Who makes Origin, Schuco and Reynaers bifolding doors?

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Ask bifolding door professionals who are three of the most familiar names in bifolding doors and three names likely to be mentioned are Origin, Schuco and Reynaers. Origin, Schuco and Reynaers bifolding doors are also frequently compared with each other.

The companies behind Origin, Schuco and Reynaers bifolding doors.

choosing between origin, schuco and reynaers bifolding doors

For most homeowners embarking on the substantial investment in renovating their home and buying new doors, some information about the company is important in their buying decision, Origin, Schuco and Reynaers are all successful businesses with an excellent track record and stable trading history.

Schuco and Reynaers are the longest established systems companies with Reynaers serving the global market for over fifty years. Schuco was set up in 1951. Origin is the newest of the three but was set up in 2002 wanting to fix the many headaches associated with buying bifolding doors nearly 15 years ago. And they have certainly succeeded with their industry-leading guarantee, unbeatable lead times and excellent brand quality perception.

Unlike Schuco and Reynaers, Origin caters strictly for the residential market offering bifolding doors, aluminium windows, residential doors, garage doors and blinds. Shortly to be released by Origin will be a minimalist sliding door that we have already reviewed. Schuco and Reynaers are the more innovative businesses with a vast portfolio of commercial and residential installations. Architects frequently specify Schuco and Reynears.

There are other excellent brands of bifolds you can compare Origin and Sunflex is another brand often compared. 

Schuco and Reynears. Widely available, sometimes rebranded.

The bifolding door sector in the UK can be confusing for homeowners when it comes to who makes their doors and what is the actual system. Reynaers and Schuco, like other aluminium systems companies, provide their products in the following way.

  • The systems companies ship their aluminium bars and accessories to their network of manufacturers.
  • These manufacturers service the trade and retail sector.
  • A local installer of Schuco and Reynaers can buy the doors from any of these manufacturers.
  • Builders can also buy Schuco and Reynaers doors from these manufacturers or trade counters.

What you may find with Schuco and Reynaers products is that both installers and manufacturers can rebrand their doors under an entirely different name. Mostly it remains a Schuco or Reynaers door.

The reasons why a bifolding door manufacturer chooses to rebrand two already successful brand names are based on how they wish to run their business, to avoid competition with others offering the same product and acquire a competitive advantage. Some manufacturers may even choose to take a Reynaers or Schuco product and re-engineer it. Examples of re-engineered bifold doors include modified profile dimensions, an alternative range of handles or even investing heavily in a unique extrusion that nobody else can access. So why would Schuco or Reynaers allow this?

  • Schuco and Reynaers do not make their products. Their manufacturers do.
  • Systems companies are in the business of selling aluminium extrusions.
  • Schuco and Reynaers rarely offer exclusivity. The more manufacturers, the more sales.
  • Successful rebrands of their products also mean more sales.
  • Systems companies have the resources to extrude variations of their products to meet the specifications needs of their manufacturing customers.
  • There is no risk to buying a rebranded bifolding door. Rebranded or re-engineered systems are a partnership resulting in doors sometimes better than the standard product.

Schuco and Reynears do sterling work in setting up and training their manufacturers to make their products. However, the reality is that these fabricators also make more than one brand of door and window. Express Bifolding doors, KAT, Kloeber, Raum, Vuelite are just some examples of expert aluminium fabricators or brands that use either Schuco or Reynaers systems.

Origin bifolding doors. One manufacturer. One brand.

Origin, on the other hand, is one of a few systems companies that exclusively make their doors and nobody else. Origin making their own doors means a retail-facing website and 20-year warranty. Origin can do what Schuco and Reynaers cannot in having control over their manufacturing and their unbeatable lead times. Schuco and Reynaers do not influence the operations of their approved manufacturers or lead times. Their manufacturers also make other brands of windows and doors.

Origin is focused on making their doors and windows, sold directly to their network of approved installers. This can bring perceived benefits to those choosing between an Origin, Schuco and Reynaers bifolding door.

  • Homeowners know exactly who makes their doors.
  • The support offered by Origin to their retailers is first class.
  • Origin actively engages with the homeowner. Systems companies will usually refer you to who made the doors.
  • Origin installers are transparent where their doors come from. Suppliers of other systems may not share this information.
  • Origin rarely offers exclusivity. Their products are widely available.

How to buy Origin, Schuco and Reynaers bifolding doors.

Origin, Schuco and Reynaers bifolding doors are widely available in the UK from reputable installers and manufacturers. We have examined and listed the individual features of these great bifolding door brands to help you make an informed decision.

Contact us if you would like more information about Origin, Schuco or Reynears doors, where to buy and where you can view them.