Who makes the slimmest sliding doors?

Who makes the slimmest sliding doors? If you are in the market for one of the latest generation aluminium sliding patio doors, there has never been more choice.  Bigger glass, better views, light and smooth sliding even automatic opening and closing are just some of the features you will find in a modern aluminium slimline sliding doors.

table showing who makes the slimmest sliding doors?

First of all, one of the many features found in the current generation of aluminium sliding patio doors is a choice of aesthetics.  For these products options such as standard or slim mullions and even the new breed of minimalist or ultra-thin slimline sliding doors.

Secondly, aluminium patio doors have many facets in their design, and some come more complex than a bifolding door.  For instance, their overall specification, fabrication, glazing and installation too.  Moreover, many sliding patio doors achieve panel sizes of up to 9m2 with some systems also exceeding this area by a long margin.  However, one consistent message with the latest breed of sliding doors is how slim you can have them.  This trend for ultra-thin doors is all to do with the sliding door interlock.

What is a sliding door interlock?

The interlock is the central mullion where the front edge of one sliding panel interlocks or overlaps with the back edge of the other.  Additionally, the interlocking design must allow for rigidity as well as protection from wind loadings and deflection.  Furthermore, with many modern ultra-slim sliding systems, the interlock also acts as a door handle.

Consequently, whether you choose an inline, lift and slide, automatic or tilt and slide aluminium sliding door, all doors from two panel up to six or more have an interlock. With the interlocks also being the most prominent feature of a current sliding door, we can, therefore, help you navigate the many different doors on the market and help you find out who makes the slimmest sliding doors too.

Do remember that many of the sightlines you’ll see marketed, slim or otherwise relate to the interlock only.  We are frequently contacted by homeowners disappointed to find the outer frame and door rails and stiles not as slim as the interlock.

Who makes the slimmest sliding doors?

Through extensive research, product knowledge and detailed study of the fabrication and technical manuals, we have compiled a list of the majority of sliding door systems sold in the UK today.  Included are all the top brands you may have heard of as well as many other products less well known.  As well as the standard mullion is an option for a slimline version.  As a result, you can see in one unique place, who makes the slimmest sliding doors.

Optional Slim Interlock
SL18 Hyline  Sliding Door18mm 
Sunvista Sliding Door19mm 
Air 20 SL Sliding Door20mm 
Sunflex SVG20 Slimline Door20mm
Edge 2.0 by ID Systems20mm
Fenster Fabrications Uni-Slide Door20mm 
Origin OS-20 Artisan 20mm 
PanoramaH! Sliding Door20mm 
Greenways Architectural Ultraline Sliding Door20mm 
Infiniglide 3 Sliding Door20mm 
AluK Infinium Sliding Door21mm 
Minimal Windows Sliding Glass Door21mm 
Maxlight Doors21mm
System 22 Fineline Aluminium Sliding Door22mm 
Infiniglide 6 Sliding Door24mm 
YES Glazing Vision Sliding Door 24mm
Alumen Cor-Vision Plus25mm 
Minimal Windows 4+ Sliding Glass Door26mm 
Origin OS-29 Sliding Door29mm
Sunflex SVG30 Sliding Door30mm
Schuco ASS70 PD Panorama Design Sliding Door30mm 
Sieger 30 Sliding Door30mm 
Metra NC-S 120 STH Slim Sliding Door30mm 
Solarlux Cero Sliding Door34mm 
Reynaers Hi-Finity Sliding Door35mm 
Technal Systems Lumeal Sliding Door38mm 
Artline by SAPA Sliding Door38mm26mm
Reynaers CP68 Sliding Door41.5mm 
Hueck Volato S Sliding Door40mm 
Arkay Edgeglide/Cortizo 4200 Sliding Door42mm 
Dutemänn Glide-S47mm
Cortizo 4700 Sliding Door47mm
Air 500LS Sliding Door 48mm 
Air 600LS Sliding Door48mm 
Schuco ASS70.HI DE Sliding Door48mm 
AluK Infinium SC156 Sliding Door50mm 
SAPA Confort C125 Sliding Door50mm 
Panolide Sliding Door50mm 
Sunparadise ISO 41 Sliding Door51mm
SAPA Crown 98 Sliding Door51mm45mm
SAPA Crown 120mm Sliding Door51mm45mm
Kawneer AA3572 Lift and Slide Doors74mm 
Origin OS-77 and OS-44 Inline Sliding Doors77mm44mm
Senior Architectural Ali Slide Door79mm50mm
Smart Systems Visoglide Plus83mm35mm
Sunflex SVG83 Sliding Door83mm30mm
ID Systems Grand Slider II Sliding Door83mm 
Warmcore Inline Patio Sliding Door84.5mm 
AluK BSC94 Sliding Door85mm45mm
Schuco ASS48 Sliding Door85mm 
Sieger 85 Sliding Door85mm 
Comar 7P.i LS+88.9mm 51mm
SAPA C160S Lift Slide Door92mm 36mm
Alumil S-70094mm47mm
Dutemann Glide-S94mm47mm
Metal Technology System 25 HI/HI+ Sliding Door94mm 
Sunparadise Thermoslide 80 Sliding Door96mm 
Senior Architectural Systems PURe® SLIDE and SL.96.5mm50mm
Reynaers CP130 Sliding Door98mm69mm
Kloeber Kustomslide Mono Sliding Door98mm 69mm
Reynaers CP155 Sliding Door102mm76mm
Hueck Volato M Sliding Door103mm 
Stayfix S3 Lift & Slide Door104mm52mm
Exlabesa KLS Sliding Door105mm 
Schuco ASS 70 HI108mm48mm
Alutech Systems SL160115mm 
Comar 7P.1 Sliding Door123mm 
Smart Systems Ultraglide Sliding Door 125mm 
SAPA Confort C160 Sliding Door126mm 
Metal Technology 5-20 Tilt & Slide Door149mm 

