Comar aluminium windows for homeowners

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How aware are installers of Comar aluminium windows for homeowners?

Comar is one of the UK’s best-known aluminium systems companies, with a vast portfolio of installations by their network of fabricators and installers. Comar aluminium windows and doors, curtain walling and commercial doors are widely specified throughout the UK.

Comar aluminium windows and doors serve all sectors of construction. Examples include housing, education, retail, transport, hospitality and leisure.

Comar aluminium windows for residential projects.

comar aluminium windows for homeowners
Comar aluminium windows provide modern or traditional premium quality windows for the home.

In residential developments of houses, flats and apartments, Comar aluminium windows and doors are frequently specified and installed. Comar serves Architects and building contractors providing new or refurbished dwellings.

For their residential home improvement projects, homeowners today are more aware of what they want from their new aluminium windows and doors. Slim sight lines, thermal performance, colour choice and quick installation are requirements of the more discerning customer.

The range of Comar aluminium residential systems provides a complete home solution for the home. Windows, entrance doors, sliding and folding doors are all tried and tested products.

Should installers consider Comar systems for their residential projects?

If you are an installer with the perception that Comar provides commercial systems only, you may not be aware of how effective Comar Aluminium Systems are in the residential sector.

  • Comar windows for dwellings and residential buildings are provided for private customers and large scale residential projects.
  • The streamlined Comar service to their fabricator network is well known in helping fabricators and installers complete projects on time.
  • Comar products meet current design requirements such as floor-to-ceiling glazing and sliding doors.

If you are a residential installer, here are some key features about Comar systems for residential projects.

1. Comar windows and doors are tried and tested.

Comar windows are installed in landmark residential buildings. Comar windows and doors also have the pedigree and suitability within private dwellings directly to homeowners.

2. Comar bifolds are one of the slimmest on the market.

comar folding door in a house
Comar bifolding doors provide contemporary folding doors to all types of homes.

The Comar bifolding door is one product installers can consider. Many in the trade are aware of the Schuco ASS70 FD bifolding door, widely marketed as some of the slimmest on the market, offering sightlines of 120mm. What you may not know is the Comar folding door also has this narrow sight line and is one of the slimmest folding doors you can buy.

3. Comar Fabricators are aluminium specialists.

Comar products are fabricated by some of the best aluminium manufacturers in the UK.

Many Comar fabricators manufacture and install windows and doors in the most prestigious and high specification buildings. This helps installers obtain windows, floor-to-ceiling glazing and other designs that modern homes now demand.

4. Comar residential windows meet specifications others do not.

Comar aluminium systems have some of the lowest U-Values amongst windows, excellent acoustic properties, broad glazing ranges and product integration.

5. Comar is a reliable systems company.

In both commercial and residential work, there is a requirement to meet project and budget deadlines. The supply chain for windows and doors can be multi-faceted. The provision of material to the fabricator is one of the most important processes in the supply chain.

The Comar reputation for delivery and service is well known amongst aluminium manufacturers. Comar has over £5 million of mill finish, anodised, standard colours and other profile in stock. Comar reports that 99% of orders are fulfilled by the next weekly delivery. This reliable service undoubtedly helps the entire supply chain function smoothly, right down to the homeowner customer.

Comar residential aluminium systems.

The current suite of Comar aluminium systems suitable for residential projects includes:

  • Comar 7P.i Folding Sliding Doors
  • Comar 7P.i ECO Doors
  • Comar 5P.i ECO+ Casement Windows
  • Comar 9P.i High Performance Ladder Framing
  • Comar 9P.i High Performance Mitre Frame
  • Comar 9P.i High Performance Windows
  • Comar 9P.i High Performance Doors

If you would like further information about using Comar aluminium systems for your residential projects, please contact us.