Schüco AD UP 90 Door

The Schüco AD UP 90 door is an architecturally designed entrance or front door designed for residential property. It has a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, created with either a fully-glazed or high-specification panel design. You can use the door to replace any old front door as well as create a smooth-looking front door for new build openings, with the benefit of hiding the frame in the structure. Any Schüco AD UP 90 door promises great style, durability and longevity. It boasts top-of-the-line security features, energy efficiency, and quality craftsmanship, with available options in standard or oversized door sizes.

Schüco AD UP 90 Door – Overview

schüco ad up 90 in a brown and cream contemporary house with lawn and patio

The key difference between the Schüco AD UP 90 and the very similar model with the 75mm frame is the 90mm frame depth and similarly deeper door sash. The 90mm model has additional components between the profile chambers and also comes with an alternative multi-chamber polyamide thermal break. The result is a door with additional strength and lower U-VAlues than the 75mm model. Additionally, the number of gasket sealing around the door is increased. For homes needing a high-end front door, the Schüco AD UP 90 is a resilient choice. Its outstanding, sturdy design also serves as an upgrade to standard aluminium doors in residential homes.

The door designs available include options for single or double doors, completely glazed or incorporated with a midrail, and they can open inwards or outwards, with possible side panels and top glazed panels.

Features and Benefits of the Schüco AD UP 90 Doors

Every design aspect of the Schüco AD UP door series meets the demands of any structure, offering a combination of aesthetics, durability, and functionality.

A Trio of Design Choices

The Schüco AD UP 90’s integrated door system provides users with three design options with the benefit of providing either a fully glazed, solid panel or a combination of glass and panels when used with a midrail. As a result, the Schüco AD UP 90 can work as a front door, side or rear door. In the fully glazed design, triple glazing comes as standard up to 68mm thick. The solid panel option, flush outside and stepped inside can be up to 71mm thick. Choose the completely flush design inside and out and the door panel increases to a solid and strong 90mm. All three designs can be applied to any door size up to a limit of 1400mm wide. Glass doors go up to 3000mm high, and doors fitted with panels up to 2500mm high.

A Broad Spectrum of Door Lock Options

As a reliable front door, the Schüco AD UP 90 can work as a door with manual or automatic door, including connection to home automation systems. As a result, building users have an excellent choice in how the front door is controlled and taking advantage or the latest technology in locks and access control if required.

Visible or Concealed Door Fixtures

The Schüco AD UP 90 offers three hinge options based on its application, each providing a different aesthetic to the product. The barrel hinge design offers wide door adjustment, various colours, and a maintenance-free design, with a conventional look. Choose the surface-mounted hinge and this is ideal for doors needing the best possible reliability or when used by more people. Alternatively, the hidden hinge design is perfect for when you want no visible hardware and works best with the flush design on both sides.

Outstanding Thermal Performance and U-Values

Achieving U-Values as low as 1.1Wm2K, the Schüco AD UP 90 easily satisfies 2022 Building Regulations for both replacement and new build projects. With glass and panels ranging from 68-90mm thick, most glass specifications and thermal options can be accommodated, with the benefit of using this door model in very energy-efficient designs.

Enhanced Security up to RC3

The Schüco AD UP 90 meets the robust RC3 security standard when equipped with the appropriate hardware and glass. The RC3 standard surpasses the RC1 and RC2 standards by requiring longer attack test durations and the use of power tools like electric saws and drills. The benefit is a very secure front door for homes, giving peace of mind with design and quality from one of the best aluminium systems and brands.

The Schüco AD UP 90 Door – For More Details and Purchase Information

With each Schüco AD UP 90 door, you can trust in its performance, quality, and functionality. It stands as one of the finest front doors in the market, enhancing residential homes, while providing commercial buildings with a dependable door that can withstand the demands of numerous daily users.