Importantly the mullion sightlines exclude four panel patio doors where the two central doors meet together, having a thicker sightline) and slide in opposite directions.

If you are wondering why some well-known big retail brands are missing, this is because many use the above systems or variations of them. This includes well known retail companies such as:

  • Express Bifolding Doors using the Italian Metra NC-S 120 STH Slim Sliding Door as their XP Slide Panoramic as well as the Reynaers CP130 for the XP Glide-R
  • Bifold Direct
  • Everest Home Improvements
  • Anglian Home Improvements
  • Kloeber
  • Duration Windows

Some choose to re-engineer them, rebrand them or carry out modifications and improvements. We have included some of these existing systems in our table.  Several of the above brands are based on the Cortizo Cor-Vision and Cor-Vision Plus, another great slimline sliding door.

Are the slimmest sliding doors better than the regular sliding door?

The construction of the ultra-slim sliding doors is quite different from the systems on our listing with standard size interlocks.  In most cases, the ultra-slim sliding doors are inline versions only. Regular size doors offer inline, lift and slide or tilt and slide opening options.  Glass choices tend to be greater with the thicker set doors as well as having more handle style options.

Slimline sliding doors come with caveats and restrictions.

Despite the trend towards thinner sliding doors, it remains their overall size, especially the height, that determines whether the slimline section is available.  For instance, many of the sliding doors at the top of our chart with interlocks less than 35mm rely on the glass providing the structural integrity, not the aluminium sections, that are secondary.

Subject to the size, exposure and location, a professional installer will carry out wind load and deflection calculations to determine whether the slim interlock can be used or whether it needs additional reinforcement.  The other area that differs from all types of other doors is the factors that affect the installation of sliding doors.  To fit a large sliding door can involve specialist skills, equipment and extra costs. 

What to consider when buying patio doors.

The interlock sightline is just one consideration when purchasing a new sliding door. Here is what else is more important.

  • A slimmer door may not be the best for your property. Talk to a professional installer for the best advice.
  • If you are looking for doors that slide into a wall or open corner doors, not all systems offer this facility.
  • The overall product appearance should also be considered. Look at the perimeter frame sight lines too.
  • Always view a full-size sample of the product in a showroom or at an actual installation.
  • Examine the quality of the sliding action and the door handles.
  • Ensure you are happy and comfortable to purchase from the company in question.

If you would like more information about the sliding door systems mentioned or have any questions about who makes the slimmest sliding doors, please contact us.


