Aluminium Orangeries

Aluminium Orangeries improve on the conventional conservatory design having more structural elements and several different styles. At the same time aluminium orangeries allow an extension of the home with a functional and useable room.

The appearance of a property constructed room makes aluminium orangeries ideal for kitchen areas, dining spaces, living rooms, a workspace or for relaxation.

Information about Aluminium Orangeries

aluminium orangeries

Styles and designs vary but typically these comprise Victorian style with a double level to the roof structure. Edwardian styles are square or rectangular in design with either a full lantern roof, as well as single or double individual roofs. Of course, as with any advanced roof and glazing system, multiple and bespoke styles add further choice.

Besides the roof styles available with orangeries, bifolding doors, sliding patio doors, aluminium windows and residential doors make up the wall elevations. Here users have a substantial choice in products. Virtually every residential product from aluminium systems companies suits integration within an orangery design. Furthermore, it’s common for a mixture of systems to come together within a single structure.

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Since there are multiple ways of building an aluminium orangery, today’s options include a fully built structure using traditional brick and similar materials. There are also hybrid systems available from companies such as Ultraframe and Quantal. These systems use a combination of aluminium for the external structure. At the same time, the inside offers traditional plasterboard for improved thermal insulation and a realistic look.

Specifications of aluminium orangeries using modern material are excellent. For instance, some structures offer U-Values down to 0.6Wm2K. The U-Values you get depend on the glazing chosen and the performance of the windows and doors too.

Some of the popular features found in aluminium orangeries include:

  • Multiple choices for sizes, design, colour and materials.
  • A traditional or contemporary styling thanks to the many options available with aluminium window and door frames.
  • Excellent thermal performance thanks to insulated profiles and high performance glass in double or triple glazing.
  • Sun-control, self-cleaning glass or integral blind options within glass units.
  • The latest generation of windows and doors with excellent security and weather performance.
  • Long guarantees on construction, materials and installation.

Contemporary Orangeries

aluminium orangeries

Contemporary orangeries use slimline aluminium windows with flatline profiles. Modern sliding doors or the latest bifolding doors with minimal mullions also make up the modern look.

Roof systems by Atlas or Korniche or Roofmaker are also ideal thanks to their box construction and discreet look.

Traditional Orangeries

aluminium orangeries white

The traditional design comes from sculpture or ovolo profiles as well as the orangery design itself.

The classic orangery style also comes from solid pillars and period finishing touches such as cornicing.

Orangeries with Lantern Roofs

aluminium orangeries

Where many orangeries use a single large roof, it’s also possible to create an alternative design with one or two smaller lanterns.

Typically the lantern roof sits on a pre-built flat roof. As a result, more building materials also result in a highly insulated structure for improved interior comfort.

Modern aluminium orangeries also come designed to take the latest large span patio doors. Many offer wide spans up to six metres or more with heights up to 2.3m or more depending on the overall design. Always use a company specialising in these structures and offering the correct range of windows and associated glazing.

More information about aluminium orangeries for homeowners and the trade

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