Solarlux Glazed Extensions

Solarlux Glazed Extensions, also known as Wintergardens provide insulated glass rooms suitable for all year round use. These advanced, Made in Germany, glass living spaces provide modern glass rooms, extending the home with multiple uses. As well as this, they integrate with the full Solarlux Systems range of bifolding and sliding doors and glazing.

solarlux glazed extensions and wintergardens
Solarlux Canopies and Glass Houses

Information about Solarlux Glazed Extensions and Wintergardens

A contemporary glass extension such as these highly engineered systems come built with the required structural aesthetic elements and a steel frame where required. Then they’re enhanced with the desired vertical elements. Floor to ceiling glazing, bifolding doors, and sliding doors are the most popular.

The Solarlux product comes backed with technical, design and installation expertise. Therefore it takes away much of the complexity associated with extending the home. The company also provides the required project management with the UK-based specialist installation companies trained in Germany by Solarlux.

A glazed extension is not just about creating extra space in the home, it’s also about getting the design right. Thanks to the combination of glass with aluminium and colour, it’s possible to add these modern glass rooms to properties old and new. Modern houses of course benefit from additional space blending with the existing building. Older houses benefit from a striking contrast, often having a better visual effect than a traditionally styled conservatory or orangery.

Design options include a fully framed, or more minimal look to both the roof and vertical elements of the glazed extension.

When buying a Wintergarden or Glazed extension, you work with an expert installer and with Solarlux in Germany. A rigid process delivers the required service at the design stage, during manufacturing and, of course for the installation.

Why a one-system glazed extension is better.

A significant benefit of a Solarlux-designed glazed extension over other products on the market is the one system solution. Specifically, Solarlux glazed extensions come with all the required elements creating the glass room. Every product is a Solarlux, made by the company. As a result, the end user benefits from an installation using one system, designed, produced and installed. Importantly, there’s the single-point manufacturer guarantee alongside that of the installation company.

Choosing glazed extensions from many other systems often means using products from different manufacturers. Roofs are one system, windows and doors another. Although the homeowner uses one company for the installation, their installer company typically buys from several manufacturers.

Crucially, it’s future maintenance or repair that’s also worth bearing in mind with any glass extension. A one system solution like Solarlux provides greater peace of mind that replacement parts are available in the future. Old conservatories are an excellent example of this. Typically these use different brands of roof systems, windows and doors, no longer available. Moreover, sourcing replacement parts for these are especially problematic for maintenance companies. Often it’s impossible to know the product, who made it, are they still in business, and spare part availability.

And it’s the installation where Solarlux products stand out. The range comes delivered pre-fabricated and pre-assembled. As a result, projects benefit from reduced installation times compared with other systems on the market. Preparation work on site is also less thanks to the design and delivery of the product. Features such as adjustable plates also provide precise alignment of the structure and easier construction of the Wintergardens.

Solarlux Glazed extensions and Wintergarden products

The Solarlux product range comprises contemporary glass rooms in a range of styles and designs. Available are a range of products using aluminium or hybrid materials of wood inside and aluminium outside.

They’re available as stand-alone glass rooms or as an extension to a home. This Wintergardens range offers insulation, thermal efficiency and low U-Values. In the summer, using products such as sliding or bifolding doors, provides an excellent opportunity to open up the room. For improved interior comfort, there’s a range of manual or automatic opening vents or blinds.

SDL Akzent Plus

solarlux wintergardens

Solarlux SDL Akzent Plus is a classically styled roofing system, having the structural roof elements located externally.

Aesthetically, this system offers a rounded appearance to the outside and flat look internally.

The 100mm roof rafter widths enable SDL Akzent plus to come in all manner of sizes including larger structures and spans. Internally beaded and fully sealed, this system doesn’t rely on silicone sealing. Options within the system include lighting integrated into the roof bars, opening vents and other methods of cooling and heating.

Overall, SDL Akzent plus offers a one-system solution integrating perfectly with sliding or bifolding doors or floor-to-ceiling glazing.

SDL Avalis

solarlux avalis

The latest Wintergarden product by Solarlux is SDL Avalis, designed around a more architectually-inspired aesthetic for super-contemporary extensions and insulated glass rooms

A pre-fabricated system results in faster installation times at the property. Avalis integrates especially well with Solarlux Cero sliding doors and the aluminium bifolding doors range.

Other features of SDL Avalis include a cubic design, minimal roof pitch, concealed drainage and desirable slim sightlines.

Contemporary SDL Akzent Vision

solarlux glazed extension in grey

A unique style and desing, the SDL Akzent Vision provides roof bars that are not only structural but also part of the overall aesthetics of the system.

Roof bars are just 60mm deep and the slim design also comes with distinctive visible steel cables and components again forming part of the architectural, industrial and bold look.

The internally visible roof bars come in a contemporary “T” Design while also offering the most minimal look and maximum transmission of light into room. With roof pitches from 5 to 45 degrees, SDL Akzent Vision provides all manner of designs with up to four glazed sizes possible, also available double or triple glazed.

Other design features of the Akzent Vision product include effective drainage of rainwater and moisture. Even better is the way this system does not rely on the silicone sealing of other roof systems on the market. Options include colour choices, opening rooflights and ideal integration with the full range of Solarlux bifolding doors.

Flat roof SDL Nobiles

solarlux glazed extensions and wintergardens

The Solarlux SDL Nobiles is designed for lean-to as well as flat roof designs.

The external appearance is flush, thanks to internal structural roof bars. The look is therefore more minimal on the outside than the inside and is aesthetically better viewed from the outside than other lean-to roofing systems.

Another advantage over other flat roof products is it’s suitability for lower heights, therefore making it ideal under eaves, balconies and other areas of the property. The roof bar is 65mm, tapering down to just 36mm inside the structure. Moreover, the Solarlux design allows larger lean-to roofs with any required reinforcement positioned inside the profile cavity rather than bolted to the outside surface. Again with Solarlux roofs, the weather sealing is designed into the system without silicone sealing required.

Hybrid SDL Avantgarde

solarlux bifolding doors in a garden

A combination of spruce laminated timber inside and low-maintenance powder coated aluminium outside. The Solarlux SDL Avantgarde offers the best of hybrid materials with outstanding thermal insulation.

The supporting timber bars are of the highest quality with a virtual ‘knot-free’ design, creating a warm look internally. On the outside, durable powder coated profiles in a double skin protect the external surfaces in all weather.

In the same way as the full aluminium versions, Solarlux SDL Avantgarde Wintergarden comes with full colour and ventilation options including lighting systems. The roof rafters are a slimline 60mm with a soft rounded appearance also replicated on the outside .

It’s the wood system that’s the standout feature of this hybrid system. Radiused edges, extensive pre-treatment process and full protection from blue staining, rot and fungus. The precision craftsmanship of this system delivers a strong, fully weather sealed design, Made in Germany and delivered pre-fabricated and assembled.

More information about Solarlux Glazed Extensions and Wintergardens

The technical and performance benefits of Solarlux glazed extensions create high performance glass rooms. Homeowners benefit from a long service life with the best in German design, engineering and execution.

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