This article was written in 2017 and is regularly updated as products change and new ones come on the market.  The last update is in July 2019.

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  1. Claire says

    Hi – this is really helpful advice. We have a Georgian style house, with a more modern extension. The windows are all white slide and sash. In the extension, we will have a sliding patio door 2910×2400, a corner window with a corner lintel, at one side same size as the sliding door, and 1400×2400 at the other, and a long window 1350×2400. I would be keen for a thin frame in these more modern windows (with the rest of the house slide and sash). What would you recommend? We are thinking of keeping these white as well if thin framed. Really grateful for your advice. Based in Northern Ireland, if you are aware of suppliers here.

  2. Anna says

    Hi there,
    Great site! All the information you have here has been incredibly useful.
    I wondered if you could help. I am in Yorkshire and looking for sliding doors for an opening of about 6.2 x 2.4m.
    I’m looking for slim frames with a low profile but we are next to a busy road so sound insulation and security is important. It’s also a period property and can be cold so we are worried about heat loss through the glass.
    In your opinion is it preferable for the glass to be triple glazed? if so Are there any brands you would recommend that offer best U-value but with slim frames/sight lines that takes the above info into account.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Anna, thanks for your question and kind comments on our website. Triple glazing does offer advantages but the latest generation of double glazed units, having a soft-coat low-emissivity coating, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill also provide very well insulated doors.

      The choice of triple glazing is down to you if the cost, extra weight and slightly reduced visual clarity (looking through three panes of glass not two) are worth it for you.

      All sliding doors come with well insulated frames but Schuco and Reynaers have some of the best performing, when upgraded to higher insulation models. If you get in touch with your location via our contact form I can try put you in touch with some suitable installers.

  3. Vanessa Powell says


    I would really like to get some help, as other customers have above. I am looking for some double glazed, aluminium sliding doors (2550 x 2070) with sight lines of around 83mm for a gable end extension. There will be two triangles of glazing needed above the doors. I don’t feel ultra thin sight lines are necessary as the centre of the doors will align better with the centre line above (if that’s makes sense).

    I would like help with getting some quote from companies/suppliers near to me (SY7 0LW) Herefordshire/Shropshire areas. I have received a quote for Sunflex SVG83 and also IDSystems (but they were quite out of our price range). We are looking for something simple and reasonably priced. Any help or recommendations on who to go to for quotes would be so gratefully received.

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Vanessa, you got in touch via our contact form so hope the information and suggestions we gave you were helpful.
      Kind regards

  4. Martin Bowker says

    I have been in business for 32 years fitting upvc
    I am getting asked constantly about large pane sliding doors
    I have decided to be my own test case
    I want to fit a 3.1 x 2.3 m preferably lift and slide into my new orangery
    I want it to be contemporary looking but doesn’t need to have a 20 mm interlock
    Taking everything into consideration
    Look, security, u Value and cost
    Which system would you recommend
    I am in Cheshire
    Martin Bowker

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Martin, there are a few to choose from and can suggest the below
      The new Comar LS+ lift and slide door is a very good new sliding door well priced, smooth sliding and has done very well in security and weather tests.

      Smart Systems Visoglide – also tried and tested, very good door indeed or there’s a re-engineered version of it with a better threshold and flush stacking door panels with the Sunflex SVG30 product.

      The Reynaers lift and slide systems are also very good doors and I’d also check out the new sliding door by Senior Systems. Also great.

      Hope this helps
      Kind regards,

  5. Kevin R says

    Can you please advise us similar to Steve (posted July) can you recommend anywhere to look at products in the Teesside/North East area.

    We would also appreciate your thoughts on whether integral blinds in three sliding doors covering a 5.2m by 2.1 high opening are worth considering ?

    We would really like the super slim frames but have no idea whether they would come in our price range

    We look forward to hearing from you



  6. Steve Wilson says

    Hi there
    Excellent site!
    We’re looking to install 5m of sliding patio doors in 3 panels in a new-build kitchen-diner extension. Ideally we would like slimline aluminium doors but are rather concerned that these might be out of our price range / budget. Can you recommend any suppliers in the Manchester area [but we’re prepared to travel if necessary] who have a good showroom where we can view and who also have a good/reasonable range of products [or at least some good quality products at non-stratospheric prices!] … a big ask I appreciate but I’ve googled till I’ve lost the will to live … Help!

