Integral blinds for internal windows, doors and screens

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Nick Dardalis

The integral blind is very popular for bifolding doors, French doors and external doors and windows in the home. What you may not have considered is how an integral blind can be used inside the home as well.

Internal bifolding doors can benefit from integral blinds.

Modern aluminium windows are designed to be used as internal windows as well. There is a wide range of very slim aluminium windows, steel look windows and other styles that are highly suitable for inside the home. The vast choice of colours and finishes also makes aluminium windows suitable as screens, dividers and in a partition.

For doors, bifolding doors, sliding doors and even hinged doors are suitable for room dividers or to separate off a conservatory.

Integral blinds for internal windows and doors.

The modern home extension is typically designed for open plan living, but there is no reason why a well-designed home extension cannot incorporate internal sliding or folding doors to divide the space when required. Fitting integral blinds to these doors offers the same advantages as being on the outside windows.

  • A contemporary appearance.
  • Never needs cleaning.
  • Is hermetically sealed in the glass.
  • Is far less susceptible to the wear and tear of other blinds.

Where can integral blinds be used inside the home?

bathroom with integral blind
For bathrooms, integral blinds are protected from the frequent moist environment.

There are a number of areas in the home where it is worth considering integral blinds.

  • Utility room doors to kitchens or garages.
  • For large windows to ensuite shower rooms or bathrooms.
  • For doors used in porches or lobby areas.
  • For glazed screens in study or play areas in the home.
  • For conservatory or orangery internal doors.
  • For conservatory or orangery roofs and windows.

Integral blinds for bathroom windows.

Integral blinds for windows in bathrooms can be particularly beneficial. While virtually all bathroom windows feature obscure glazing, many people still fit blinds in bathrooms.

The advantage of an integral blind to a bathroom window is that is is not subjected to the moisture like a fabric, wooden or other external blind. There are also far less moving parts.

If you would like more information about integral blinds for internal doors and windows, please contact us.