How much do steel replacement windows cost?

Slimline aluminium windows are one of the fastest-growing trends. Beautiful, elegant looking and very desirable.  Steel replacement windows and especially doors are very much the newest style of patio doors for the home. These products are great for replacing old steel and other metal windows. They are also very popular in new extensions and home renovations.  So the obvious question is, how much do steel replacement windows cost, and are they a good investment?

In this article, we explain how prices are worked out and offer some guide prices on several product types.  In a previous article, we explained how to compare aluminium windows with Steel.

Background information about steel replacement windows

First of all, aluminium steel replacement windows are not exact Crittall® style windows.  This 160-year-old company has a worldwide reputation for windows fabricated from quality steel and built to last.  The authentic window only comes from the company that designs, makes and trademarks it. What aluminium steel replacement windows do is offer a cheaper alternative. They are not the same, but they meet what is presently a strong consumer demand and growing trend.

steel replacement windows cost
Steel-look Schuco doors with AluK Optio 58BW ST Windows. Supplied by UK Windows Surrey.

To find out how much steel replacement windows cost, you need to seek out the right brand from some of the aluminium systems on offer.  Most of the major systems companies have an aluminium suite designed and intended to replicate old steel windows.  The reality is that any knowledgeable window company can create a product in the old style. What they need to do is be aware of the right system with the appropriate sight lines and dimensions. , the right glazing bars and the right hardware.

Factors affecting the price you pay for steel replacement windows.

Several factors in buying steel-replacement windows will affect the price you pay. We explain some of these.

Buying the right steel replacement window product.

The cheapest steel replacement window will be any window (even PVCu) with glazing bars planted on it.

Anybody making windows can do this, and many do. If you like this more basic option in your home that is your choice.  We say you need to look at the better options to see the difference.  We have seen installations of products like Origin windows and bifolds with applied glazing bars to create the steel look. They look fine, but our advice is to look at dedicated products rather than simple application of bars on an otherwise standard product.

Look for details. A good steel-look window or door comes with:

  • A choice of profile to windows such as stepped, flush or putty-line windows
  • Doors must come with deep bottom rail options, the lock backplate and the right handles.
  • Sidepanels should like through consistently

Who makes steel-look windows and doors

It is easy to assume that you will save money if you buy directly from a manufacturer. Some manufacturers make and install their windows.  An installer buying in your windows and doors can also buy well and be competitive in their selling prices. Therefore it does not really matter whether your windows are purchased in from a good trade supplier or made for you by the same company.

It is also worth remembering that overheads, fitting charges, profit margins and even regional fluctuations will affect the price. Finally the aluminium extrusions many come from Europe as well as the UK.

Alternatively, check out the various systems and providers of steel-look windows offering more than just windows or doors with bars applied. Focusing in on these, here are some of the better providers. We can help put you in touch and provide more information on their product range.

Duration Windows

duration steel look showroom

The steel-look range from Duration Windows offers credible and well-made doors, windows and bifolding doors.

Of particular note is the stepped sash on the steel-look bifold giving a really great look over the standard sash. Royale windows come in stepped, putty-line and other models with a choice of sightlines and even period hardware such as peg-stays, old-style hinges and monkey tail handles. Royal are also some of the slimmest too.

Everglade Windows

aïr MOD series aluminium windows

Aïr MOD series steel look windows are designed by the company and offer several different models in the steel-look range.

Steel-look, heritage style, even flush casement styles all provide neat, elegant and slim steel-look windows. These windows come via a quality dealer network serving the South of England. Also available are matching doors and screens.

Aluco Aluminium

Aluco steel-look glazing

Another quality fabricator or steel-look products is Aluco Aluminium based in Cambridge.

They use the Smart Systems Alitherm system available from many providers. However, Aluco also provide interior single glazed aluminium doors and a new range of internal screens, sliding doors, and partition glazing.

The Aluco product range is available from a network of nationwide approved dealers.

Sunflex UK

sunflex steel-look

Better known for their German-made luxury bifolds, Sunflex UK also provides quality-made steel look aluminium systems.

With an advanced factory and lots of expertise, Sunflex products are available nationwide through quality home improvement businesses.

There are, of course, many other providers also offering good quality products and we can help homeowners with the most suitable. The trade benefits from our supplier suggestions and recommendations. Recent new products such as Sheerline windows offer good features but not much variety. Decalu by Deceuninck do better with a dedicated steel look profile. Reynaers is also great with the SL38 series coming with many different window styles and these are also worth checking out. Finally, AluK offers a range also widely available in the UK. For the North of England, Prefix Systems we also know made very good products using the Smart System.

