Origin OI-30 Internal Doors Review

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The latest product offering gorgeous aluminium glazing inside is the Origin OI-30 internal doors range. Beautifully made and featuring the signature details of classic metal doors, such as the grid-pattern and industrial, heritage or Art-Deco style. Origin OI-30 internal doors now provide an alternative product choice alongside the established Aluco system and the more recent and versatile Aluspace range designed by Smart Systems. But is it better than these? Here’s what you need to know about Origin OI-30 internal doors.

Origin OI-30 internal doors explained

origin oi-30 internal doors in a barn type setting with wood walls and ceiling
The Origin OI-30 internal doors collection is beautifully made and recommended.
Origin OI-30 Internal Doors
org3813 hall to kitchen

Impressive product quality, elegant hardware and the signature heritage and steel look make Origin an excellent choice for aluminium internal doors and screens

Editor's Rating:


  • The Origin quality and service
  • Beautiful from all angles
  • Great handle styles and options
  • Widely available


  • No sliding door option
  • No matching exterior system
  • Not enough profile options

The Origin OI-30 internal doors collection comprises single and double doors and doors with side and top panels. There’s also a range of bespoke internal windows and screens, whether fitted in a full surround frame or with an exposed frame like a half-room divider or screen. Origin has taken great care to make this system as customisable as their best-selling bifolding door system.

Origin uses the same architectural aluminium extrusion and powder-coated surface finish quality as their competition. Aluminium extrusions have set standards and grade for quality. Professional certified applicators apply the powder-coated finishes. So you’ll get a very high quality product overall. Typical of the company ethos in providing really good options with their products, the internal door range comes with good personalisation options, especially with the handles and hinge colours. These doors look terrific overall.

The choice of internal glass and aluminium doors is steadily growing, although nowhere near the choices for aluminium doors inside the home, as there is for external doors and windows. Independent companies are making their own range of doors in the steel look, and you can now buy this style of doors online, although as we explain, do be careful when buying these online.

Origin OI-30 internal doors will be a popular seller for three important reasons.

The “only made by Origin” advantage

There are certain brands in the UK only made by one manufacturer. Origin, Aluco, aïr, Sunflex, Solarlux, and high end sliding doors such as Hyline, Panoramah, Sunvista and others are some examples. The fact that only one company makes a product is a valuable sales message. Homeowners know exactly which company and which factory makes the doors and windows they want.

This is different to other fine brands such as Schuco, Reynaers, Aluk and Smart Systems where numerous and unrelated manufacturers buy the profiles and accessories from the designing company. Whilst all good manufacturers produce high quality products, the reality is no two factories can have the same product quality, processes or service. Therefore Origin OI-30 internal doors only made by Origin have a sales advantage. The same one-manufacturer, consistent quality message extends to other steel or steel look products like Crittall® or independent manufacturers designing their own systems.

Aluspace being designed by Smart Systems is available through their fabricator network and in turn, through installers. You can get in touch with us to get details of who supplies these to the trade or direct to the homeowner.

A desirable product that will sell very well

origin oi-30 internal doors
The renowned Origin build-quality with their reputation for more customisation options.

The steel look is hugely popular. For the homeowner, changing internal doors to the on-trend steel look is an easy process and a natural progression from having recently or previously had new patio doors or windows. Even better, there’s none of the disruption with internal doors you get when changing exterior windows and doors.

For the retailer, internal doors, windows and screens provide products that are faster to buy as they don’t generally suffer from supply chain problems, still here post-pandemic. Single glazed, no thermal break needed, should make lead times better. Installing inside the home is naturally an easier job than working outside on the building fabric. Above all, any internal glazing system is an excellent source of new sales for a glazing business.

Nationwide availability

It’s estimated there are more than 1000 Origin dealers around the UK, therefore these doors are going to be widely available. Aluco offers an alternative and more exclusive method of obtaining their interior doors with a nationwide network of approved dealers that are rightly given an exclusive territory. Whilst several Origin dealers in one area are good for the homeowner with several installers in their area to get prices from (and negotiate them down) retailers invariably compete with each other in the same area. Origin naturally benefits too with as many showrooms as possible showcasing their products.

Features of Origin internal doors and screens

origin oi-30 internal doors as an office room divider
The steel look is highly desirable and Origin gets it just right.

The Origin internal door range uses powder coated solid aluminium extrusions with the door construction being mechanical at the corners. Where the bars are applied these like other similar products are professionally applied to the glass on site. 4mm, 6mm and 6.8mm glass is available.

It’s normal with these doors to buy them unglazed, then your Origin dealer will source the glass and apply the bars on site. This of course depends on the product design but is likely to be the norm.

  • Suitable for all types of internal doors except where they don’t need a fire-rating
  • Aesthetically pleasing slim sightlines and narrow frame depths
  • Substantial configuration options, designed virtually as needed
  • Also suitable for commercial property such as offices
  • The best lead times Origin is best-known for
  • Very cleverly thought-out handle choices

When configuring the doors, there are several options.