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Steve, thanks for your question and kind comments on our website. The slimline sliding doors, assuming the structurally bonded models do come out more expensive than conventional sliding doors. Our advice is no to focus that much on the interlock size as it’s the overall aesthetics of the door that are important too.

      Here are some suggestions on products to consider.

      First of all, take a look at the Sunflex SVG30 which you can read a review on our website. This offers a 30mm mullion. Im not sure locally of a local Sunflex dealer but if you get in touch with the details below, Sunflex can help you directly.
      Unit B1
      Rhombus Business Park
      NR6 6NN
      01603 258649 (Any enquiries)
      sarah.jermy@sunflexuk.co.uk for a local dealer.

      Another one to consider is the brand new Origin OS-77 and OS-44 doors. Saw these recently, they are excellent and they look great. Smooth sliding, excellent quality components and with a 20 year guarantee. There is an Origin showroom in Warrington.

      Origin Global,
      Taurus Park,
      Europa Boulevard,
      WA5 7ZT

      Also, speak to North West Bifolds. We hear great reviews of this company and well worth a chat with a smaller business.
      0800 587 4068
      North West Bifolds 
      12 Crucian Way
      L12 0AW

      Finally speak to Haus Glass
      Haus Glass
      102 Gainsborough Road,
      Warrington, WA4 6BN, UK

      Telephone 01925 571557
      Showrooms in Warrington, Chester, Shrewsbury, Stafford, Macclesfield and Liverpool.

      There are many suppliers of course but I hope the above gives you a starting point. Do let us know how you get on and if you need any further assistance.
      Kind regards

  7. John Fearon says

    Hi , having looked at your very helpful website,I wondered if you might be able to assist me with some guidance . I am looking at replacing existing single glazed sliding in frame windows and doors so it would be fitting into an existing opening, also being on the Isle of Wight I would require marine grade finish . My predominant interest is for two sliding windows 2410 wide by 1550 high . I am looking for thin profile in both the centre mullion and the sides top and base . Although I have found a few companies that do small centre mullion the base track seems to be a very high profile which would look quite untidy on the window . Centre line maximum size would be 35 mm although smaller would be preferable . The only company that seem to do a sliding window with small profiles that I have found is IQ windows Keller system they however are not interested in fitting unless the order is in excess of £50,000 which seems to rule them out at the moment. I am based in the Isle of Wight. I’m also looking for two sliding doors 2440 wide by 2130 high also with thin profiles and a large opening casement door 1490 wide by 2320 high, once again I Q windows seem to be able to supply the nearest to this in their Sieger system, with a door that is 1400 wide. This they are willing to have picked up and me to get somebody to install . Any thoughts or guidance you can provide would be most appreciated .

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello John, thanks for your question and your kind comments about the website.

      There aren’t many horizontal sliding windows on the market with the thin interlock found on sliding doors. However, what many companies can do is cut down one of these doors effectively using a sliding door product as a window. There are some modifications involved with things like cutting down locks or using alternative systems, but it does sound like you need to speak to a more flexible company.

      Here are a couple of suggestions for you.

      Architectural Vision Systems offer a great range of sliding doors with the slim mullion and therefore well worth speaking to them on this to see if they can help.

      Architectural Vision Systems Ltd
      12 Barton Business Park,
      CT1 3AA
      01843 825 573

      Also worth speaking with Sunflex. They have the SVG30 product with just a 30mm mullion. Im not too sure on the technicalities of cutting it down to suit your needs, but it’s a cheaper slimmer option. Their installation company ID Systems has another product the Edge 2.0 with a 20mm mullion that could also work.

      Unit B1
      Rhombus Business Park
      NR6 6NN
      01603 258649 (Any enquiries)
      sarah.jermy@sunflexuk.co.uk for a local dealer.

      There is some confusing information around the slim sight lines on sliding doors. While the industry is marketing the thin mullions/interlocks on doors, it’s worth remembering that you won’t get the same slim sight lines on the surround frame and sashes. Therefore you have to compormise slightly on the existing windows replacement as you’re not setting the frame inside a newly built opening – this is the usual way you get the thin appearance all round.

