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Monarch Aluminium windows in their heyday were the market leaders in aluminium domestic replacement windows. A huge number of British homes have benefited from this excellent window system.

the monarch aluminium monaframe window is now discontinued but there is an alternative.
The Monarch Aluminium Monaframe window is now discontinued but there is an alternative.

The Monarch Windows or Monaframe Windows as they were mainly called, were designed as a direct fix window to remove the need for hardwood subframes that earlier aluminium windows needed.  They were also available in wood fix options where customers wanted to retain the existing subframes but needed new aluminium windows.  Over the years they were also enhanced with improved locking systems known as the Monalok.

Instantly recognisable and technically superior in their day, Monaframe Windows were the leading aluminium windows of their time.  Complemented by Monaframe entrance doors and sliding patio doors, these high quality and brilliantly designed windows and doors continue to perform faultlessly to this day.

With Monarch Monaframe windows and doors being massively popular as an aluminium window, people are still searching for Monaframe Windows. Some are looking at installing matching windows in their new extensions.  Others are simply wishing to now complete the remainder of their house with the same windows.  Other people may be seeking replacement parts for their original Monarch Windows such as locking systems or handles.

Monarch Aluminium Monaframe Windows were discontinued in 2010 and replaced by the SAPA Crown System.

the new sapa crown window is aesthetically similar to monaframe but also comes with some beautiful enhancements such as this profiled transom
The new SAPA Crown window is aesthetically similar to Monaframe but also comes with some beautiful enhancements such as this profiled transom

The original Monaframe Windows utilised old thermal break technology and could no longer meet the Building Regulation changes that came into effect in 2010.  The Monframe window had to be replaced to meet these regulations.

SAPA Building Systems introduced the Crown Window and Door System as it’s replacement.

This is aesthetically very similar to the old Monarch Aluminium windows (but not identical) retains many of the features of the original Monaframe windows such as the profiled outer frame internally and similar sash dimensions.  Locking systems and handles have been replaced with the latest technology and design.

So what do you do if you require new windows to replace or add to old Monarch Aluminium Windows?

Contact this website and we will put you in touch with reputable manufacturers and installers of the Crown Window system.  Unfortunately if you have Monarch windows with failed locking systems or handles or if any window parts such as beads are required, these are no longer available but you may be able to find similar parts that may work within the windows from specialist window components suppliers such as Duffells.

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