The choice of square or chamfered beading creates a different look inside the room. You can also choose glass or a solid panel at the bottom with a kick plate option.

The only two options for the locks are a latch lock or a thumbturn and release. For double doors with shootbolts, these come in satin stainless steel or solid brass, and you can also decide whether you need a door stop in a choice of five colours.

There is a 15mm frame extender which may be needed to suit the particular application that you can add to the side of the frame. Corner posts are available for return screens.

Configuring the Origin door means deciding how many horizontal and vertical bars you want. On offer is a fully glazed door or up to six horizontal and vertical bars. On the vertical bars only, you can choose 25mm or 35mm wide profiles.

Origin originally offered the OI-30 only in a black finish but now offers the product in all RAL colours. Invariably black is the go-to colour, but this style of internal aluminium doors looks just as good in other shades too.

Double doors have the option of a dummy handle when you want a symmetrical look.

Origin enjoys a fine reputation for its service, lead times, dealer support and product quality. These doors are no exception.

Other products to compare with Origin OI-30 internal doors

Depending on your preferences, you can find many internal doors using all glass or glass and aluminium. However, if you truly want to compare Origin products on a like-for-like basis based on styling, there isn’t as much choice.

Aluco Aluminium

aluminium internal doors in the steel look in a modern house with wood floors
Aluco is more contemporary in styling with more door designs and exterior steel-look products.

You should compare the interior door made by Aluco with Origin’s OI-30 internal doors. Aluco saw the growing trend for this style of interior glazing several years ago and can be credited with being the first business in the UK, to make only exterior and interior steel-look glazing. Aluco’s products are beautifully made with attention to detail, terrific build quality and good design. You can read the full review of the latest Aluco interior door system. Aluco’s product is slimmer, has a more sophisticated build and is closer in bar and profile sizes to steel doors.

Whilst the styling and quality of Origin internal doors are excellent, Aluco also offers sliding doors and what are the slimmest aluminium doors on the market with their floating lock design. Unlike Origin, Aluco also offers proper exterior bifold doors, French doors and aluminium windows, that aren’t just standard products with bars stuck onto the glass.

Having seen both Aluco and Origin products together and close up, Aluco doors are thinner, feel more solid and weighty and close completely up against the frame, just like genuine steel doors. Aluco is a slimmer face, and Origin’s doors are thinner when you view the open door from the side.

Aluco goes one better with their internal doors, even having the option of fully glazed doors with no bars at all but with the same deep plate behind the handle. It looks entirely different, and it’s called the floating lock option. Origin’s option is to run the lock panel/plate full height on a fully glazed door, with the effect of bulking up the sightline on the handle side only, making the door leaf look uneven.

Aluco is the better product when you also want slimmer glazing bars, offering a 20mm option, again much closer to the 19mm sightline of the genuine steel product. Origin does not go that slim, so Aluco provides the slimmest steel-look transom on the market for internal aluminium doors.

Reasons to choose Origin doors over Aluco

Origin door sets go wider,More handle styles and colours
Slimmer profile viewed side on.Two bead options vs one
Narrower profile frame depthDoor hinges in more colours

Reasons to buy Aluco doors over Origin

Matching interior sliding doors.Matching interior sliding doors .
A fully glazed steel-look door with no bars.Matching exterior doors with no bars.
Better external steel-look doors, windows, and bifold doors. More transom, mullion and bar options and curved frames.
Centralised glass, door looks the same from any side.A more sophisticated construction.
Hardware meets specific standards, including a fire standard.Self-closing option with a door closer.
A double-glazed, more secure option.Slimmest 20mm door transom.

Smart Systems Aluspace

smart systems aluspace hinged door in a kitchen
Smart Systems Aluspace is the only system offering an internal pivoting door with a dedicated exterior system too.

Another brand and system worth comparing with Origin’s internal doors is Aluspace. Unlike Origin and Aluco, you don’t get the exclusive manufacturer, but you do get a very slim and well-designed internal glazing system that also offers internal pivot opening doors.

Aluspace provides even bigger door sizes than both Aluco and Origin, and the pivot door option is a unique addition and talking point in the home. The hardware choices are excellent, and this new system promises to be a huge seller.

Internal frameless steel-look doors

styled like industrial doors, an office partition
A more minimal steel-look system made by Frameless Glass Curtains.

Want something more minimal? Frameless Glass Curtains (FGC) based in Kent make their own interior system using a frameless internal glass door design with minimal patch fittings and hardware. Their product does not have any aluminium framing, instead relying on carefully applied trims and angles to create a slimmer look than other products. FGC also has a minimalist all-glass bifolding door with no aluminium mullions at all and other interior partition sliding and stacking systems to match.