      Finally I’d also suggest a frameless system. Speak to FGC in Chatham as their frameless slide and fold doors are also used as windows. You’ll certainly find this a slimmer alternative but the way the windows open and fold is different. But well worth a look!

      Hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve any questions or need further information. 
      Kind regards


    Hi, I am based in scotland and looking for two sets of aluminium sliding doors to fit openings of 2500 (width) by 2100 (height). I would like something low profile but not at a level it becomes cost prohibitive. In addition, from a security standpoint are there any systems that perform better?


    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Alistair, thank you for your question. Most sliding doors come with independent security certification so worth checking the statistics for each. Doors also come with security upgrades/enhancements such as reinforced profiles, laminated glass or upgraded locks and cylinders.
      Get in touch with the below I can suggest for you and they should be able to help.

      Mitchell Glass
      Currie Road
      TD1 2BP
      01896 888222

  9. Andrew Roberts says

    I am looking for a superslim bifold door. Alpine have suggested profile AP61 . Is this an ALuk profile. Is this suitable for outside bi-folds or is this for inside doors only?

      • Andrew Roberts says

        Hello, I am now trying to decide between the Aluk F82 bifold system, and the Smarts 6000 system. I realise that the Smarts has the narrower sight lines. Cost is similar. Which would you buy and why?

        • Nick Dardalis says

          Both doors are great doors but I think the AluK F82 just that bit better when you look at the components and especially the door handles and intermediate handles. I think the F82 pips this door for the better-looking door furniture, but that is, of course, subjective. If you’ve seen both these doors then I’d look at the slide action as another indicator, The smoother the door the better. However, both doors have good specifications and will serve you well when correctly made and installed.

  10. Bob Gross says

    Could you please let me know of one or two reputable installers for the ALUK Infinium doors in or around St Albans, Herts.

  11. Sarwar Ahmad says

    Hi Nick,

    I am looking at a number of different systems that offer the slimline (approx 20-22mm) sightlines, and that can go upto a height of approx 2600-2700mm. There are various products on the market and strangely prices quoted for a 4m x 2.7m opening (3 sliding panes) vary hugely! Same door (alUK Infinium) offered by one group for £20K inc VAT (this company claim to have exclusive rights to the product), being offered by another for approx £7 + VAT. Why do you think this is?

    All very confusing.

    My other question is have you or others heard of the Cortizo system? (Corvision). I’ve not seen it on your lists, so was wondering


    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Sarwar, thanks for your question, the Cor Vision is excellent with the Cortizo system widely used by some of the big brands of sliding doors. Correctly made and fitted, you should be fine with this product.

      To the best of my knowledge no one company has exclusivity to the Aluk Infinium door. The complex nature of this product means that Aluk is only providing it to select manufacturers and installers and it would be strange that Aluk brings out an excellent sliding door and only lets one of their fabricators have exclusivity to it. I don’t think you are being given the correct information. They are probably an approved manufacturer of it rather than an exclusive manufacturer.

      Yes there is no set pricing on sliding doors frustratingly. Manufacturing costs, fitting charges, profit margins and even the buying power of the company making and supplying the door all come into play so all you can do is shop around to get the best prices you can.
      Get in touch using our contact form with your location and I can suggest some companies to get a comparable price.

      Hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve any questions or need further information. 
      Kind regards

  12. Andrew Matsis says

    Similar to others, I’m looking for a 3 track, 3 door ultra slim door system for a 6m W x 3m H space, minimum sightlines (pref. 20mm), with great build quality and at a reasonable price.

    Hopefully, im not asking for too much :i)

    The quotes, so far, from Slimline Windows £24K + vat, & Ultraline £20K + VAT seem to be way over the prices mentioned here.

    Which slim door supplier / manufacturer would you recommend ?

    What average price should I expect to pay ?


    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Andrew, thanks for your question, you’ve got in touch with us directly and hope we helped. Do get in touch if you need any further assistance of information.

