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The SUNFLEX range of over 35 home improvement products comes from a professional network of trained SUNFLEX suppliers.  Buying from an accredited supplier of products offers homeowners additional peace of mind compared with sourcing them from the broader supply chain.  We explain how manufacturing businesses such as SUNFLEX support their dealer network and how this benefits the homeowner.

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Products and services from SUNFLEX suppliers.

SUNFLEX is best known for its German-made bifolding doors as well as sliding doors, frameless products and windows.  The bifolding door products, slide and turn doors and frameless systems are made in Germany. The rest of the SUNFLEX range is made in the UK.  Based in Norwich, the company services its network of installers all, independent professional companies.

As all products are at the quality end of the market, SUNFLEX suppliers specialise in both standard and more demanding projects.  Some installers choose SUNFLEX products as the premium or luxury option added to their standard product range.  Other dealers use SUNFLEX exclusively or as part of an overall range of high-end windows and doors.

Therefore when buying from SUNFLEX suppliers, you benefit from not only quality products but also professional, trained and experienced home improvement businesses. However, you also benefit from a range of support services not available from non-dealer suppliers.

SUNFLEX support services to installers and homeowners.

Like other businesses supplying products to a trained and approved a network of installers, SUNFLEX works with their dealers to ensure you get the best service and customer experience.  Other installers buying brands such as Aluk, Smart Systems, Schuco or Reynaers won’t always get the same service.  The is because many different manufacturers make the products as trade suppliers.  There are countless manufacturers of these products all offering different levels of service, quality, training and after-care. This doesn’t mean these products are inferior, merely that often the exact source of your new windows and doors is unknown.

Many of these trade suppliers are in the business of only making products for the trade. Broadly speaking their work is to supply ready-made doors correctly only.  They rarely deal with you as your contract is not with you.

Sunflex, like other dealer-focused businesses, exclusively making their products, offers the following services to the homeowner, not always available with everyone from the general trade supply market.

Training on fitting SUNFLEX products.

Every approved SUNFLEX dealer undergoes sales, product and installation training.  This training is free and ensures your highly engineered windows and doors are correctly specified, made and fitted.  Only a precise installation ensures a reliable product for years to come.

The training does not just apply to just fitting the products. The SUNFLEX showroom in Norwich is extensive and available for both homeowners to visit as well as provide sales training.

Contact with Recognised Distributors.

As a long-established business with a prominent brand, SUNFLEX receives enquiries from homeowners directly.  When you contact the company, they put you in touch with one of their best suppliers.  First of all, you deal with smart, ethical and sound businesses.  There is no high-pressure selling and only clear information and advice. You also get a full understanding of the process involved as well as fully protected products, expertly crafted and professionally installed.

For the installation itself, your new SUNFLEX windows or door installation is carried out with care and precision. Replacement doors or windows fit with minimum disruption to your home and your possessions. Additionally, suitable cleaning at the end of the installation is part of the final finishing off of the installation, if required. New build installations require less tidying up if building works are ongoing. Your doors are left fully protected if needed, while other trades work around them.

As well as a full service, SUNFLEX suppliers provide the following assurances:

  • A home improvement business vetted and approved as a Sunflex UK distributor.
  • Have received all the required product and installation training.
  • Dealing with a financially stable business.
  • Have a history of installing SUNFLEX products to a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Peace of mind with guarantees, deposit protection and other accreditations.
  • Have the systems in place to solve any problems as well as carry out servicing work.

Above all, at the end of your installation, your SUNFLEX dealer provides full product training. They ensure you understand how to use the product, as well as easy-care cleaning and maintenance. Also provided are your customer documents, operation manuals and any maintenance instructions.

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Sunflex Showrooms

A SUNFLEX showroom is the best place to experience and understand the engineering, quality and design of the products. All SUNFLEX showrooms have up-to-date products at full sizes and in real-world environments. It is in these showrooms you see the ultra-low thresholds, slimline profiles and contemporary appearance associated with the brand.

Therefore, buying new windows and doors through a supported dealer network usually provides you with a more direct approach to your manufacturer. Additionally, you are more aware of the training and vetting processes involved to supply top of the range products like Sunflex.

Interested in becoming a supplier of Sunflex doors?

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Sunflex offers a broader range of premium bifolding and sliding doors, windows and entrance doors.  You’ll also find available interior glazing systems, steel-look and heritage and other products using modern aluminium and glass.