Other independent companies can also create this design as it’s predominantly a glass-based product rather than an aluminium system.

Smart Systems Alitherm Heritage

smart systems aluspace room divider in a new build house
An exterior grade Smart Systems Heritage product used internally

The Alitherm Heritage system, designed by Smart Systems, is the longest-established and original steel-look door systems. Originally intended as a balcony system only, Alitherm Heritage has grown into the most used product. It’s only available double-glazed but is perfectly suitable to use internally.

Because this door only comes double-glazed, you won’t get the same range of interior hardware as the dedicated systems, and it retains the multi-point locking of the same door used for exterior patio doors in the steel look. However, it’s the product most companies offer and many homeowners buy. Now you can consider Aluspace as the internal version of Alitherm Heritage.

airMOD steel-look doors

air mod internal doors

Another double-glazed internal door is the new airMOD steel look aluminium door that’s also very well designed and works just as well inside as it does for exterior French patio doors with or without side panels. airMOD does now offer an internal system based on Smart Systems Aluspace.

The genuine steel door

internal aluminium doors16
The genuine internal door product and brand is made of steel ike Crittall®

Finally, and if the budget stretches to it, is the Crittall® steel product or any bespoke steel door by independent manufacturers. Choose steel and you’re buying the authentic steel door upon which any of these brilliant aluminium versions are based.

Steel looks better. The genuine steel internal door is slimmer, will last longer, and has seamless joints because it’s welded. Aluminium can only have mechanical joints and these joints can be evident at the junction of the glazing bars and the door profile, of course depending how well made the door is.

The overall fit and finish of steel aluminium can’t achieve (and we say this as a website dedicated to informing about the benefits of aluminium). With steel, the hardware is more authentic and steel doors also come with the fire protection needed on some internal doors. Aluminium has no fire rating and avoid any installer offering you an otherwise standard aluminium door with fire-rated glass.

Make the investment in the genuine steel or Crittall® product and expect to pay around two to four times the price of aluminium.

Why interior sliding doors could be better

aluco internal doors in a traditional house extension
Aluco internal doors with matching sliding model

We don’t know if Origin plans an interior sliding door in the steel look, but this is available from Aluco (and in the Aluspace system). The Aluco internal sliding door encourages anyone wanting internal doors to consider whether sliding is better than hinged, with a few good reasons why a sliding interior door can make more sense. You save space as sliding doors don’t encroach into a smaller room. Internal sliding doors move on their own track, even sliding in front of or into a wall pocket if you wish.

Sliding doors will give you larger door leaves, bigger panes of glass and fewer visible aluminium sightlines. Should the project require both sliding and hinged internal doors, Origin doesn’t provide a similar product. Aluco and Aluspace do.

If you prefer better insulation and acoustics from your internal single or double doors it’s possible to get a fully double-glazed and sealed product in the heritage style from Aluco and other brands, again something Origin doesn’t offer. These doors work very well inside as explained later with the Alitherm system, also coming with no threshold at all, letting the floors run clean through.

Do you also need exterior doors and windows?

There’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching systems where you need new windows and doors to replace the old or for a new extension. However, where you do want to keep to one supplier or system, Origin’s awesome internal doors don’t quite blend with their external ranges.

Origin also doesn’t provide a steel-look exterior system other than their standard range of OW-80 or OW-70 windows and standard bifold or sliding doors customised with the bars. But if you want other doors and windows designed from the outset in heritage style, other systems are on the market with the kind of styling associated with old metal windows. Alitherm Heritage and Reynaers SlimLine 38 are probably the best for styling as are aïrMOD aluminium windows and the Aluco exterior range.

How to buy Origin OI-30 internal doors

The new Origin OI-30 internal doors range is available from various suppliers. Those giving the most complete service are the Origin Premium Partners. You’ll get the full survey and installation service and the best guarantee.

Then there are those businesses able to supply Origin products that might not have a full showroom but are still to be considered for the supply and installation of these doors.

You can contact us for details of where to buy, including the other brands mentioned, or use the Origin website dealer locator.

Origin OI-30 internal doors – conclusion and summary

There’s no doubt the popularity of internal doors in this style is here to stay and a natural progression for the next home improvement project after the new windows and doors outside.

If you’re interested in the Origin product, you will be delighted with the quality, styling and concept. However, it does also make sense to compare Aluco. Or get in touch with us for your nearest dealer. You might agree that Aluco pips Origin for more distinctive styling, arguably the more exclusive product too. You’ll see and use internal doors significantly more than your windows and patio doors. Choose well.

Once again, aluminium demonstrates what a fantastic and versatile material it is. Put Origin internal doors in your home, and you’ll be rewarded with a well-designed and made internal door from one of the best aluminium companies in the UK. The quality, great lead times, and customisation options are important reasons to buy Origin, not to mention the fantastic reputation of the company and numerous excellent dealers nationwide.