Solarlux Canopies and Glass Houses

Solarlux Canopies and Glass houses provide contemporary and long-lasting exterior structures, designed to make the most of outside areas. Every product is Made in Germany only by Solarlux, expertly crafted and offering multiple design solutions for patio areas, and terraces. Furthermore, Solarlux canopies and glass houses also come as free-standing structures for the garden.

solarlux canopies and glass houses
Solarlux Canopies and Glass Houses

Information about Solarlux Canopies and Glass Houses

All Solarlux Canopies and Glass Houses come in non-insulated versions using laminated single glass. Therefore, they don’t provide the full glazed extension benefits such as those of the Solarlux Wintergardens range.

The purpose of these products is providing sunrooms and covered areas, in a choice of materials and designs. The high-tech construction with an advanced assembly system also results in easy site installation. There’s also minimal disruption at the property, for instance, building work.

Other advantages of Solarlux products is the German engineering. Careful and meticulous attention to detail delivers premium-grade garden structures designed for long service life.

Whilst never intended as a solution to a fully built extension, they nonetheless provide an outstanding visual feature. As a result, for those customers not needing a full conservatory type extension, these products offer similar benefits often at less cost. Of course, they also add monetary value to a home.

For the sides, Solarlux canopies and glazed extensions come with multiple options such as side and turn, slide and stack or regular hinged doors.

Solarlux products available in the canopy range.

Four different models in the Solarlux Canopies and Glass Houses range offer materials in full aluminium. There’s also the option of hybrid glazing, having wood outside and aluminium inside.

SDL Atrium Plus

solarlux canopies and glass houses

The SDL Atrium Plus model provides the ideal aluminium solution for larger span canopies and glass rooms. With sizes at nearly 6 metres wide and nearly 7 metres deep, these structures suit larger properties as well as those wishing to provide even more covered outside space. Glass options include 8mm, 10mm or 12mm safety glass.

The summer months make the most of this products, thanks to consistent ventilation designed into the lean-to glass roof. There’s also full weather protection. Using the outside space in the winter ensures comfortable temperatures thanks to optional heating systems.

Lighting, opening roof vents, shading systems and other accessories are other features of the system.

Solarlux SDL Acubis

solarlux cubis

For free-standing garden glasshouses, Solarlux SDL Acubis creates minimalist and contemporary glass boxes. They’re also particularly suitable attached to the back of the property, therefore created a highly modern glazed structure.

Besides its striking looks is the roof looking virtually flat. At the same time there’s a discreet two-degree pitch ensuring effective drainage of rainwater with full roof weather protection.

And like all Solarlux Canopies and Glass Houses, it uses non-insulated profiles as well as single glazed safety glass. Designs allow for three or four glazed sides

Solarlux SDL Alerio

solarlux canopies and glass houses

The SDL Alerio is the latest glass canopy product, designed for it’s bold appearance and seamless roof design.

Alerio works either fixed to the property as well as a distinctive stand-alone garden room.

Slimline profiles, a near-frameless appearance and minimal roof pitches create a structure that’s aesthetically excellent, reliable and beautifully built.

Designed as a covered open canopy for warmer days or providing rain and wind protection when using the outdoor space.

Hybrid SDL Aura

solarlux canopies and glass houses in wood

Similar in appearance to the SDL Anova, Aura uses wood internally for a warmer and more natural appearance.

Again this product is non insulated using single laminated safety glass to the roof area.

The wood used on Solarlux SDL Aura is spruce. External are high quality aluminium profiles with a durable powder coated finish. Another great feature of SDL Aura is the solid wood sections, therefore providing reliable strength, stability and rigidity.

More information about Solarlux glass canopies

Solarlux products come via a specially trained dealer network. Solarlux partners benefit from extensive training in Germany and as businesses, provide top of the line home improvement products.

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