Solarlux Woodline Bifolding Doors

Solarlux Woodline bifolding doors are a full wood version of the high-end bifolding doors range. It comes with thermally enhanced profiles, slim sightlines and all the unique features of a Solarlux product.

solarlux woodline bifolding doors

Solarlux Woodline bifolding doors – General information

One of the key differences with Solarlux Woodline bifolding doors compared with other wood products is the static aluminium structure between the profiles. Essentially it’s a combination of the best parts of the aluminium bifolding door. The exterior and interior faces have solid wood profiles. As a result, the product benefits from all the thermal performance, insulation and strength, with the elegance of high quality woods.

The door panels come with the same meticulous construction as well as attention to detail. These comprise an aluminium inner core having the advanced thermal break. This aluminium profile also give the hardware stability, adjustment and long service life. Aluminium profiles integrated into the structure in horizontal wooden panel frames enable the use of perfectly tailored fittings and variable seals, and ensure the durability of the entire system.

The woodline bifolds come features such as TwinX resulting in two hinges, the same reliable and smooth operation and high performance weather resistance and security.

Another great feature found in this and other bifolding door models is the option lock-in-place feature. This versatile option allows the doors to lock partially folded, providing ventilation at the same time.

Threshold Options for Woodline Bifolding Doors

Five different threshold options provide different uses and, importantly disabled and barrier free step over the treshold when required.

The standard threshold comprises a normal rebate, full seating and a thermal break. There’s also a 14mm high threshold providing accessibility and full sealing.

Another threshold option for interior or non-exposed installations is the accessibility threshold with brush sealing. Another version offers the same 14mm height, sealing and designed for integration with flooring. Finally, a minimal threshold option with thermal break provides a built-in threshold arrangement.

More information about Solarlux Woodline bifolding doors.

The Woodline series provides a wood or hybrid system alternative with all the technical, thermal and performance benefits of the full aluminium system. Overall this product provides a superior bifold above regular timber products with slim sightlines.

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