Frameless aluminium internal screens

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Nick Dardalis

Modern house design now brings aluminium to the inside of the home.  It is common today to find aluminium internal doors.  Examples include interior sliding and folding doors, aluminium french doors and roof glazing.  One of the recent trends is aluminium screens inside the home as well.  As well as the slimline range of aluminium internal screens available, there are also frameless aluminium internal screens.

Frameless aluminium internal screens for residential property.

frameless aluminium internal screens in new build house
Aluminium is ideal for use inside the home as partitions and fixed screens.

Unlike full-framed screens, frameless aluminium internal screens bring all the advantages of the frameless bifolding door in a static glazed window.  Frameless screens offer advantages.

  • Made to order to suit the property.
  • A minimalist glass wall.
  • Creates a focal point and feature inside the home.
  • No visible mullions
  • A contemporary aluminium and glass partition.

Internal glazed screens are ideal for not only closing off critical areas such as galleries but also help to create additional private areas in the home.

What to consider with an internal frameless glass screen.

In choosing a frameless glass screen, it is worth considering the number of panels, the height of the gazing and it’s location.  Safety glass will be provided as standard.  The use of safety glazing takes into account that most internal screens are in ‘critical glazed areas’.  Safety glass is therefore used in these areas.  It also provides protection for building occupants.

With a frameless aluminium internal screen, there is the option to have either single or double glazing.  Single glazing will be more cost effective for screens that don’t need better insulation such as galleried landings.  There is no specific requirement to have energy efficient glazing internally.  This helps keep the cost of the internal glass screen lower.

Doors can be integrated into screens and are an option for extra flexibility.  The advantage of the frameless internal screen is that the door element remains as discreet as the glazing.  In a frameless screen, there is the option of a full glass hinged or frameless folding door if required. 

Other uses for frameless aluminium internal screens.

Aluminium screens can be used outside as well as inside the home.  Examples include:

  • Closing off an open verandah or terrace.
  • Can improve the front of the home with a frameless glazed porch or vestibule.
  • Ideal for closing off and making more weather resistant an open garage or carport.
  • Can divide a large room into separate spaces.

The product featured in this article is manufactured and installed by Frameless Glass Curtains Ltd of Chatham, installing frameless bifolding doors, windows and screens nationwide. If you would like further information on aluminium or frameless screens for inside the home, contact us.