Kawneer AA®100 Curtain Walling enhanced and re-engineeered.

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Nick Dardalis

When it comes to curtain walling systems, the established companies all provide a curtain walling with a 50mm sight line. This 50mm sight line on curtain walling relates to the front face dimension of the curtain walling mullion.

Kawneer also has a 50mm curtain walling system in the AA®100 suite, that has been substantially upgraded to ensure its future-proofing.

Enhanced AA®100 Kawneer Curtain Walling.

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One of London’s tallest residential towers with Kawneer architectural aluminium.

The AA®100 Curtain Wall system by Kawneer is firmly established as a leading dry facade system suitable for all types of building design. AA®100 Curtain Wall can be fabricated for vertical or sloped glazing as well as faceted glazing. As well as the fully capped version, structural silicone, fire rated and horizontal capped variants are also possible.

Kawneer AA®100 provides full certification to BS EN & CWCT Curtain Wall Standards, offers compliance with thermal regulations and can integrate with all types of Kawneer doors and windows.

Features of the enhanced Kawneer AA®100 Curtain Wall

In improving their curtain walling system, Kawneer has introduced phased enhancements so that the system is not only ready for future changes to Building Regulations, but also with additional thermal options and weight bearing capability.

For architects and specifiers, Kawneer curtain walling has certification by the trusted CWCT, (Centre for Window and Cladding Technology).

The infill weight for this zone-drained curtain walling system has been substantially increased from 350kg to 600kg.

The separate thermal break profile is now also available at a 36mm dimension, in addition to the existing 16mm, 20mm and 26mm profiles. This enhanced and larger thermal break enables Kawneer curtain walling to meet Passivhaus standards as well as increasing the glazing depth up to 50mm triple glazed units.

Other enhancements to the AA®100 Curtain Wall include:

  • New gaskets to suit faceted designs improving fabrication and installation.
  • New perimeter seal mouldings, giving a continuous internal seal.
  • A new low profile pressure plate and cover cap providing a lower profile.
  • A new spring clip for the transom to mullion joints making mullion connection and installation faster.
  • Testing to RC2 Burglar Resistance against the removal of external capping and pressure plates.

Kawneer AA®100 Curtain Wall provides fabricators, architects and end user clients with an enhanced curtain walling solution for all types of commercial or residential applications. If you would like more information about Kawneer products, please contact us.