      • Bryan says

        i’m in a similar situation here, would be interested to hear what advise was given?

        i’ve a 5.35m opening at 3.1m high, and i’m based in northern ireland

        struggling to find anyone to fit me out with a triple slider over here.

        got one price (from fineline aluminium) but then went on to read some very dodge reports online about their cust service, so i’m a bit wary about ordering off the mainland without a good recommendation

        • Nick Dardalis says

          Hi Bryan thanks for your comment.
          My advise here is to get hold of the systems companies directly. They’ll be better placed than most to suggest their manufacturers and installers serving Northern Ireland and many probably provide profile directly to Ireland based businesses that are going to offer a more direct service.
          Hope this helps
          Kind regards,

  13. Kim says

    I currently have 6 meters of old plastic bifold with more framing than glass 🙁
    I’m looking to replace it with 4 sections of slim frame sliding doors to improve the glass to frame ratio.
    My challenge (one of them ) is the fact that I need the 3rd frame (from left) to move independently of frame 1 and 2, as it serves as access to our pool area.

    ==== All closed
    == = Pool access
    = All open

    I hope it makes sense?
    Do you know of any product offering this?


    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Kim, thank you for your question. I see no reason why you can’t do this with a triple track patio door. So you have three panels each on its own track. So for instance, the right hand panel on the back track, the middle panel on the second (middle) track and the third panel on the outside track. So the end panel slides in front of the middle one for the quick access. Then when you want to open all the doors, middle and end slide in front of the other end so you get a two thirds opening?

      Hope this makes sense, but do get in touch via our contact form and I can send you a sketch, put you in touch with a local installer.
      kind regards

  14. Spiros Saklias says

    Thank you for the really useful information.

    I am interested in lift and slide doors for my 1930s semi rear extension.

    It would be very helpful to have a list of the lift and slide doors with the thinnest sight lines. Also, are you able to recommend a lift and slide model with narrow sight lines, but still low U-values?

    Thank you

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Spiros, thanks for your question.
      The AluK Optio BSC94 lift and slide sliding door give you a mullion sight line of 45mm the Smart Systems Visofold 35mm as do other brands with similar dimentions like Air Doors, Reynaers and Schuco. I think at the moment the Smart Systems is the thinnest without going to the more expensive structurally glazed doors with 17mm or 20mm sight lines. They’re also very good sliding doors and at a good price

      By all means get in touch via the website with your location and happy to put you in touch with local installers.

      Hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve any questions or need further information. 
      Kind regards

  15. Baij Patel says

    Hi Nick

    I am also looking at the Alpine AP45 but have a similar quote for a Schuco ASS 50. What are the pro’s and con’s of each?

    It looks like the Schuco has a much bigger interlock and has thicker glass panes (minimum 8mm vs 6mm on the AP45s) yet seems to have a higher U value?

    Any help you can give me would be much appreciated!


    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hello Baij, the AP45 is the AluK Optio BSC94 product. The Schuco ASS 50 is just as good but has the better brand perception. Visually there is not much to choose from. I presume you are having the ASS50 quoted as it’s going in a new build, normally it is the ASS70 that is offered by many as it has the deeper frame. But yes, checking the specs the Schuco does have a thicker interlock and better U Values.

      Both products are good although I think the Schuco is better engineered and more contemporary in appearance but that is subjective. If the slim interlock on the AluK door is appealing then that can be a consideration. Also, the locking systems and the handles are just that bit better on the Schuco door and again more contemporary in appearance.

      As we say many times there is no bad product on the market – all modern doors will give you good security, U-Values and weather performance. It is how they are made and fitted that gives you a reliable door for your home. But if you were to ask which of the two I’d have in my house, it would be the Schuco!

  16. Julie Couzens says

    I am currently looking at Alpine aluminium sliding doors AP45. I’m not able to go to the showroom as I live in Scotland and I am a little nervous about buying blindly. The sales team have been really helpful and provided all the info but I would be grateful for your input as to whether these are good doors and the company is reputable.

    • Nick Dardalis says

      Hi Julie, the Alpine AP45 I understand to be the AluK system which they manufacture. Many fabricators choose to rebrand existing systems which is what Alpine has done. The specific product is the AluK BSC94 sliding door that you can read more about on the AluK website. https://uk.aluk.com/en_ar/products/folding-and-sliding-doors/bsc94-inline

      It’s one of the best selling sliding doors in the UK, with AluK being a major aluminium supplier. Correctly made and installed, it should be a great sliding door for your property.

      Hope this helps you.