Comparing the Origin and aïr bifolding doors – which is best?

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Origin and aïr bifolding doors are two brands that share many similarities. But which is best? In this article, we take a look at the various features of the Origin and the aïr 800 bifolding doors to help you compare the two.

origin and air bifolding doors

If you are presently thinking about the excellent Origin bifold, but are also wondering what other bifolds to compare it with, we think the Air 800 bifolding door is a contender.

Only Origin make their bifolding doors.  Similarly, only Everglade Windows make aïr 800 bifolding doors.

Why compare the Origin and Air bifolding doors?

Two of the most commonly compared bifolds on the market are Origin and Schuco. In fact, one of our most read articles compares Schuco and Origin. We think if you are comparing the Origin and the Schuco door, then the aïr door should be considered as well. Close examination of the aïr 800 door reveals it to have more in common with Origin than the Schuco ASS70 Folding Door does.

Both Origin and Aïr bifolding doors offer more personalisation options than Schuco doors. As good as Schuco doors are, when compared to Origin and Air bifolds, the Schuco product is quite ‘standard’ in what options are available. Origin and Air give you a more bespoke bifold, outside of the colours and configuration options available with virtually any bifold.

That said, the brand prestige of Schuco is one of the reasons why so many people compare it with others. We now give you an alternative to consider as well.

origin and air bifolding doors
Both Origin and air 800 doors are excellent. We recommend you study aesthetics, feel and individual selling points of each.

Similarities between Origin and Aïr bifolding doors.

Three things make the Origin and Air bifolding doors similar and worth comparing. They also separate these bifolds from many other bifolding door systems including the Schuco bifold.

  • The extensive manufacturer product guarantee.
  • Air and Origin doors are only made in-house. Schuco doors are not.
  • The manufacturing expertise and reputation of the companies behind Origin and Air doors. Many manufacturers make Schuco doors.

It goes without saying, that both Origin and aïr doors are top quality bifolds. The differences in the products are mostly aesthetic, so we take a look at their key features.

 Air 800LSOrigin
Guarantee25 years20 years
AvailabilityAir Dealers or Air ZonesOrigin Dealers
Aesthetic appearanceFlatChamfered
Low Threshold OptionYes with weatheringYes without weathering
Colour matched sealsNoYes
Door Sight Line122mm154mm
Security6-point Secured by Design8-point Secured by Design
Single and French door optionYesYes
Maximum Leaf width and height1200mmx3000mm1200mmx2500mm
Anti-finger trapyesYes
Woodgrain Option as StandardNoYes
Standard colour availabilityYesYes
Textured Powder Coated FinishYesYes
Glazing thickness available28mm, 36mm or 42mm24mm, 28mm or 32mm
Double Glazed U Value1.4Wm2K1.6Wm2K
Floating Mullion requirementNoYes
Premium hardware optionYesYes
Colour matched door hardwareNoYes

What is the better bifold? Origin or Air?

As our table shows, there are several differences between both products, but this does not necessarily make one door inferior to the other. Each bifold has its particular set of features and unique selling propositions. Some of these will appeal to a buyer, others are not as important to them. Origin is the bigger brand with a huge network of Origin dealers that sell the product.  Aïr doors are gaining traction as awareness of these products becomes greater. Air doors are largely only avaialble in the South of England presently.

Sight Lines.

bifolding doors for apartments.
Air folding doors provide specifications other leading brands do not such as thin lines, improved engineering and weather performance.

For sight lines, the air door is thinner than Origin. The air 800 bifolding door offers virtually identical visuals to the Schuco door with its 122mm sight line where the folding panels meet. Origin is 154mm.

Sight lines on bifolding doors are very subjective. It is evident the trade believes the slimmer bifold is what the customer wants. However, the best-selling bifolds on the market such as Origin, AluK or Smart Systems are wider. Our view is that the clients look at the aesthetic of the overall product and not just one area of the doors.

Origin doors when configured as a two panel or four panel bifold, all sliding in one direction need a floating mullion.  This adds an additional profile to the one side of the doors which some may not like the look of. Air doors do not need a floating mullion in the same configuration. That said, the sheer popularity of Origin doors by sales volume would demonstrate neither the thicker sight line or the floating mullion is a concern to the majority of buyers.

Maximum leaf sizes.

Many systems will heavily market the capability of their doors in achieving heights of 3000mm. The reality is that doors for most home extensions and renovations are rarely specified at this height.  The same applies to doors marketed at 1200mm wide.  It’s great for those that want wide door panels.  The reality is, in the fully open position, most won’t want this much intrusion into their inside or outside space from three or more doors folded open.

It is also important to throw some balance into the size limitations of bifolds. It is easy to simply assume from publicised figures that one door is available taller than the other. The reality is these systems are designed to be flexible and meet client needs.

The size capability of a door shows what is possible with the system. Our advice is if you want an Origin door, but your size is 2700mm high, don’t assume it is not possible. A narrower leaf can often mean a taller door. So talk to your local installer or contact us.

Hardware Options.

Both Origin and Air bifolding doors offer a choice of standard or more premium hardware. Furthermore, Origin provides colour matched components as well as coloured Q-Lon Seals. Again the colour matching of hardware is down to personal preference. Some customers want white seals with their white doors, and others do not.

Some customers like the contrast of a grey door with stainless steel handles and components, others like to colour match. The availability of these different features gives the clients something to consider as part of their overall buying decision.  Both doors are excellent in the choice of hardware offered to customers with Origin tipping the scales on the variety offered, including colour matched Q-Lon Seals.

The product warranty.

We understand that Origin and Air bifolding doors presently offer the longest guarantee in the industry. We know from talking to Origin dealers that the 20-year warranty is what sells Origin to the homeowner. The air 800 bifolding door offers a 25-year warranty.

The quality of any guarantee is down to the small print, and your local Origin or Aïr dealer will explain this in detail. More importantly what these two great guarantees demonstrate, is the confidence Origin and Everglade Windows have in their products.

Origin and Everglade make their doors and nobody else. Both doors have quality hardware and components. The product quality is controlled at every stage of the process. What these guarantees also demonstrate is the aluminium expertise of both Origin and Everglade Windows. It is all of these factors that enable these doors to come with a long warranty.

origin ob-72 and ob-49 bifolding doors

Origin and air bifolding doors provide a bespoke, made to order bifold and the latter is certainly a contender for the Schuco bifold.  Both types of doors give you the option of matching French or single doors as well.  One benefit of the Origin system is the complete range of windows, entrance doors, garage doors and front doors all with an excellent warranty and the opportunity for one complete system in the home. A customer looking for an air door won’t find the same matching suite, but they will have the choice of the wider window and door brands on the market to choose from, as Everglade manufacture several systems.

The range of wood effect colours available with Origin doors also gives Origin a competitive edge for homeowners wanting a woodgrain bifolding door (with matching doors and windows).  The wood effect finish with other aluminium systems is on much longer lead times.  Origin is the only bifolding door manufacturer we know of offering woodgrain folding doors on the best lead times in the industry and in a good choice of wood finishes.

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Many people compare Origin doors with Schuco.  We think the air door provides a more ‘like for like’ product regardless of how good a Schuco door is.  Contact us if you would like further information on these two excellent bifolds.