one manufacturer. Air doors also share visual and technical similarities with Reynaers doors and come with the excellent Serenity luxury handles, advanced colour choices and very good design. Our main bifolding door page lists many different bifolding door brands as well.

More information about Origin, Reynaers and Schuco

You can find out the background of who makes Schuco, Origin and Reynaers bifolding doors. as these products are frequently compared.

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