The attraction behind steel replacement windows is their slim lines. Therefore if your window company intends to apply glazing bars to an otherwise standard window or door, you will not get the best look. Although we respect, this is subjective.  So what product you choose affects the steel replacement windows cost. The same applies to doors.

The colour of your windows affects the steel replacement window cost.

Black polyester powder coated windows and doors are the most popular as it replicates the style of the original metal window. Many systems companies today offer a range of standard colour at the same price as white.  If black is in the standard range, then you will not pay the surcharge typically applicable to individual colour windows. Your installer will guide you accordingly.  Also, bear in mind that a non-standard colour affects the lead time.

Window extras and accessories.

For steel replacement windows and doors in new extensions, think about if you have any special cills for your windows, aluminium corner posts, aluminium trims and other accessories. A good window supplier can source these for you, have them painted at the same time or alongside the windows and help to keep the cost down.

For windows, you can expect a good supplier to offer bulb end, art deco and monkey tail handles.  Peg stays and external traditional hinges also come with many products. Bear traditional style handles come in a limited choice of finishes such as black, brass or pewter.

For doors, the handle makes all the difference to the aesthetics of the product.

Why steel replacement windows cost more than standard windows.

When you buy a regular aluminium window, it usually comes unglazed from the manufacturer. Your window supplier tends to buy their own glass direct which helps to keep prices lower.

With steel replacement windows having applied aluminium bars, it is often the case that the windows are bought in glazed. The reason for this is so that the bars can be correctly applied in a factory environment for the best fit and finish. Especially relevant is a neat and seamless bar applied to the window frame and window beads. Some window companies choose to fit those on site, but factory glazing is preferred. As a result, the labour costs in making steel replacement windows tend to be higher. Steel replacement windows will be more expensive than standard aluminium windows.

Doors and windows below 800mm from finished floor level require toughened or laminated safety glass as well.

Approximate prices for steel look windows and doors.

Open the gallery to take a look at some typical systems and products with indicative prices of what steel replacement windows cost. We have also incuded doors and screens as well. Please bear in mind prices are guide prices only, including VAT and fitting.  Always get a quotation from a specialist.

What to consider when buying steel replacement windows and doors.

If you are looking for credible aluminium windows that are slim, with the right colours and hardware options, then seek out an installer that knows the product. As mentioned earlier, we do not think a basic window with the plant-on bars achieves the effect you require. Always go for a product designed from the outset as a Heritage or steel-replacement window.

A well-designed window with the correct type and style of applied bars achieves a great appearance. You will find various sizes of bar, but typically at 25mm, 41mm and 48mm. You will find some products; particularly doors suit the thicker bars better. This is for technical reasons concerning the lock and to line through with the primary transoms. Fixed windows and screens look great with the slimmer 25mm astragal bars. As a result, you may not get exactly the same size of bars throughout your home.

Looking to buy steel-replacement windows? We can help.

Contact us for more information or to ask us a question.  We can also put you in touch with specialist suppliers of steel-replacement windows, doors, bifolding doors, internal screens and sliding doors. Our help and advice are free.

Published on June 26, 2018

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      Hi Serena, no I’m afraid I don’t in Spain. It might be worth getting hold of a Cortizo installer in Spain. We also know one company I think that’s done work in Spain that might be willing to help.
      01732 848088
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      Hi Sarah, thanks for your kind comment on our website. Much appreciated. I can suggest the following to get in touch with that we know do good work with these products and good service/reviews.

      Newlite Home Improvements.
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      Hi Steve, thanks for your question and kind comments on our website.
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      Also worth speaking with Aluco Aluminium also with a great range of doors.

      Aluco Aluminium Ltd
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      Also suggest getting in touch directly with the systems companies and they can put you in touch with a local installer. for the Alitherm Heritage Product for their SL38 and steel look system for their steel look window system.

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      Hello Elise, thank you for your question. Any of the current range of doors come as French doors with side panels such as those by Origin, Smart System, Aluk, Reynaers, Schuco etc. I can suggest the below to approach that we know do good work with these products and can help you.

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      Aspire Bifolding Doors
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    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Ralph, it would help if you could get in touch via our contact form and send a picture of your window just to take a look at what you have there already. The Smart Systems Alitherm Heritage 47 system is excellent as a steel look door and window and is one of the most authentic looking products on the market presently. Also available is the Aluk and Reynaers windows offering a choice of designs and several looks.

      Olsen Windows in Nottingham should be able to help you
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